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    strawberries and whatever. They both come off as assertive and outspoken women. Kinda cheeky too.

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    Peguy and Marduk/LEGERdeMAIN couldn't be more different from each other.

    JivinJeffJones and SecondBest are like twins.

    I don't know exactly who I'm most like, but probably a combination sprinkling of JAVO, Synarch, You'reWrongI'mRight, and Lexicon.

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    I think I may be the exact opposite of SillySapienne.

    Halla is absolutely nothing like proteanmix.

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    Every ENTJ lady reminds me somewhat of the Platonic Form of ENTJ that is Kantgirl.

    Post Sim-Ban Jaguar is very different from Pre Sim-Ban Jaguar in a way that's very refreshing.

    SillySapienne and Happy Puppy have the same indecipherable Ne-Fi language.

    I think I identify most with Fluffywolf, in terms of other INTPs.

    I think it's the same group of dudes that operate MLF and INA's accounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    I think I identify most with Fluffywolf, in terms of other INTPs.
    Kinda funny, isn't it? I mean, there are grounds and similarities where I can relate to just about any INTP here, but there seems to be a lot of dissimilarities as well, enough to say that I find it hard to downright say I am actually similar to most other INTP's here.

    I suppose I identify with you the most as well. Although even then I'm skeptical enough to say that, aside from some obvious similarities, we too are quite different.

    I think it's mainly because INTP's are probably one of the most active types to create their own identity very strongly and consciously, and because of that, we all have a very good grasp on what we are and want to be and can easily point out the differences with other people because of it. Being able to point out the differences, it's easy to feel different rather than similar, ofcourse.

    We are the odd-balls after all, in that we are at least all similar.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    I cannot talk about other people because I do not think I should presume the inherent alikeness or dissimilarity of two people I do not know.

    However, let me express my thoughts regarding my own interactions:

    P.S. If anyone doesn't like me mentioning them, I'll take it down. I don't want to disturb anyone's privacy or make them feel weird.


    Purple: We get each other going, and when we get started, we just keep going and going and going until Chickens runs off into the Awkward Silence Room to get away from my craziness.

    Kyuuei: I have never read another person's posts and related to them so much. We could have been personality twins.

    DOTS: You are like the super-exuberant me with a bit of a thing that makes you different. I wuv you.

    Anime: Ne rhymes with CRAZY - and we would both know that, right! YAY!!!!!!

    Similarities with Different Expression

    Peguy: Same interests, similar ideas, completely different modes of expression and value systems

    Esoteric: Luv ya!!!!

    Domino: Our love of people is the same, but I almost (in a good way) envy your ability to really get out there and just love people. You bring that out in me.

    Substitute: Where the hell are you??? I miss you!!!!!!! We have the same interests with different modes of expression.

    EJCC: I feel like we are mirror images of each other. But I really envy some of your traits. You're a great woman. You should post more videos.

    Dissimilarities that are really comfy

    Jeffster: You exude a calm love of life and fun that I wish I have....but don't. Never change. You rock.

    LadyJaye: <3 ****hugs*****

    Entropie: You are so smart, so fun, so great. You should come on vent and talk more. I feel like we are so similar, yet so different. I think it would be interesting to know you for real.

    SillySapienne: The more intelligent, more fanciful, more romantic me. But definitely wayyyy different. I wish I were more like you.

    Petticure: You tell it like it is. You're fun and really great; you're smart in a special way that I could never be. You're practical and really creative. I'm always happy when you come on Vent. Where did you go?

    Mystic: ***hugs*** Quieter than me, but definitely more fun!

    Aramis: When we talk, it's like an intense five-minute ping-pong match. Intense back and forth, back and forth, zing, zang, boom, bang. And then, POOF, gone like it never existed.

    SmileyMan: You have your moments when you are calm, collected, and nice. You have a great voice that calms me.

    Jennifer: I wish I were as wise as you. You're really a great woman. So bright. You really SEE things - and by that I mean see through them to the core. And you have an understanding that I will never have, yet always will admire.

    SolitaryWalker: You make my head ache in a good way with your in-depth analyses - you help me build synaptic connections and learn. You broaden my horizons. I wish we could talk more.

