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    Simon Plennon of Crestopolis lived a life. A life he lived. His apartment complex, cheap, overlooked a shopping complex mezzanine. That wasn’t so bad, but the noise of the overlaying sonic jets popped his eardrums on occasion. I suppose you could say that at least the rent was rock bottom in today’s economically driven society. Actually it was next to free; all he needed to do was provided a point of sale every month. Naturally that was all too easy.

    Thus Simon, a half augmented cybernetic unit slipped into his favorite pajamas, hoping that only the low key Sonics would pass by. In the same ritual he performs every once in a while, Simon pops into the fragment defragmentiser, a most efficient way of showering, without any water pressing upon his skin. Sometimes he misses the delicate corrosive essence water brings, but such luxury is expensive, thus it is better to just zap all unfriendly dust molecules away from his body, it does the job, if not better.

    It’s actually even better with clothes on. It even takes out all stains, invisible ones, making the fabric like new, so the adds proclaim, and to be truthful it’s a wonder the designs don’t peel off. In the next instant he swallows a nanocullar pill, since the last one, a month ago flushed out of his system. Basically this kind of pill is good for hygiene purposes; it suppresses all sweat glands and pheromones. Now you would think it to be a bad and unhealthy thing to do, but it has been proven on the contrary. Still these little critters are amazing. They are the perfect trash equalizers. For they eat all ear wax, mucus and clean all stains that are irregular on the teeth’s surface, flushing it all into the bowls, where its all greeted by the permanent recycling nannods.

    It’s actually quite amazing what technology in this day and age has created. But Simon has other concerns, for all of this is regular like clockwork, except, clocks have finally become obsolete thanks to nanosprocks. A person’s internal diagnostic tool, it basically controls ones body clock, and other organs. It’s not an easy thing to obtain, but once you have it, it is a very nifty piece of ware. Simon is not a freeloader by any means, but he gets a kick out of his internal factories. Not everyone has them, as always the rich get preference to the finest grade materials, but then he has a kooky way of being in the wrong place at the right time.

    Nanosprocks, manufacture special intelligent nannods that connect the nerves to various parts of the body, tricking the brain in many functions normally deemed inefficient. One such inefficiency is sleep. Although sleep depravation, a common occurrence, it is important to rest in eight hour shifts once a week, so that is exactly what he’s doing now. Much needed rest. Obviously sleep is one facet by which these intelligent nannods trick the body; other examples are the food intake. By maximizing the nutrients, for example Simon no longer needs to exercise, in fact, all the populace of Crestopolis stopped physical exertion a long time ago. Well not quite but close to it, for the nannods convert any excess fat into muscular mass, regulating the body’s energy flow at the same time. Heck, even a person’s defecated materials are recycled, now that is efficiency, obviously this can happen for only so long. The third time once all nutrients are completely degraded to their basic levels the nannods feed off of this refuse, thus it is not absurd for a person to only excrete once a year. For not enough waste exits the body.

    You’d think, no urination for over a year would kill a man. Well, yes, it would have a hundred or so years ago. But today, such impurities are actually switched of and channeled to more sophisticated means to the ends. After all, you can’t have the bladder producing that rickety yellow stuff; it would eat right through, not before the bladder would burst. But no, today, water is constantly recycled, always retaining all perspiration, only in extreme conditions would it be released, when necessary. In much the same way as camels store and can go without water, humans have devised a method that will actually allow a person to go without food and water, the building blocks of all interstellar life. Obviously once in a while a person needs to restock on vital energies, but not in the same capacity earlier persons needed to.

    In fact, you could call Simon and people of his ilk the next evolution, whatever that may mean. But food is consumed, not as often, a few times a week, he would draw out satchels of intensively rich nutrients the body requires and pops it into his mouth, that is all that is required. Of course Simon is the exception, for the infrastructure of Crestopolis is much different.

    You still get regular humans, partially nannoculated individuals, intensively nannoculated individuals, and then there are the artificial’s, not to mention the otherworldly humans. Plus the super rich who are in a class of their own, having entire worlds to their own disposals as one would have a garden. But then nothing is ever the same in Simon’s life. While its all very well to indulge in nannoculates. It still doesn’t bring in the credits. For money, unfortunately still drives society. You’d think that once nannoculates became part of the human environment, everything would follow, but things haven’t become any easier, by no means.

