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Thread: Weed Smokers

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    Here's a possible alternative view of the thread thus far.

    Hey man! Let's go smoke some, I've only been brainwashed by my peers that this is a great life without any down-sides, and that only boring people don't do drugs.

    I'm ambivalent, but as long as the marijuana doesn't affect their life to the point it affects you negatively, I would be fine with it.

    No, I prefer one vice rather than two in my life. I would rather drink instead.

    No, I prefer not taking or needing any drugs to be happy with my life.

    No, people who smoke (or any drug) continuously can have psychological and possible physiological dependency issues on it and I would prefer not having to deal with the complications of a relationship from that.
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    I said i don't smoke all the time and i'm for others smoking.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Here's another consideration. Say this hypothetical person has a very good reason to be smoking pot on a daily basis, and she's compassionate, smart, attractive, etc. I turn in to a useless pile of spam when I smoke, and I'm in a region and profession where testing positive for that could mess up my life. I'd say it would have to be at least something I'd have to think about real hard before going forward on that relationship.

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    FYI, I was actually referring to people who smoke weed at work, in my post.
    I consider that about as utilitarian as somebody who takes amphetamines before/during work (which a LOT of people do, BTW, blue and white collar).
    I don't see either of them as being particularly unprofessional... Amphetamine gives you superhuman energy levels, and weed makes you oblivious to the fact that your arms hurt and that you're bored.


    For me, drug abuse of any kind is a turn off, but in the case of weed, it's so benign that it's frankly extremely hard to define what abuse even is.
    Depending on their reason for doing so, I might qualify daily smoking as abuse. More often probably not, though.
    What if somebody is extremely motivated, happy, and successful, AND they wake and bake? Why would you be any less attracted to them?
    It doesn't necessarily make somebody stupid, nor necessarily make them unmotivated.
    I always enjoy citing the example of a friend of mine who is majoring in pure mathematics at University of Waterloo, whilst smoking at least 2g's of weed on any given day, heh.
    He seems to do just fine. ;P
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    You kidding? I would like her more!
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    it would affect my view of the person positively. i don't think i could date someone who didn't smoke weed honestly. i smoke often and it would be weird if they didn't smoke with me. plus unless there was a health reason or they just reacted badly to it, choosing not to smoke makes me think that they're maybe uptight or too law-abiding/conservative for me.

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    I'm pretty much anti-smoking, both when it comes to tobacco and marijuana. If someone had a prescription from a legitimate physician, for an actual condition that didn't have better care alternatives, I'd have absolutely no problem with it, but my personal suspicion is that an awful lot of "medical" use falls under the "hey, it's an easy and legal way to get stoned, let's make up a reason I can get a prescription" category.

    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    It would definitely be a negative and give me pause. I don't suspect it would be a dealbreaker though.
    Yeah -- this. Especially with the "often" that was in the OP's post. That "often" would turn it into a dealbreaker. Any smoking when I was around *would* make me uncomfortable (both physically and mentally/socially dealing with the illegality/organized crime element that Fidelia mentioned) -- frankly, I'd probably leave the area. In itself, occasional smoking wouldn't be a dealbreaker... but it would be pretty indicative that the other person and I may not be that compatible as more than friends in the long term.

    I'm pretty anti-recreational drug use when it comes to my personal choices, so I'm probably not going to be as accepting of this as I might for other things. But there are some drugs for which there's a level of use that I could accept as responsible -- drinks with dinner, a few beers at a party, etc. Marijuana is probably well within that range (like tobacco, and to a lesser extent, alcohol). But I find smoking of any sort pretty disgusting and smelly, and wouldn't want to be around it anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Vu View Post
    This thread has gotten too long.

    I'm going to smoke a bowel and go to sleep...
    Well that's just gross.
    Yuck. I guess there are *some* things that smell worse .

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    I would have to evaluate on a case-by-case basis. I'm pretty law-abiding (though I'd hardly say I'm conservative ) but I don't think pot is necessarily a big deal. It would depend on how often constitutes "often" and how much it affects their life.
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    Deal breaker. Not that a particularly care myself, but I wouldn't want illegal activity in my house (assuming it's a long term relationship, eventually we would live together), I don't like the way it smells (so they'd constantly smell bad for me), and probably most importantly: I WOULD LOSE MY CAREER OVER IT.

    If I met someone that DID smoke constantly, but had no problem stopping it for my sake, it would not be a deal breaker at all.
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    Would it not depend on your profession?
    You can call me Charles.

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