Not as fun, but here's one of my goes at poetry.....

As I board this lonely train
I’ve bid my last goodbye
In my heart I feel the pain
Still I tell you not to cry

Looking out the foggy window
Finally made it through the door
You weep for my leaving, this I know
But now its time to go to war

I hold the flowers that you gave
Find myself looking back
The proud desperation in your wave
As you chase me down the track

I tell you I’ll be returning
As soon as we are done
Please keep the fire burning
Until the war is won

Well now I’m out in the field
My life is filled with fear
Its to this horror that I yield
And wonder why we’re here

Can’t you see I’m just a kid
Yet I’m told that I must kill
I don’t understand what you did
To make me shoot for thrill

A wrong step on the wire
Set our lives aflash
I make it through the hellfire
And hear the bombs as they crash

The smell of death is all around
My friends now have passed
I wonder as I cry out loud
Why I’m the one to last

My heart races, my mind warps
A different war, but same old story
I look into the eyes of a corpse
Created for Old Glory

I hear myself, my primal wail
Sent through my body are the shocks
As I see the final nail
Hammered in the coffin box

The war is over, finally for me
As I pray beneath my breath
The same I know I’ll never be
But at least I’m safe from death