    Don’t mistake his nannoculates for an easy lifestyle. It’s just not true, the only reason he has some state of the art nonnods is because of the rather promiscuous lawsuit he won, twenty years ago. Although life in the future might have been mistaken for a bright and happy one, and all would think so. After all some of the aggocculates he possesses extend his life progressively with the aid of all nannods attached, thus he is far older than most human beings. Actually just a few months back he turned a lazy three hundred and seven.

    No nannoculates can ever repair a persons experience and mental health however, that is why, for him to reach such an age is most incredible. Even with superman nannoculates making him far stronger and agile than is possibly normal, that were he to go back in time, you’d think he was superman. That is how powerful they are, for a bullet would be hard pressed to even make a dent in his skin, the highly regenerative powers he has is incredible. Maximizing nature’s techniques if accidentally a body part became severed, and it can still happen for today’s weapon are far more interesting that the archaic machine gun. A while new limb would re-grow, it would only be a matter of time, much like a lizards tail popping off and re-growing.

    Still, even with all of this, nannoculates can’t prevent disease. Actually one of the major problems in today’s society a year 5112 to be exact, many rouge supper bugs can cause catastrophic disasters. Its not that they aren’t easily dispensed with, its just that mutations have greatly evolved them, incorporating real gene code and nannoculates into their own systems, makes them impervious to most know preventative measures.

    But such things are rare, generally as bedtime stories used to haunt children while they sleep. But it isn’t far from the truth, the conglomerate governments, pawns really to the one Corporation that uses government as a sense of release, or slow freedom for human populations, but a far greater menace were the true facts known, siphoning humanity for their own nefarious gain. Selling humanities soul to interstellar entities.

    Not so much rare as suppressed to the masses, any outbreaks quickly eliminated. Simon knows all this, for he is a government agent, well retired to be exact. But branded as such never the less. But one can’t blame Simon for his resentments towards humanity, after all he’s lived through ten different world wars, and none of them were pleasant, while most of his friends dead or dying, somewhere, for sometimes-even death isn’t a luxury anymore.

    Nannoculates are sometimes too efficient for their own good, especially in war. Fortunately out of all the major wars, his system has never been infected, for he has been careful, very careful. For today’s wars aren’t fought through nuclear capacity, although still effective to a degree. But the really enhanced nannoculates can actually absorb the deadly radiation from nuclear processed weapons, after all, some of his own nannods are nuclear based, if truth be known. But nuclear powered nannods are an archaic and rare thing to possess, that is why Simon is so unique.

    Instead sonic, plasma and genetically adaptable nannods are used, often called silent killers. In war they can be a most malignant and potent weapon. For sonic nannods disrupted, displacing regular nannods, thus it is easy to penetrate nannoculates. Plasma nannodes are the state of the are. If you’re ever unlucky to have them within, you’ve got no hope in hell. But some say its nothing compared to genetically enhanced nannods, for some of these are carriers of alien technology crafted with flesh eating viruses. Now these are the most shocking of all. Once imbedded, it won’t kill you, not for a while at least. That is why nannoculates can be a cruse as well as a godsend. For they fight with the flesh nannods, but it’s a losing battle, eventually ones whole body disintegrated, giving a whole new meaning to being eaten alive. For this process is like a common cold at first, but can last depending on a persons sophisticated adapters days to years.

    In all respects though nannoculates have improved humanities longevity, with some of the more basic functions scratched to nothing more than rashes. Even so there are many dangers, some nannods can capitulate, if that happens, lets just say, ones entire system might go bust, but that only happens to older versions. Newer ones have strict security, besides now that they can always replicate, unless something happens to the mother nannoculate.

