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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I always improve around pretty girls for some reason.
    Dunno my performance usually gets worse around pretty girls than normal.

    I'm kind of kidding.. But there's a general point here. Maybe P needs some external goal, opportunity, or ideal (or audience even) that focuses introverted judgement. While Judgers are able to set goals and visualize internally more. And maybe they can enact what they want in a decisive manner right where they stand (like your bowling friends).. While you're left performing according to your Ji comfort levels because you haven't surrounded yourself with enough hot chicks.

    Just a thought
    But you raise a good point. Would having an audience create enough energy to create better decisiveness to be more competitive as a non competitive P in the motivations in doing things?

    In some ways I saw this with my SP friends at bowling bytheway. We were all kind of performing rather poorly and cared more about the fun of being in the moment rather than the tally while the SJs were totally focused on the tally more and disappointed when we backed off.

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    I think in general, extraverts tend to be competitive, particularly Ecraverted thinkers. The F's seem more casual IME. The four ETs (ENTP,ENTJ, ESTP and ESTJ) seem to be rather competitive, but not necessarily.
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    A friend of mine is an ESTP, and he's just as competitive as I am. Neither one of us will ever back down when we end up competing against each other.

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    Competitiveness usually comes down to Fe in some way, as that is the function concerned with what needs to be done on a social level. In TPs, Fe is a lower order function, so it often (but not always) comes out as a desire to maintain or improve ones social standing. That doesn't have to be in terms of social position/titles. There are quite a few ETP who like to be seen as the alpha male.

    TJs tend more towards being aggressive or foreright. They do what they do - people just sometimes get in the way.
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    I have a strange combination of competitive and noncompetitive drives.

    I hate it when people get ahead of me when I've worked just as hard if not harder then them. I guess it can be hard to be to just accept that some people are simply more talented than I am in certain areas.

    I feel like I have to compete against others when applying for jobs and I hate the thought of that. I feel like I'm being forced into a competition I didn't ask to enter. I just want to show the hiring committee why I would be good for the job, not why I'd be a better fit than other candidates.

    Usually, I'm more competitive with myself than with other people. I need to know that I'm improving in the areas that are important to me. If I try something new and I don't see results quick enough, I'm likely to drop it.

    Yet, I feel like I'm not driven or committed enough to really excel in a certain area. Sure it would be cool to be one of the best in some area but by spending all that time practicing, I'd be giving up alot of other things in life.
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