I'll post tidbits of some throughout the years. Memories

Sophomore Year:
"If I had a million dollars I'd buy you a condom. Good luck next year. Stop raping people. Hump them instead."

"I like cheese.. alot. Yup, crazy leg sex right now, very hot, and wild and koala bears..." (d'aw infp)

"Hi If you ever need to be run over smacked of baked you know who to call. Been a fun year in gym" (assuming this was my istp)

Junior Year
"Roooar so vicious. I want my hoodie back or else chirpee will get you. Don't get dead over the summer ^_^"


Senior Year
"I love you sooo much and you're so amazing. You make me laugh everyday and you do that for everyone and that shows how great you are."

"There once was a girl named Lauren, who was anything but Borin'. She came to my class, and sat on her *ss, and did some really nice Drarin's. I'll miss you! Good luck!"

"You have done such a great job over the last three years. You are Polaris. I have always been so impressed with your writing! You have really made me proud this year. It was a pleasure to have you in class. In closing, I will never forget your contributions to Polaris! Thank you for everything you have done! I better be buying your book one day!" (polaris was our literary magazine)