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    Rowf and Snitter from the Plague Dogs

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    characters you feel sorry for?
    - Sam, The Lord of The Rings I,II & III
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    - The City Of Bones

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    1. Actor/character who made you cry the most? - Uh... not many characters have made me sad enough to come close to CRYING, but... Both Mary and Max in the movie of the same name. Probably another more emotive one, but I can't think of it right now.
    2. Actor/character you love to hate? I think I can say with reasonable confidence that Kim Craig Nee-Day from Kath and Kim would be right at the top.
    3. Actor/character you have a crush on because of a certain movie/book? Dunno... sort of on Daria for a while, but not sure. They don't make NEARLY enough awesome female characters.
    4. Actor/character you do not understand why others like? - Andrew Scott's depiction of Moriarty, everyone in Twilight and a few other similar things.
    5. Actor/character who is really annoying? Andrew Scott's Moriarty.
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