    Never the less, Simon has a busy day tomorrow, so sleep takes him for the first time since, months actually. That isn’t normal either, it is recommended a good eight to ten hours be spent on sleep every week, otherwise some of the mortal cells may start to melt. Of course when you have nannoculare replicates, they will always regenerate the failed cells, but one shouldn’t play with chance or fate, or you could die. Not even all the technology you have can stop a meltdown of the body, once that happens internal bleeding, the brain turns to mush, and you remain a vegetable forever. Unless you were switched off by a mercy kill, even that may not work sometimes, for nannoculates are so intelligent, you’d swear they had a mind of their own.
    hahahaha never let an infp try their hand at science like writing.

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    We're doing non-fiction too?

    Okay, here's a bit of what I work with on a daily basis:

    Quality Assessment

    All three of the affected product lots passed Quality inspection including inspection for visible particulate, as documented on the forms QAI-0191 (see Attachments 11, 12, and 13). Product is subjected to inspection for particulate by manufacturing personnel during the packaging process, and also sampled for Quality inspection. Particulate in 3820 product is considered a major defect with an AQL of 0.40. For lot 59-763-DW the sampling criterion was accept on 2, reject on 3; for lot 60-882-DW the criterion was accept on 3, reject on 4, and for lot 60-883-DW the criterion was accept on 3, reject on 4. A total of 280 units from 59-763-DW were sampled, and 315 units each were sampled from lots 60-882-DW and 60-883-DW. All of the lots passed with 0 instances of particulate in product units (see Attachments 11, 12, and 13). Although the sample size indicated on the QAI-0191 document for lot sizes between 3,201 and 10,000 units is 200 sample units, 280 units were sampled for lot 59-763-DW as documented on the QAI-0191 form for that lot (see Attachment 11). The inspection method for Quality inspection for particulate is a visual inspection at a lighted inspection station. Sample units are checked against both a black and a white background without magnification. The Quality inspection results are listed in Table 1. The Accept/Reject and Sample Size numbers correspond to the size of the batch sampled (see Table 1).

    Because [Product Name] is an irrigation product and not for injection, USP standards for subvisible particulate matter in injection products do not apply, and subvisible particulate testing is not performed for this product. The applicable standard for irrigation products is that the product be “essentially free of particulate matter,” which is interpreted in document QAC 3-3820, “[Product] Irrigation ([Company]), List 3820” to mean that “Solution will not contain one or more particles visible upon attentive examination” (see Attachment 26). All three product lots met this specification (and all applicable specifications) for release at the time of manufacture (see Attachments 18, 19, and 20). One complaint has been received to date for finding particulate in a unit of [Product] (see Attachment 9).

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    these are some others i wrote they are from different periods sooo some are happy and some are darker sorry life. alrighty:

    swore it was the seventies
    light air with the chill
    amber suns clear days
    fall shows itself quite clear
    summer is too flattening and moody
    spring promises good but only brings mess and sadness
    winter is lost in itself but its still beautiful.
    fall is sure of itself
    (it knows when to start and when to end)
    holding all the beauties of the year
    fall for love.

    - you you you
    blood tied personalities entwined.
    you judge , you back peddle
    you yell, grab and blame.
    you you you
    you ignore, walk by , joke, tease and hurt.
    "Express yourself" you say
    You're suffocating.
    you you you... Pathetic.
    Fuck you.

    - cold stare; pierce you
    strengthen me; let me suck you in
    deep deep deep
    release yourself
    drain into me
    I'll secure you, my eyes tell you so
    deep deep deep
    you want me you're sure
    very sure
    don't be
    I'll tear you apart
    deep deep deep
    your heart ripped out
    your soul lost
    your mind void
    deep deep deep
    I'll tear you apart
    You're sure.

    -this island my home is beautiful and alluring
    the rich and mysterious colours and nature
    if only your beauty and mysticism offered
    the security and warmth. I desire.
    Maybe you desire it too.

    -its been two weeks since i saw you last
    its only supposed to be six sessions
    i dont feel ready to go it alone
    this is probably normal....
    you would say that.
    i still feel like i did before.
    i've only come out of my shell alittle more.
    what to say...
    i've never told anyone so much
    and so little.
    i trust you.
    Bam you're gone.
    It's sick.