    Nancy: You are great in your own way. Bright, creative, and really, really great. You will go far.

    INTJMom: I admire you so much. So courageous. You stand up for what you think. Go you!!!!!

    Risen: You make me laugh!!!!

    Halla: I wish I were cool as you are.

    Uumlau: I admire your mind.

    Luna: I miss you - where did you go? You are so awesome. Come back on Vent.

    TwinkleToes: YAYZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

    Rain: <3

    Babylon: OMG Enneagram 1 all the way!!!!! But boy are you different, yet oh so great. <3

    Fuzzyyyyyyyyyy: Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Wookie? You really really have a talent with people, getting things done, and just have such great ideas. Too bad I don't see you on Vent anymore.

    Oakysage: You are so awesome. You should talk more and make music with rubber bands. It makes me laugh.

    Dissimilarities that Fascinate Me:

    Dave: You are a great man. Believe in yourself. I wish I could understand you better because I think you're awesome.

    Satine/Marmelade/Elaur: I luv you guys!!!!! But you're so different from me. Sometimes, it's hard to think we are the same type.

    Ueberfuhrer: Where did you go, and what comprises you? I don't get it.

    Dissimilarities that make me go and

    Provoker: I wish you would open your mind. You are brilliant, and if you would just let more people in and not ignore us or tear us apart, you would be really awesome.

    JTG: You are by far the most perplexing man I have ever met. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever get you; I don't think we'll ever be on the same wavelength. I think we would drive each other crazy til Kingdom Come, and that's really too bad because I am sure you are great, too.

    Deja Vu: What the good loving heck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suchirony View Post
    Here are some questions:

    1. What forum members seem the most similar to you?
    wolfy, Quinlan, Solitary Penguin

    2. What forum members seem the most unlike you?
    I think we established in Vent a while back that kan(t)girl is the anti-me. Though YourLocalJesus comes close.

    3. What forum members seem the most similar to each other?
    There's a ton of people I get mixed up because of their similarities. It doesn't help that a ton of you CHANGE YOUR DAMN USERNAMES so you might even BE the same people, I don't even know!

    4. What forum members seem the most different from each other?

    LogicAboveAll and IMAFLUFFYNF111.
    Jeffster Illustrates the Artisan Temperament <---- click here

    "I like the sigs with quotes in them from other forum members." -- Oberon

    The SP Spazz Youtube Channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    strawberries and whatever. They both come off as assertive and outspoken women. Kinda cheeky too.
    whatever is a smiley enthusiast, but i'll take the cheeky bit.

    no one is like victor. [hi victor]

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    I think Angell M and Entropie would bond over a drink.

    There are a lot of NTPs who kinda mesh into each other, since I just remember them for dropping in for sarcasm. The ones whose names I can recall don't seem really similar to each other though...

    And many ENFPs are similar for their cheering...

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    Unhappy Ignore

    Quote Originally Posted by strawberries View Post
    no one is like victor. [hi victor]
    Hi Strawberries.

    And you're right.

    No one is like Victor and no one likes Victor. Here I am all alone, begging for scrapes of attention, but they put me in a circle and push me from one to the other.

    "He's not like me", they say. "Is he like you", they ask. "No way", they say. And Victor's face gets longer and longer and there is the hint of a tear which he wipes away before they can see it.

    He catches an eye but they look away. They can't bear to look at him. "If only he were more like us", they say, "Then perhaps we could like him". The truth is we would be better off without him, but he can't take a hint - he lacks certain social skills but doesn't know it. We really should put him our of his misery. We wouldn't let a dog suffer like that.

    And rather than annoying us perhaps he should get a dog. I've told him, "If you want a friend, get a dog". But it just seems to go over his head and he comes back for more punishment. He never seems to learn.

    It could be a problem with his brain. It doesn't seem to work like the rest of us. I've suggested he go and see of doctor but all he seems to do is rave on about the same old things over and over again.

    I'm afraid he is a hopeless case and we should just keep on ignoring him for his own good.

    Put him on Ignore.

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