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    i dont like teenagers... they are kids in adult body. it's very misleading.

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    I was even lazier and more apathetic. I was the class clown, would get into trouble with the teachers (knew the principal on a first-name basis...). Was playing videogames and exploring progressive rock music and obsessing about it with friends. Girls where the last thing on my mind, they all looked so immature to me, but admittedly I was in a very childish 90% guys environment.

    I was in a christian teenagers group (there were more girls there but they were all SJ...and the guys were SPs and they were all dumb) and we did some activities every now and then (basically going against the 10 commandments and doing trips every now and then, and some charity [although it was rare]). I was a choir teen too lol. I was a baritone/bass. Of course by then most of my heart already felt agnostic so I eventually left all of that.

    I'd start something and never finish it - swimming [quit], basketball [quit], tae kwon do [quit]...mostly because the environments weren't very fun or enthusiastic.

    I was a smart ass. I guess I still am a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    I was self conscious, skinny, with acne part of the time and was shy. I always liked some girl or other but didn't do anything about it. I did really well in school though. I was on the tennis team and the chess team.

    Things got way better in college.
    Ooh, me too!! Minus the tennis, and only on chess team for like half a year. (I realized I would have had to put in a lot more time to actually excel at it, and I didn't see much point in my being on the team if I wasn't totally amazing and wasn't like the other hard-cores who'd played it for years , so that didn't last long) But I was on the math team and JETS team (Jr engineering technical society or some such thing.. pretty much all the academic geeks were on that team)
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    IB Student
    Four Years Drama and Musical Theater
    Varsity Tennis
    Varsity Golf
    Varsity Swimming
    Varsity Diving

    Middle school was terrible for me, I switched school twice. The first two schools were private and the last (the one I liked) was public.

    High School was great. I got involved with Young Life early on and really enjoyed that all four years. I was really smart. And really lazy. But I loved sports and being in theater and the rest of my extra curricular activities.

    I was gangly the first two years. My junior and senior year I filled out. I was less jaded than I am now. Definitely more trusting. I was (and to a point still am) goofy as shit.

    I had a really big vocabulary (because of how much I have always loved to read), and my IB classmates would refer to me as webster occasionally because of the words I would use in conversation.

    I was really angry deep inside. I was picked on mercilessly in middle school. I had rocks thrown at me. I was kicked down bleachers. Not fun times.

    Well all that punishment in middle school has left me (to this day) with a deep reservoir of anger and resentment. I have a hard time really trusting people still.

    I was pretty well known in High School b/c I wasn't in IB my freshman year, and I played sports and was involved in other stuff. Much to my surprise girls really liked me my last to years.

    I would surf all summer if I wasn't traveling with the fam.
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    My friends and I were Trouble. We hung out with some very bad boys and had a great time, doing crazy things. But we were never self-destructive and our grades didn't suffer.

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    I skiped it.

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    I was a basket-case consumed by my OCD, with every day a living hell pretty much indistinguishable from any other. My adolescence didn't really start until my late-teens and endured throughout my twenties.

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    Miserable and lonely. Always the last to be picked for teams in sports. Picked on for being a boffin in class. Painfully shy and grieving cos my dad died. Tended to live in this imaginary world where really bad things happened and then everyone felt sorry for me. But the reality was that bad things did happen and other kids were very cruel at times.

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    * Embarrassingly socially awkward (much more so than now), particularly with the opposite sex.
    * Somewhat arrogant in terms of intellectual pursuits, total lack of confidence most other arenas.
    * Not particularly rebellious or poorly behaved - I can't remember getting into any serious trouble.
    * On that note, I pretty much went along with whatever my parents wanted me to do, meaning I went to church and took part in boring extracurricular activities to avoid conflict.
    * Played guitar on average 2-3 hours a day and got pretty good. Was in various cover bands playing grunge, punk and metal.
    * Had aspirations of being involved in competitive athletics but never pursued them (probably my biggest regret).
    * Had only 1 good friend, who was an INFJ. He came from a similar background with strict parents and all that. We spent so much time hanging out that some people assumed we were gay (neither of us was).
    * Easily the most physically attractive I've ever been, but did nothing to take advantage of it (see #1).
    * Did not have sex, drink alcohol or use illicit drugs (did all those things the year I turned 20).
    * Spent a great deal of time depressed about my home life and contemplating suicide (I've outgrown that). Oddly enough was never sent to therapy.

    Needless to say once I got out on my own during my 3rd year of college, life improved dramatically.
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    Hmmm. I was extremely churchy.

    I went to a small Fundamentalist Baptist high school and for the most part loved it, except for the dress code (skirt or dress every day - blech!). I was part of a 3-6 person clique made up of mostly Pentecostal kids (kind of outcasts among our Baptist classmates). I was actively involved in my church's youth group and also involved in a friend's youth group.

    When we weren't in school or at a church or para-church sponsored event, we were at the mall. It was the eighties and I guess we were preps because we wore polos and oxfords and wore baggyish jeans that were snug at the ankle. Sometimes we coordinated our outfits so that we all matched.

    Personality wise, I was kind of quiet, shy, uptight, a little angsty, and very earnest -- with occasional incidents of biting sarcasm. I was late to school almost every day because I stayed up late reading and didn't want to get out of bed but wouldn't go to school without my hair and make-up done (was afraid of looking Apostolic Pentecostal). Had a couple crushes but didn't really date -- only three guys in my senior class of fifteen and I had the smallest boobs and a good girl vibe, so that wasn't happening.

    Overall, I had a lot of fun and was bummed when I graduated from high school because I knew I wasn't ever going to have it that easy again.
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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