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    Default Yourself as a teenager

    I love teenagers. I think of them as being the very rawest version of an adult. They are like adults, except with less inhibitions or reserves, and because they are trying to find their individuality, tend to show the most strong individuality that they will ever show...

    Describe yourself when you were a teen.
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    oh god... I was insufferable!

    I was smarter than almost everyone and knew it... and made sure that they knew it as well. I was often in trouble for talking back to authority figures, because I was much more outspoken about the fact that I personally couldn't care less about those in charge and think that they should go and fuck themselves. I was a good athlete and when I kicked back and had fun I was a real wild child... we're talking like riding down the highway on the hood of someone's car and other such crazy stunts
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    Good thread idea.

    Painfully awkward/insecure yet pretty active. I wore almost exclusively too-big free t-shirts I had accumulated. My favorite thing to do was explore Houston with a buddy or two in my Volvo 240DL wagon playing whatever awesome CD one of us discovered on the aftermarket CD player I begged my parents to have installed. I spent a lot of time in my room playing guitar along with Radiohead, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath. And running, I ran a lot.

    At school: Captain of the cross country team, captain of the academic decathlon team, student council. I made two B's freshman year so I wasn't valedictorian/salutatorian.

    Awesome stuff I did: I was the dragon in a chinese new year celebration (I'm white), I played the star spangled banner on my electric guitar opening a HS football game, got paid once or twice to play gigs with my band. I got on Lightning Bolt's Power of Salad DVD taking a date to see them at a gig that was filmed.

    I was a very awkward date for all those dances. Didn't drink or kiss a girl till I was 17. Did both for the first time on the same night.

    I was a pretty awesome nerd I think. I haven't changed much at all since then.

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    13-14 pretty awkward but had friends, spent a lot of time listening to goth music and dressing like a Cure fan, incredibly emo and thought I was extraordinarily deep, read a lot, wrote poems and stories, more shy and had more social anxiety, but had bouts of rebellious energy that was beginning to show itself

    15-16 more comfortable with myself, more friends, had boyfriends by this point, dressed more like a hippie, became very interested in politics and social issues, was probably at one of my most rebellious points, used to ride my bike a lot at night and ran around barefoot, felt very cozy in my self-perception that I was unique and that my friends and I were these deep, artistic beings living on the fringes of society...seems kind of funny to me now, but I was very happy then in that way...had that sort of self-righteousness that only teenagers and television preachers can seem to acheive friends were my family.

    17-19 became more subdued and mature, took a part-time job, became more focused on reading and studying again, graduated, still pretty eccentric, though, and very passionate about everything...had big dreams and liked to contemplate life and philosophy and spirituality...wanted to be a writer then, became convinced that the only way I could ever be a writer would be to "experience life to the fullest" moved out of my grandparents house, and started making a bunch of stupid mistakes that I now like to call "learning experiences"

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    Angry, sarcastic, overly concerned with others' feelings and sufferings, intense, comical, loved to socialize and be at home in my room reading equally. Very dedicated to my friends. Thinking that was way more black and white than it is now.

    I was easy to emotionally torture. A lot of body shame. I didn't stop changing my clothes inside the closet til after age 17 or 18.

    I loved horses and motorcycles and rode both.

    I was a mechanic. I lived to work on cars and go fast.

    I daydreamed CONSTANTLY - I was always so much more confident in my fantasies. I could talk to any guy I wanted and make him my slave. I could always think of the perfect thing to say. I was the hero. I was the best friend ever. I was the best daughter. I was always funny.

    I graduated with the highest grades in my 8th grade class. Glasses. Crooked teeth. Doogie Howser jokes. Bad pictures. Deeply introverted while being mouthy. Nose buried in a book at just about all times. Distrusted lipliner and any underwear not made from cotton.

    I went to school in Northern Ireland at age 16 with my sister and got treated like a desirable girl for the first time in my life. Terrified and intrigued me. Very uncomfortable with myself.

    Lipstick tomboy/punk. Had a big poster of Rogue from the X-Men over my bed. Painted my room sunflower yellow to make me feel happier and more at ease.
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    I was always the fun and rebellious artsy chick. I was full of energy and always friendly & outgoing, though I think my science teacher HATED me, lol...oops.

    Extracurricular activities: Tennis, Track, Debate Club, APAC (Asian Pacific Islanders Awareness Club), Leadership Club, DECA.

    I started little clicks all the time, I was the founder of this girl crew called Ladies of Mischief (L.O.M.) which was so fun, we still have reunions till this day! Went through tons of phases when it came to fashion...from gangster wanna be to fashionista in heels, to Raver, to Hippy chic.

    I became depressed at one point, Im glad because it helped me to have even more empathy for people.

    I started to skip school in my Junior year...ended up going to alternative school and summer school but made my way back to regular high school thank goodness! I was the only one in my close circle of friends who graduated .

    In my later teen years I was on the conscious thinking tip...I was really spiritual and new agey, totally against the mainstream. I think I handled some things better back then then I do now which is weird.

    I miss my teen years, life was way more simple back then!
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    i was in an awful punk band. we played dead kennedys songs. i played guitar.

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    not much different than now. except was high all the time
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by strawberries View Post
    i was in an awful punk band. we played dead kennedys songs. i played guitar.
    Awesome! I love the Dead Kennedy's
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    I can't say that I had less inhibitions or reserves, it was quite the opposite. I didn't rebel but I didn't try to fit in at all cost either. Hm, I guess I was a loner but I never really felt lonely. Come to think of it, I didn't feel anything much really, I was mostly daydreaming anyway, but I can't remember whether that was a conscious choice or a way to cope. The latter I presume. Wasn't really interested in anything in particular, didn't participate in anything, I can't relate to teenage years being referred to as the formative years...can't remember much of them anyway.

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