    -Do I mean what I say all the time?...
    Do I just talk because I like the ideas?
    I want to be free.
    Live freely
    Have a job that I can do this in. whatever this is.
    I don't want routine, constantly.
    Mix it up and make some rainbow cupcakes.
    I can't be by myself anymore.
    I want you to encourage my creativity
    I will love you and support you too.
    We need eachother.
    Find me.

    Last one promise: slightly altered: ohh well:

    - The real task is to live in this life
    images of purple, blue, red orange marmalade sky in the background
    black tree outlines
    these fill my mind.

    These images are beautifully lonely
    on my own
    I want to share them with someone
    who'll understand and appreciate me
    vice versa for her.

    Where we can spend the whole evening in eachother embrace
    under soft lighting.
    softly caressing, feeling every beautiful soft aspect
    of each others being and body.
    where emotions flow out in every pore.

    Nothing is left covered up.
    Full vulnerability
    full embrace and comfort.

    To remember, cherish
    The lights, colours and reflections on each others skin

    to fully love and be loved, unconditionally.

    - Holly
    just to give you a feeling of me writing this im listening to bob dylans- lonsome death of hattie carro and have been painting alot and reading Eileen Myles and i have a little lamp on. It's soooo nice right now haha anywaysssss have a good night

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    Okay, here I have a little something I came up with today during Experimental Psychology. Not that it has anything to do with psychology, but something today reminded me of someone I had kicked out of high school two years ago. This turned into a scene that I could use in one of my following projects. I hope that I have actors who can play the story for me then.

    Robin 1: One of the two main characters, who are both named Robin. This Robin is female and lives with her parents. She has no real friends and works as a pizza delivery girl. Robin 1 is an unsensitive bitch who beats up children when they annoy her. Most people dislike her, Robin claims it's their fault because they're being close minded. Robin's hobby is hating people and plotting "revenge" against them.
    Maurice: Robin 1's colleague. He has a crush on Robin 1 and can't take it that Robin 1 doesn't want to go on a date with him. Maurice is the macho kind of man and he is a friend collector. Robin 1 thinks this friend collecting thing makes him feminine. Maurice wants to have as much girlfriends as possible, but he doesn't get girls that well.
    Jan de Vries: The chef and manager of the pizza delivery company. He pretends he's Italian, speaks 'Allo 'Allo Italian and calls himself "Gianni deVricci" to confirm his fake nationality. He thinks this will make him more attractive to females. He spends his days fucking his secretary and singing his own name.
    Teun: One of Jan's assisents. Robin 1 has a crush on him, but he's unreacheable because his friends hate her.
    Maurice's friends: Also colleagues of Robin 1.

