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    Default Which countries to choose?

    I, my classmates and two supervising adults are planning a trip to Europe. The problem is, with so many countries, I am unsure which we should go to. We are looking at various tours through a program called EF (education first). We won't be going to Asia, or Australia, or anything too far away. Such as Turkey. I am not sure if they want to travel to Scandanavian countries either.

    So what are your favorite countries, and why? Experiences you have had?

    Here is a list of programs I am thinking about:

    France and Beyond Tours Days

    France, Germany, the Alps 9-11 days
    Paris in Depth 8-10 days
    Paris, Normandy, Brittany 9-11 days
    Paris to Copenhagen 9-11 days
    London, Paris, Barcelona 10-12 days
    Paris, Florence, Rome 9-11 days
    Paris and Mediterranean
    Europe 14-16 days
    Barcelona and Madrid 8-11 days
    Germany, Italy, Switzerland 10-13 days
    England, France 8-10 days
    Rome and Paris 10-12 days
    London, Paris, the Alps 9-11 days
    Germany in Depth 10-13 days
    England, Scotland,
    and France 10-13 days
    Dublin, London, Paris 10-12 days
    Vienna, Venice, Paris 10-12 days
    Paris, Florence, Venice 10-13 days
    Berlin, Prague, the Alps 9-12 days
    London, Paris, Rome 11-13 days
    Switzerland, Italy, France 10-12 days
    London, Paris, Florence,
    Rome 16-18 days
    Britain and Ireland in Depth 15-17 days

    Britain and Ireland

    Dublin and Northern Ireland 8-10 days
    England and Scotland 9-11 days
    London and Paris 9-12 days
    England, Ireland, Wales 9-11 days
    Scotland and Ireland 8 days
    England and Paris 10-12 days
    Britian and Ireland in Depth 16-18 days


    Florence and Rome 8-10 days
    Italy and Germany 8-10 days
    Rome, Tuscany, the Riviera 9-12 days
    Best of Italy 10-12 days
    Mediterranean Journey 8-11 days
    Italy, Greece 10-13 days
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    You say "education first"...I'm unsure about what the context of the trip is. Are you studying architecture and choosing places to see architectural achievements or something? (or any another discipline)

    Regardless of all that my favorite places in Europe have been Budapest and Prague. They are far enough from Europe's west-central axis for the ambience to feel alien while still having a lot of things to see. I'd never suggest England, France or Italy or even Germany....because the likelihood of someone revisiting those countries (due to work, school or whatever else) is bigger and because they feel too familiar.

    That being said European countries in general have a very beautiful landscape when you're distant enough from the big cities.

    Tuscany is supposed to be really beautiful and so is Greece. Those would be my choices for "mediterranean".

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    I would say don't try to do more than 2 cities in 8-10 days, or 3 cities in 12 days. Any more than that, and you won't really get the chance to get to know any of the cities, and they'll all kind of blend together. So any of the ones that list 2 or more countries, I'd look into how many cities within those countries they are planning to do in the number of days.

    As far as my favorite places in Europe, from what I've visited my favorite places are Paris, Amsterdam, Galway, Venice and Barcelona. Not necessarily in that order. Copenhagen's supposed to be great too, a lot like Amsterdam. I've never been but I'm going there in just over a week!

    Barcelona I love because of the interesting and unique architecture of Gaudi. Also, the fact that they speak Catalan (literally like a mixture of Spanish and French) is cool and fun to listen to.

    Amsterdam is my favorite, favorite city that I've ever visited (besides my home city!). The structure of the city with the canals is beautiful, and the style of the buildings is very interesting. Everyone bikes everywhere - if you go to Amsterdam, I highly recommend renting bikes and making that your mode of transportation. (Read up a little on bike-traffic rules, though, or ask the people at the bike rental place to explain them to you.) Also, the Dutch are notoriously talented linguists, so you won't have any trouble communicating in English. It's also a very multicultural city, which means, among other things, GREAT FOOD!

    Galway is a bit smaller than the other cities I've mentioned, but I just adore it. It has a very "Irish" feel-- I mean, what people imagine "Irish" to be-- but also is a very young city so there is a lot going on. Lots of traditional music sessions at pubs - try to take one in if you go there! Plus, from there you can take a ferry to the Aran Islands - very beautiful and REALLY what people imagine "Ireland" to be-- stone fences, green fields, stone buildings, etc. They only got electricity out there in 1975! Really worth the trip. The ferry takes about 2 hours.

    Paris, of course, is classic. The Eiffel Tower, art museums, street musicians, the Metro.... it's really beautiful, but kind of overwhelming. The Metro (subway) is the best way to get around there.

    Venice I don't know as well, because I only spent 2 days there, but it's gorgeous. The canals, water taxis, Italian architecture, etc... again, just a beautiful place.

    Sounds like an awesome opportunity! Have a great time!
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    Why is Amsterdam missing?! That's a disgrace!!!

    No, just kidding. Amsterdam is awesome, but I think you don't need more than three days if you want to see everything.
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    I think first you have to decide if it's likely you'll return to Europe. If you think you'll go back, then maybe it would be more fun to go off the beaten path and as Aquarelle says, to spend your time getting to know a couple of places instead of flitting around too much. On the other hand, if you feel like this is your one shot, then maybe you should try to get a taste of as many places as you can. When I was in college I did a London-Paris-Brussels-Dublin trip in 14 days. I didn't feel especially rushed, but I wouldn't have wanted to spend any less time either.

    If you are assuming you'll go back, I think the Berlin-Prague-Alps trip sounds great. Those are places I hear great things about, and it might be hard to convince people to go there later on in life. It's much easier to talk someone into London, Paris, Rome, etc.

    If you think you won't make it back, then the London-Paris-Rome or London-Paris-Dublin trips will be great. It sounds like you'd have at least three days in each city, which is enough to get a taste.
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    London - Paris.
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    Well, that's hard to choose. The Switerland-France-Italy (I suppose central-northern Italy) would be my favorite, but that's because I love mountains. Otherwise, Moiety suggestions' might be good . I personally don't like England that much so I would avoid going there, given that you're american thus it won't feel that culturally different. Mediterranean-only trips seem to be better suited for a fun travel rather than eduction first. Although, if you like greco-roman ruins, then southern italy and greece are obviously the choice (avoid july and august though, way too warm).

    European cities I've liked best have been Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Munich. Avoid Milan like the plague, there's nothing to do. Venice is nice but I'm there everyday so I'm too used to it.
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    Italy and France are beautiful. Italy's pretty warm at this time of the year still. Germany isnt so nice, except you like industry. In the ruhr-metropolis in Westphalia there's a lot going on at the moment cause this year it was nominated for Europes cultural main city.


    It's nice to see but not really made for holidays because there's a lot of traffic and the deadly autobahn. But if you like industrious settings, you wont find one better in Europe. Tell me when you're here, I'll make you drunk abbduct you and blackmail the states for money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Kat View Post
    Why is Amsterdam missing?! That's a disgrace!!!

    No, just kidding. Amsterdam is awesome, but I think you don't need more than three days if you want to see everything.
    but whats the point of going to amsterdam if you got adults watching after you?

    i wouldnt suggest going to scandinavia at this time of year
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