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    Default 'Hoods in LA to stay for short stay

    Hey folks! So, if you were to stay in LA just for 1 or 2 weeks to do some city exploration and check out school and see if it's a long-term city for you - what neighborhoods would you recommend staying at? I am looking for convenience to other neighborhoods, street parking, and relative safety. If and when I move there, then I would be most interested in living somewhere "fun" but for now, it's mostly about convenience and safety so I can easily get to other areas while I do my initial exploration of the area.

    My friend who grew up in LA says that Koreatown is convenient to the rest of LA and I have an acquaintance that I could sublet from located in Eagle Rock.

    Thoughts? Recommendations? Cautionary tales?

    Thanks in advance!
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    No suggestions, but as far as tales of caution go....

    Pretty much sums it up/

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    Culver city, palms, korea town, hollywood, we ho...where are your friends?

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