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    I like fabio. But, I seriously wonder if he has already blown his money in the last 24 hours.

    I didn't liked Chase at all, but even without the charity contribution I think he would have put the money to better use than fabio.
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    I am glad Fabio won basically because I liked him the most.

    In all fairness however I think Chase played a better game and think it was foolish of Fabio to "essentially" (due to power/immunity position) to make the choice of voting off Holly. I am really surprised Fabio got NaOnka's vote for the win because it seemed he got on her nerves during most of the show and she gave her idol to Chase.

    Seeing Fabio pull off the the three wins/immunities in a row while his head was on the chopping block was good TV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post
    I can't stand Jud (Fabio).
    I reiterate what I said back in October.

    Also, did anyone catch during the 'memory walk' with the old torches, that NaOnka said, "I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I was by far the smartest person out there."


    This has honestly been my least favorite season ever.
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    Yay! I actually liked this season! The first time I've been truly pleased with the winner in a while. I was rooting for Fabio for some time, but I never thought he would actually win, or go on a immunity win streak! I agree, though, that he is probably not the most worthy of the money. Chase would have probably managed it better if he had won.

    But the question remains: what is Fabio's type?! IXFP? I'm starting to think he may be N with whatever he was saying in the last tribal... and he never seemed to answer Jeff's questions straight, he kept going on weird tangents. And that little comment about the government also seems N-ish. But I dunno. I'm just curious since he seems like an interesting person.

    Next season is going to be very interesting. Although it may ruin the game, I guess some change is needed. I can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBTI Enthusiast View Post
    But the question remains: what is Fabio's type?! IXFP?
    I think Fabio is ESFP. He's definitely one of us fun loving ExxP types. On top of that he had a way of coming across as ditzier than he really is which is typical for an ESFP.
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    LOL fabio is effing hilarious

    (i'm watching epi 15 before the reunion)

    Can't wait to watch that too!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by You'reWrongI'mRight View Post
    LOL fabio is effing hilarious

    (i'm watching epi 15 before the reunion)

    Can't wait to watch that too!!!!
    lol if you think he is hilarious now, you are going to love the reunion... dude is... "out there"

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