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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberries View Post
    we should start a new awful band.
    Can I play the tambourine?
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    I have my unplugged electric guitar and back-up vocals. We'll own this town! All 300 people in it!
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    Haha, I'm still a teen!

    I've been changing by the week, though. I feel like a different person every month.

    When I was 13-15 I was just stupid. I tried stupid shit just to see what it was like, and I just ran away from problems all the time. 16-18 I was considered a badass, since I tried stupid shit and didn't give a rat's ass about what people thought about me or what I did. I would just leave school a lot, and go smoke at the beach and steal shit. 18-now, I've gone through a real life change, I've deal with some serious bullshit drama in the past year, and that's how I ended up here, I guess I just wanted to figure out why people did the stupid shit they did and thought here would explain it a little better, and it did: People are just immature and stupid sometimes.

    And I wish I was in an awful band...but I can't even pretend to play anything, I suck.

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    Athletic but avoidant of team sports - I began lifting weights when I was thirteen, and rode my bike and ran trails. Started university full time when I was sixteen and fell in love with the chance to learn freely and in such advanced forms. Dwelled in my head more than anywhere else.

    Completely unaware of social constructs and ignored them in such an earnest, curious way that no one ever seemed to mind, peers and adults alike.

    Overly aware of everything around me, seeing things in and about others they didn't wish known. Had a tendency to make intense connections with rare people and search for what I didn't know I was missing at the time. Developed an eating disorder after years of freakishly bad body imagery and social isolation. Went to a psychiatrist for two years and found someone to talk to, who would listen and allow me to divest myself of certain burdens.

    We moved around the country all the time - I got used to making friends online simply for the consistency in companionship, and to this day I find it easier to get to know a person's mind first before ever meeting them in person.

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    I was pretty much how I am now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
    I have my unplugged electric guitar and back-up vocals. We'll own this town! All 300 people in it!
    can we hold auditions for a hot drummer who's all about self-loathing and ennui and wears tight t-shirts? i have a thing for drummers.

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    I was the most inhibited & reserved I've ever been. Possibly all of my negative qualities & insecurities were magnified. However, glimpses of my more compassionate side were beginning to appear. I definitely identified with the underdogs & the weirdos.

    I started developing my own style by age 13, but prior to that I had some leanings already (always LOVED giant earrings). I spent most of my time alone, reading or listening to music. I was the artsy smart girl at school, a loner, extremely shy, and I was absent/late a lot, but got good grades.

    I think INFP e4s are like perpetual teenagers in some ways, which means our teen years can be especially exaggerated in their moodiness and withdrawal from people into a fantasy world. The need to assert a unique identity is crippling at that age; it can result in a self-exile, but in the e4's head it's rejection. As you get older, this unique identity is less threatened by "groups", so you can relate to others & form the connections you really desire.

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    i had a lot of fun.
    i enjoyed getting away with stuff.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    I love teenagers. I think of them as being the very rawest version of an adult. They are like adults, except with less inhibitions or reserves, and because they are trying to find their individuality, tend to show the most strong individuality that they will ever show....
    Hell... What you say is particulary distressing for inhibited teenagers. Are you saying that things can only get worse to worse? I don't think that the teenages years are necessarly an happy period, it's often the most difficult and many teenagers are inhibated and conformist with low self-esteem.
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    Oh gosh, I hate thinking about my high school years. I had to go to a reunion two days ago to get my yearbook. Once I had the bloody thing I got the hell out of there. I don't want to have anything to do with that time and those people and I don't lie if I tell you I don't expect to live a unhappier period than this, except if I'd get locked up in a tiny cage, humiliated and used as a testing animal. Some moments, I wished I'd die or get abducted by aliens. I just turned 19, but I don't see myself as a teenager anymore. I became too hard for that.

    A description of how I was:
    During my early teens (until 14) I really wanted to develop myself and really live the stereotypical teenage life to the full. Of course, I wanted to spend time on the things I felt passionate about the most, theater and stuff. I also wanted to have as much boyfriends as possible, I wanted to smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, do drugs, you know, the typical teenage bullshit. I realized pretty quickly that the people I ended up with weren't quite the kind of people that I expected to find in high school and they also weren't the type of people that I liked. I had fights with the people in school all the time and the only people I had a click with were my friends from outside school. I didn't get all the boyfriends and the drugs and stuff, instead I just kept doing what I wanted, be myself, rebel a bit against my teachers and my peers (who didn't rebel at all). I just wanted to have fun.
    The last months of 2005 and the first months of 2006 were a bit traumatic for me. The fights I had with my peers got out of hand and I had to visit many psychologists because my teachers thought I was schizophrenic, I wasn't allowed to contact any friends from outside school and everybody in school hated me. I tried everything to be liked and Ihung out with a clique that used me as some kind of doormat. I tried to be overly politically correct and nice and friendly and I was depressed from November 2005 until autumn 2007. There were moments when I didn't even want to live anymore and considered suicide. I hoped that being sweet all the time and not rebelling at all would help me get more accepted and therefore happy, but that didn't happen. I also didn't have any confidence or self worth. I think this depression influenced me and the way I look at life the most.
    At the end of my depression I switched packs. These people were nice to me in the beginning and I was slowly climbing out of my depression, gaining self confidence and self love. I was getting more critical towards other people and I didn't accept the bad way I was being treated anymore. When my new pack excluded me from certain parties and didn't ask me to join them when they wer going out, I left the clique again. Okay, it might have been harsh, but it was a sign that I was slowly getting better. The last few years I didn't want to have anything to do with the people from my high school anymore. I chatted with some people once in a while, but I didn't mind if I hadn't spoken to anyone a whole school day. At this point people were wondering if I suffered from autism and some of my teachers started calling me "special" (which, as you all know, means nothing but "completely mad, insane and lunatic"). At some point I wanted to have them think I was ever madder, so I started to dress very strangely for someone in that typical culture. I was always busy finding a way that would make me even more different and strange to them. It became a sport, I think. It was a new and more silly way of rebelling. I still didn't like anyone from my school and that's still the same until this day.

    I never ever want to return to those days anymore. Thinking about them makes me boil from anger and frustration. I really feel like destroying something right now!
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