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Thread: Taking Notes

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    When it comes to powerpoints...I am just pretty lucky that I can write incredibly fast and neatly. People were always borrowing my notes in history classes.

    But...with professors that just lecture? I am a complete mess. I basically just doodle the whole time. I come home with notebooks full of pictures.

    In general I find it best to always do the assigned reading before class, take notes on that. Then when in class take notes, and have a buddy that you can compare notes with.
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    i solved the problem by registering with disabilities at my university (for legit reasons!). Now someone takes notes for me. It's great!

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    I always found that it's more important for you to be on the same page as your lecturer i.e. it's better to not take any notes and to understand what they're talking about than to have all the notes in the world but not have a clue what they were talking about.

    Pretty much every class I've ever taken has had all the notes you can ask for either in your study guide, textbook or lesson slides that you can download. Right now when I take notes (never in a class though) I have a notebook for me to write my thoughts in and an organised folder where I have notes about my readings (I jot down mini-summaries as I read). I don't do this the other way round because you can rearrange things in a folder, but that's not the case in a notebook. If I think there's in important question/objection I have to something, I write it on a piece of paper and put it in the right section in my folder, so I can fish it out when I'm writing an essay or something. Once again though, this is all outside of class, I just write down my thoughts/try to understand everything while I'm in a lecture.
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    I learned the hard way in heavily lecture oriented classes to focus more on listening and less on the note-taking. I used to be one of those people who took a copious amount of notes in lecture classes because I wasn't confident enought of my ability to retain the material afterwards. Sometimes I'd be so focused on the notetaking, that I'd miss some of what was being said.

    Eventually, I tried listening more and writing less. I'd jot down a few keywords from time to time. Then after class, preferably right after, while my memory was still fresh, I'd review over my notes. When reviewing them, I'd elaborate on the keywords I wrote and try to fill in the gaps to the best of my ability. I found this method to work well for me.
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