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Thread: Cute or Dumb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcearos View Post
    Kind of dumb because we are here talking about very small baby and what seems to be a puppy of napoletan mastiff. So that big puppy could very easily crush the baby under him/herself. It not wise to let so big dog go over any people because they would learn that it is approven bahavior. It's domination at the same time, the dog sees it's appropriate to dominate children. Not good. That'll lead to the dog biting the child or even killing the child. It looks like the puppy thinks the child is a toy of his/hers. Not good at all.
    Hmm.. to me it looks more like it's treating the baby like a puppy of it's own. Plus, it looks very much like the owner posed the dog, who probably isn't thinking much of anything about anything except how ridiculous it is. But your points are certainly valid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lithium View Post
    I felt like it was kind of dangerous. I was worried the dog might do something to harm the baby. I don't trust dogs, they're related to wolves.

    So I vote "scary."

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    Here is an adult napolitan mastiff. They are not excactly poodles.

    Dogs don't certainly hug. They are dogs not humans. They do not think as humans do or show emotions like humans do. They act differently than humans. This is many times forgotten.

    I might let a child crawl on top of the dog but I certainly wouldn't let a dog crawl on top of a baby of any age. And for the record, there are both in my family: dogs & children. And our other dog is one of the mastiff dogs. I never trust dogs with children and I always keep my eye on them when they interact. I don't trust cat's either with children.

    This is part of the breed description from here:
    They are serious, calm and quiet unless provoked. The breed is very wary of strangers. Males can be much more aggressive and dominant than females. The Female makes a better family pet, as she is more submissive to her master and better with children. These dogs are, however, usually very loving with children, provided they do not tease them. .....
    The Neapolitan Mastiff is not a breed for everyone. They must have a dominant owner capable of controlling him properly. Owner dominance should be firmly established while the dog is young

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