    Maurice: Hey Robin.
    Robin1: Yes, Maurice?
    Maurice: If you could rate your physical attractiveness, what would you rate it? Compared to other women?
    Robin1: Well, I haven't seen all women on this planet yet, but I'm sure I must be above average.
    Maurice: Above average?! Are you mad?!
    Robin1: According to my shrink I'm fairly normal.
    Maurice: I mean, seriously, let's be brutally honest. You're not above average. You're not even average. You are, how can you say that nicely? The beauty of your physique is one of the lowest in the universe.
    Robin1: What would you like to say with that?
    Maurice: Well, take a look at me. I have status. You don't even have that!
    Robin1: You're a pizza delivery boy. If that makes you mare than a pizza delivery girl, well, good for you.
    Maurice: I have friends, that's what I mean. I have TONS of friends. You don't have any friends.
    Robin1: So what?
    Maurice: I can make anything happen! You can't!
    Robin1: Oh, yes I can.
    Maurice: Bet you can't!
    Robin1: Why are you trying to humiliate me?
    Maurice: I'd like to ask you if you'd want to go out with me.
    Robin1: What?
    Maurice: You have plenty of reasons to go out with me. You see, as an ugly girl with no friends you should be happy that a stud with status would like to ask you out for dinner.
    Robin1: I'm sorry, I don't like restaurants.
    Maurice: Oh, come on! I'm a super nice guy!
    Teun: Maurice! Here we have a pizza for, err... Jan, I mean, Gianni! What adress did you write down here? I can't read it.
    Jan: Eet's-a the Street-a di Winstonio Churchillini, numero twelve-a!
    Teun: Winston Churchill Street number twelve.
    Maurice: Arrgh, those people again.
    Teun: Take care.
    Robin1: Maurice, when you come back I'll show you what status I have!
    Maurice: You can't.
    Jan: (singing) Jan, Jan the pizza man, lalala, lalala! Jan, Jan the pizza man, lalalala!
    Jan: (singing) Gianni il pizza manni, lalala, lalala, Gianni il pizza manni, lalalala! (stops singing) Ah, Renata!
    Robin1: My name is Robin.
    Jan: How are you?
    Robin1: I'm fine, thank you. Well, fine. Something is eating me from inside, Gianni. I would love to get it off my chest.
    Jan: Oh, well-a, tell-a me what is bothering mia bella donna?
    Robin1: It's Maurice.
    Jan: What is-a wrong-a with Mauricio?
    Robin1: Well, you see, I really care about this business. The pizza smell, the atmosphere, well, you know, everything. If I weren't such a genius and I didn't have the opportunity to go to college, I would have loved spending the rest of my life in this place.
    Jan: Gracias.
    Robin1: Well, as I care as much about this business as I would care for my own child, I strongly dislike everything that threatens it. And Maurice is definately a threat. I received some complaints from our costumers.
    Jan: What-a are they complaining about-a?
    Robin1: Every time our costumers got a pizza delivered from Maurice, they noticed there was an ingredient in their pizza that they didn't ask for.
    Jan: Oh no! Don't tell me it's any spice!? Is it?
    Robin1: It's worse. Every time Maurice delivers a pizza, he ejaculates in it before handing it over to his client.
    Robin1: It's true. I heard it from our most loyal costumers.
    Jan: How outrageous! Who dares to fuck with the pizzas from the phenomenal Jan de Vries?! My pizzas are legendary! I made the recipes after the original Italian recipe with the thinnest crust, the best mayonaise and the freshest Gouda cheese! My quality can't be doubted!
    Robin1: I don't know how Maurice gets the idea of doing a horrible deed like this to our company.
    Jan: Are you absolutely sure?
    Robin1: Why would I lie about this? I am a loyal, hard working delivery girl with a golden heart and my father is addiced to your pizzas. Why would I lie about something this terrible?
    Maurice: Hey Robin! My buddies cut your tires! You see how much status I've got?! What do you say about that, biatch?!
    Jan: Maurice!
    Maurice: Hey, Gianni.
    Jan: You're fired!
    Maurice: What?
    Jan: I said you're fired.
    Maurice: But why?
    Jan: You goddamn know why!
    Maurice: Oh, come on, I was just pulling a prank!
    Jan: You're a sick little bastard. A prank, yuck!
    Maurice: Where is your accent?
    Jan: Fuck off! Get lost! Right now!
    Robin1: See how much status I've got? Biatch?
    Maurice: You're insane!
    Jan: Oh boy, he sure fucked up your tires.
    Robin1: Yeah, he doesn't like me.
    Jan: I'll buy you some new ones.
    Robin1: Oh really? Thank you!
    Jan: Well, after what you've done for my pizzas, you sure deserve it.
    Robin1: You are the best boss in the world Gianni!
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
    - George W. Bush -

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    Blog. Read it, bitches.
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    The remaining mini-tales of the first chapter of my challenge story:

    Senate-counselor Jennifer Jewels, already a power in the legislature, knew the evening's reception would be critical to her personal goal to obtain the presidency, with an overall hope to lay a new political foundation that would last for centuries.


