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    Smile Cosmopolitans

    We know we are cosmopolitan when we start to fell comfortable on Central; when we no longer need to engage in arguments to establish our identity; when we have no need to defend our ego; when we have no need to make personal attacks; when we no longer take personal attacks personally. Then and only then are we cosmopolitans.

    The anti-semites called the Jews cosmopolitans. So in becoming cosmopolitan we are becoming just a little Jewish. And just as President Kennedy became a Berliner at the time of the blockade, so we become a little Jewish when the Jews are under attack.

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    I still havent understood what this nice man meant by saying he's a

    I like your ideas victor, you always present a big picture idea that gives inspiration to me. Sometimes it's exactly those things which are ultimatly hard to tell to others without a loss of information or a misinterpretation on the way of communication ( yea 3 words with 'ation' ). But I think I feel you again on this one.

    I've become tremendously more cosmopolitan over the past years. This is because my life completly changed, like getting in the working world, this is part due to my gf, who has a tremendous ability to make me introspective or better is a great bouncer and reflective, and this is part to the great conversations in this forum.

    I've lately wanted to bring an old longtime friend into a job offer at my work but he, tho he's the same age like me, is still completly different. We had this discussion about movies and I said, I liked Avatar. He then went totaly anti and called it a mainstream video, he'ld never watch and said that he found out for himself he'll stay forever a B-movie watcher. I do not see anything negative in that so far, but the thing is, he is about many things very anti and doesnt even take a look at those things but rather says they are shit in an instant. So he's still quite anti-cosmopolitain and somehow still wards his self off towards the real world, with the only thing he does is trieing to be different from anyone else.

    I like your ideas victor really and cosmopolitan is a brilliant word for that

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