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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post

    The INTPs I feel similar to seem to have meshed Ti and Ne together, the Ne is in balance to T. There's also a social/intuitive awareness and consideration of other people and/or interrelational concerns.

    The more rational (vs intuitive) that a person is, or the more they have a chaotic or overly rigid working style, the less connection I feel. It's not that I can't follow their logic, I see all of it naturally; it's just that I see more to the picture that is not prioritized. And those who are overly rigid in their thinking, I also can't identify with; my thinking is very flexible and I can see various ways to interpret and/or process a situation.
    This, but as for specific members, is there a Not Applicable option?, Don't think i've really cultivated any sort of bond or back-and-forth conversation with any member to notice such a thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burymecloser View Post
    Hmm. You know, I don't really feel an obvious similarity with any other INTPs on this site. Maybe MP to an extent.

    One who stands out as dissimilar would be Jock. I think we've had fundamentally different experiences on a lot of stuff. Jennifer is much nicer than I am. Also, there's a self-identified INTP on the site with whom I have no meaningful similarities whatsoever, but whom I'm certain is mistyped.

    I think I use Si more than most INTPs. And online in particular, I probably over-rely on Ti. I'm very Ne in person, probably less so from behind a keyboard. I suspect the extent to which our internet personas differ from our real-life behavior accounts for some of the disparities within type.
    Oddly...I have a similar perspective.

    It's actually been difficult to me to relate to most of the other INTPs and especially males on the site. Particularly the 9s. This lack of relatability is something I used to typically chalk up to inherent INTPness. However, it does cause type confusion from time to time. I relate more with some of the more cerebral ISTPs at times: Orangey and ptgatsby.

    Similar: Fluffywolf, Morgan Le Fay, Laintpe, Aimahn, Ajblaise.

    Dissimilar: Everyone else.

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    Is ISTP possible, Jock? I really don't know enough to guess, but you seem different than a lot of INTPs on here. I know very few certified examples of either flavour in real life though, so I'm not saying you're mistyped, just curious if you had considered that as a possibility.

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    The INTJs that I can think of that I have some similarities with are Haight, Night, Zarathrustra and Uumlau.

    The ones I feel like I have the least in common with are Edgar and Kalach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Is ISTP possible, Jock? I really don't know enough to guess, but you seem different than a lot of INTPs on here. I know very few certified examples of either flavour in real life though, so I'm not saying you're mistyped, just curious if you had considered that as a possibility.
    I've considered it, though with any kind of personal analysis, testing, asking others' opinions, it always comes back to INTP. Se just isn't represented enough in my cognitive landscape for it to be a tremendous part of my type.

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    Most Dissimilar: Marmalade, Satine, SillySappiene, ... actually most of them.
    But the type 4s kinda make me go "oh shit am i this type?" especially the
    uber sensitive ones.

    Similar: ???? i don't really relate to any of them. i like the was Esoteric Wench
    organises her posts. but i don't share the same enthusiasm she has about
    uh enfp-ness. i''ll relate to the general structure, but never the nitty gritty.
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    esoteric, noigmn and skylights the most. they made me feel normal to be honest and it is like they share my mind somedays.

    some days with xeno and Marm.

    I feel weird compared to silly and satine as I dont feel as beautiful and light and ethereal as they are. They are so fluid, yet delightful.

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    Out of all of the, like, five people of my type whom I've "met" on this board, I'd say I'm most similar to EJCC and least similar to the guy ESTJs.
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    Hard to say. Fi is kind of individualistic, isn't it? Brainheart, maybe. Sometimes PeaceBaby. OrangeAppled. They don't really post much lately, but they have a similar vocal kind of stance on things. ISFP-wise, IndyAnnaJoan. If only because we'd have a lot of the same tastes. I can also see similarities in the way ENFPs may word things or their train of thought. Lady X. And for the record, I can understand where wonkavision was coming from when he left. Heh.

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    Ha, you know Kdude, if you still considered yourself an ISFP, I'd say I was most similar to you although I very much see our differences as well... I definitely do see you more as an INFP, but I recall us talking about similar backgrounds and history. I suppose it's our Fi-dom that we're similar in and how we react to our surroundings.

    With the actual ISFP's here, I can't say I see a whole lot of similarities... I also haven't gotten to know many very well. I believe, me, Ayoitsstepho, Sunshine, and Countrygirl are the only ISFP's with an enneagram 4... but even with that in common, I can't draw a whole lot together. We're all very individualistic and unique. Where I do find similarities is in our sensitivity. But this is the case with the many ISFP's I know in real life too... we're all very drastically different.

    With Quinlan, I can't say I've seen him around enough to know exactly what he's like... though he's given me a laugh each time he's around... which is different from me... I'm not as funny. But this is something I've noticed more with ISFP males--humor. Same goes for Jeffster.

    I don't know who Hirsch is... I've never seen him/her before...

    Blackcat seems very informative, always, and I've yet to pick up any personal traits to gauge similarities or dissimilarities. Same with Takera.

    With Wolfy, I'd say we relate somewhat on SF... but I feel a great sense of calm from him, which I admire, but don't think I can relate to. I enjoy a lot of the photographs he posts and he's always very nice.

    Retmeishka is really interesting to me... I've yet to pick up any actual ISFP traits, but as far as interests goes, I feel as though we can relate somewhat from what I've seen. Though she may be far more of a hippy than me.

    I feel like for an ISFP I can be a lot more hotheaded than most... I like to blame that on my 4w5... but like I said, I don't see Countrygirl or Sunshine to act in similar manner to myself.

    In real life, I feel like I'm probably almost as bubbly as ayoitsstepho... but not to the degree I imagine her to be.

    Oh, and then there's Man... who always just throws me off.

    I almost forgot about Gromit! How dare me?! Gromit seems much more of a happy go lucky type, from what I can tell. But I see similarities in the same way I see similarities between me and wolfy... very different, but drawn to similar imagery (Se-stuff) and is very nice. Though, I don't know how nice I come off in typec.
    "I don't know a perfect person.
    I only know flawed people who are still worth loving."
    -John Green

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