    Jennifer, wearing a transparent gown thrown open to either side of her body, was leaning back against her satin bed board.
    "Enter," she authorized while stretching her legs out along the edge of the bed as she watched Michael enter and cross the room carrying her drink with its illegal level of alcohol. "Just put it there," she ordered, nodding at the end table. She knew there was nothing to worry about since Michael, just by preparing the drink was as guilty as she for drinking it.
    "There's a Mister Lee on the phone," he informed her as he set the drink beside her.
    "It's about time. Bring me the phone."
    As Michael crossed to her desk to retrieve the phone, Jennifer reflected on his future with her. Knowing the generous salary she paid him made him a good servant, it was his desire that made him something more. "I wonder if there's anything he would have refused to do for me, before he met her?" she wondered. Jennifer, having molded Michael into a very special type of man knew other women would be happy to have him and for that reason she had tried to keep him isolated, a voluntary prisoner of her world. Now, knowing she'd failed, she would have to weigh her options. "If he thinks he can keep his job and have her too, he has quite a surprise waiting."
    Taking the phone from him, she softly ordered, "Run my bath."
    "Won't you be late for the reception?"
    "At least two hours."
    "Yes Ma'am," Michael responded, confident that his duty to remind her was satisfied.
    As he turned to leave, Jennifer switched on the speaker phone, leaving it on the table. "Good evening Daniel."
    "I've been trying to reach you."
    "Naval Might stock is in trouble. I think you need to off load it Monday morning. At today's closing price you -"
    "No," Jennifer interrupted.
    "But you stand to take a significant loss if you hold on."
    "No sell. I expect to take a loss, just as I expect it to be temporary."
    There was a long pause before Daniel Lee questioned, "Sell now, and buy in later."
    "I intend to buy in. I may even ask you to buy before the end of next week."
    Another pause came as the idea was considered. "All right. As long as you're aware of the risk you're taking."
    "Is that all?"
    "... Yes."
    "Good. Thank you for the warning."
    "It's my job. Goodbye."
    Switching the phone into no-call mode, Jennifer grabbed her drink and headed into the bathroom. As she entered, she caught the scent of jasmine Michael had added to the water. Even before she looked, she knew he had prepared a bubble bath and was expecting to bathe her. "Overconfident," she thought before disappointing him with, "Go pick out some shoes to go with the new dress."
    "Yes Ma'am. I'll be back in -"
    "No. I plan to relax for awhile. Wait out there. If I'm not out in an hour, come back in."
    Saw his disappointment and waited until he left before disrobing. "Let him wonder why I'm displeased," she thought as she climbed into the water. Turning off the faucet, she laid back and lowered herself into the warmth. As the bubbles rolled back toward her head, she blew them away in irritation at the thought of Michael's woman. "I don't have time to train a replacement. Not now. Maybe I could let him have her in secret? She could be a toy to amuse him when he’s obedient, as long as he understands I can have her removed when he’s not. I might even let him marry her after I train another."
    Taking a deep swallow of her drink she realized she wasn't ready to share what she had worked so hard to create. Making the decision to gain control of the lovers, Jennifer began calculating the least complicated approach.
    "Either she's discredited. That’s easy enough. She’ll actually thank me when I offer to protect her, although it might be easier to see if her price is low enough. So much easier to buy the cheap ones." Jennifer knew the second might be difficult unless the woman was open to a bribe. Taking into account what little information her agent had gathered she was sure the woman had a price, but with the risk Jennifer was taking on stocks, it wasn't the best time to overpay.
    "How cheap will you sell yourself," she wondered as the heat of the bath water began to lull her into a soft consciousness, "Or will you force me to ..."
    Without finishing the thought Jennifer shook her head clear and climbed out of the tub and headed for the bedroom. Letting Michael do her hair nearly drove her to distraction. "Can't you work any faster?"
    "I thought you were going to by stylishly late tonight?"
    "Just hurry."
    Michael again proved his worth by giving her a dramatic, swept back hair style and helping her into her newest dress, all in record time. What he couldn't know was that he was giving her the time she would need to end his budding relationship. Jennifer knew if she did nothing they would be together while she was at the reception and had decided to handle the woman beforehand prevent their plans for the evening.
    What Jennifer failed to consider was that she was still back in the bath. As she sat on the bed, waiting for Michael to call her car, a dizzy spell struck, forcing her to lay back and close her eyes. When she opened them again, she was outdoors while another Jennifer woke and toyed with the bubbles tickling her chin.

    * * *

    2882 A.D. Senior Specialist Tina Sasake is visiting Earth while on leave. She is enjoying a holiday at an exclusive island resort with several other members of the crew.


