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    Default Starting to post something and then changing your mind

    I know I'm guilty of it from time to time.

    Do you do this? If so why?

    Type related?

    For me, the most common reasons why I do this:

    *By the time I've forumulated a good response, someone has beat me to it and has said basically the same thing I would have said only better. I don't want another "me too" post.

    *Worried that I haven't phrased what I wanted to say well enough and it might cause others to misinterpret what I've said.

    *Decide that what I'm about to post is somehow too embarrasing or offensive.

    *Decide that what I was about to say isn't going to add much and people aren't going to be interested anyway.

    *I change my mind midstream and by the time I've formulated my response, I've stopped caring.

    *I realized that formulating a well thought out response is just going to take too long and I don't want to spend the time.
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    I edit a lot.

    I don't create many threads to begin with. The one thread I keep wanting to create and keep talking myself out of is: "What's My Type?"

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    I keep going to respond.....

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    All the damn time. It seems the more I have to say about something, the less likely it will actually get posted.

    Often for the reasons you say: I have nothing new to add, I'm worried about how it's going to be received, I'm self-conscious about whether others will perceive it as important or interesting (I often have a hard time believing my ideas will matter) or I just have a lot to say and can't get myself to put in the effort.

    The last one often happens when my thoughts on a topic are branching out in numerous directions, and it feels like organizing my them will be a lot of effort. Sometimes I just go, Eh...forget it. Maybe that's an NP thing?

    And sometimes I just leave a window with a response typed out on my desktop for days (with my laptop in hibernate when I'm not using it), intending to finish it, and eventually I have to restart my computer and I lose the whole thing. I just had my computer freeze up earlier today and lost a fairly long response to the thread about the cartoon Daria, with examples from the show...Too annoyed to do it all over now.

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    Everything the OP said.

    Also, if I have to leave a Wall of Text as a response in order to get my point across, I pretty much won't do it.

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    *I change my mind midstream and by the time I've formulated my response, I've stopped caring.

    *I realized that formulating a well thought out response is just going to take too long and I don't want to spend the time.
    These are my two big reasons for erasing a post before hitting send.
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    I erase it because I'm like: "no1curr".
    Between that cigarillo and sticking my finger down my throat to see if I could DT, I feel like puking RN.

    Read my Blog.

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    Yes, I do this as well. I can relate to the reasons already mentioned by other posters.

    Most of the time, when I've actually put some serious effort into trying to make my thoughts come across, I think about how people might respond to it...I hate feeling that I'd have to explain myself more clearly because my post just doesn't make sense to anybody but myself and since I feel that I have actually tried to make it as clear as possible, I just don't have the energy to address it further on. So, I don't post it.

    I dislike conflicts, so if I think that what I say can cause some negative responses, I just won't post when I don't feel up to dealing with it. Sometimes I can clearly imagine the members here who have the reputation of being very outspoken and who won't hold back when expressing their thoughts, regardless of how negative they are towards others...calling me out as a complete idiot...and I get this sinking feeling and never post anything in the thread.

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    I never start to post then change my mind. I think this is because of the way I post. I don't formulate anything in advance. One thought just follows another like in conversation.

    If I attend to anything, it is the tone.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to post like that here. It means I am never stuck for something to say. And whatever I say comes as a surprise.

    And sometimes in surprising myself, I surprise you too.

    But I am only half of the conversation. You are the other half. I never tire from saying, "The meaning of any communication is its response", because you are indispensable to my every post. My post would have no meaning without you.

    I can enjoy writing my post and I can enjoy reading my post, but I can never read my post with your eyes. Your eyes are the eyes of the world. And what eyes, from Scandinavia to South America, from the United States to Australia and everywhere in between.

    I enjoy posting and I am grateful you read my post and sometimes reply.

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    Intelligent thoughts must be edited and filtered for the lesser.
    Oh, its

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