    Tina Sasake was convinced she'd done something foolish the previous night. It didn't make sense that she'd go camping, especially on her own. She owned no equipment suited to such pastimes for the simple reason that she hated the great outdoors. Even rustic cabins made her skin crawl and here she was in the middle of nowhere without so much as a tent.
    At least the resort they were all staying at was on the island. Any direction she walked should bring her to the beach that surrounded it and that would lead her back. She knew the others were probably already sitting around the veranda enjoying a hearty breakfast, with all too strong coffee to wake them.
    She also knew they would be ready for a laugh or two at her expense. Planetary leave on Earth was always a joy and spending it at one of the most exclusive clubs of all made her choice of sleeping quarters under the stars all the more ridiculous, no matter how drunk she may have been.
    Pushing herself into a sitting position, she found, neatly stacked next to her suitcase, most of the belongings she'd taken on vacation and a few odd items she finally decided must be camping equipment.
    "Whatever made me want to go camping must have been mighty convincing." she said aloud as she wondered, "Whatever possessed me to go back and pack?"
    Crossing her legs, she stared at her property until the absurdity of what she'd done hit her. She had not only gone back to her room, packed for a camping trip and wandered off alone, she'd also selected this spot, then unpacked as though she’d arrived somewhere. Laughing aloud, she leaned forward to repack the suitcase.
    Trying to determine the purpose of her camping by what she packed proved useless. Two sundresses, a uniform tunic, heels and the wrong, top half of a bikini. Combined with personal grooming items, she could easily lay claim to being the world's worse camper. "You've made a real fool of yourself this time. I’ll just have to share the laugh with them when I get back." she reflected as she snapped the case closed.
    As she attempted to gather the other gear together, she realized how awkward it must have been to carry it all the night before. Sober it would be nearly impossible. "I'll just have to come back for it later," she concluded, "or pay for losing it." She stood, brushed the debris from her dress and wondered which way she should walk. North or south seemed best since the island was long east to west and narrow in the other directions.
    Picking up her case, she headed south, not realizing the resort was no longer within walking distance, the light years separating her from the friends sitting around a table enjoying their breakfast with her.

    * * *

    2887 A.D. Fleet Lieutenant Enday Sasake is visiting the planet Kree. Hiking, she is planning to visit the ancient ruins of city the native population shows no interest in examining.


    As Enday Sasake waited for the coffee to brew, she let the warmth of the campfire ease her into a new day. After three days walking, the ache in her legs reminded her that starship life was poor practice for hiking. As she tried to rub the soreness away she decided to make this a short distance day. The temples, in all their splendor, could wait another day.
    If she hadn't already packed her gear, she knew it would be an excuse to catch another hour's sleep. "Always a temptation to be avoided," she considered as she poured her first cup from the pot. Sipping it cautiously, she decided there had never been another brew to compare to this one. It was a declaration she made for every first cup throughout her adult life, but fresh, fire brewed always added emphasis to the claim.
    Savoring the deep richness, she stood to stretch, then wandered over to the lake, something, innocently troubling, tugging at the edge of consciousness. Looking over the serenity of the water, she tried to dismiss the sense that something was out of perspective.
    She glanced back to her camp, reassuring herself it was as she left it. Shaking her head, she returned her gaze to the deep blue waters.
    "Maybe it's just the remote isolation here," she justified to himself, realizing, "It's almost primitive in its splendor."
    Liking the illusion of the idea, she yelled across the water, "Good morning, brave new world,” and if other hikers heard her, so much the better she thought. She imagined them sitting around their campfires sharing the experience without the courage to say it aloud. Now she'd done it for them and they could continue their journey, comforted.
    Enday allowed herself a few moments of tranquility before returning to bury the fire and gather her gear. As she hefted her pack, she finally saw the truth behind her earlier discomfort: The moon was faintly visible on the east horizon. She'd climbed into her tent late the night before and she recalled clearly how the moon had been low in the west. Acceptable on several planets she knew, it was entirely wrong here. Staring at its odd placement, she challenged it to fade from view. When it refused to be intimidated, she thought of calling the ship to clarify the phenomenon, then deciding to leave it until evening when she could check her facts on the computer module.
    It must be natural and she imagined what the Technician on duty would think of the question. She even formulated an imaginary conversation as she began walking north along the lake:
    "EarthStar. This is Lieutenant Sasake. Did something out of the ordinary happen to the moon last night?"
    "Excuse me?"
    "Did the moon change its natural course last night?"
    "No sir. Why?"
    "It's in the wrong place this morning."
    “Maybe you’re facing the wrong way, Lieutenant.”
    “Then explain why there are two of them?”

    From what might be said came the evidence for a moon mirroring by some trick of the atmosphere of the planet; a faint second moon to the west where it should be. Gaining confidence someone on the ship could explain the reason for the optical illusion, her thoughts were laughing at the assumption that a moon would shift its orbit just to confuse her, yet rather than waiting for the answer to the apparent magic, she decided to research the phenomenon on her own. "Best to see what the computer says," Enday said to the eastern moon just as a large fish splashed in the water nearby, turning her thoughts once again to the beauty of the wilderness.
    “Naked to unknown forces, fortune evades mere understanding. The trial of effort.
    The dream of change. Such a place might Hell be to thought and action.”

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    Here's a multiple choice story I wrote. I'd love if anyone could tell me what MBTI types they think the characters are!

    1) You wake up after a long nap. You look around at your dark, musty home. The windows are all open and the clock is ticking steadily at 3 second intervals. You feel your stomach rumble slightly, so you go to see what is available to eat. You open the cupboard, revealing a seemingly friendly rat and 2 packets of strawberry jelly crystals.


    Eat the jelly crystals (3)

    Make jelly (2)

    Go to the shops (4)

    2) You take the jelly crystals from the shelf and take them to the rusty bench where you normally prepare your food and begin to make jelly. You pour some water into the slime encrusted bowl which once held your pet fish, Stompy. You add in any edible looking thing you find around the house for flavour. After waiting for 4 hours for the jelly to set in the fridge, you eat with haste. Immediately, your vision begins going black as you fall to the floor. Food poisoning. Expectable. You begin to wonder when the ambulance will arrive, or if it will arrive at all. And what would be a good name for that rat. Maybe Stimpy...

    The end

    3) You decide to see what the jelly crystals taste like raw. Probably a bit like veal, you expect. You open the packet and pour half of it into your mouth. The sugary, cow footy taste rushes through your body, and all of a sudden, the world is a much more notable place. You turn around to see that your cat is home. He has brought a decaying bird for you. How nice. You put the carcass up in the display cabinet with your other prized possessions. Marvolo, the poor little cat, is hungry. You feed him some jelly crystals. He walks outside and begins chewing on the dry grass. You realize that it is 3:00 PM. Time for work.


    Go to work (6)

    Make jelly (2)

    Go to the park (12)

    4) Since you don't really feel like jelly crystals, you decide to walk across the road to the shops to buy some more rations. As you enter the "Hopelessly Lost General Store", you notice that the lights are flickering a lot less than they used too. It's a shame that the place has lost its homey touch. You grab the trolley with 4 wheels and pick up the usual; veal, baked beans, jelly crystals, cinnamon, yesterdays bread and a bottle of diet coke. You head to the counter, and show the checkout lady Genine what you have decided to buy. You open your wallet to find that you only have discount coupons left.


    Check to see if coupons are accepted (5)

    Give up (11)

    5) You show Genine your coupons for milk, free tanning and a discount on psychiatric sessions. You assume that Genine is looking at you, although it is hard to tell as her oily orange hair is covering up her eyes. You feel that this is going nowhere. Genine turns around and beckons you towards the back of the shop. You soon arrive at the meat preparation area. Flies and mosquitoes buzz quietly above your head. Genine hands you an unlabeled sachet of jelly crystals. She then goes back to the counter, and you go out the back door. On the back of the packet is an address: 48 Garlic Drive. You notice that this is where you work.


    Go to work (7)

    Go home and eat the jelly crystals (3)

    Look around (18)

    6) After walking for a few hours, you arrive for work at the local milk factory. You smile. Of all the things in your life, there is none you are prouder of than your job. Although it can be tiring, you enjoy working in the complaints division. You never run out of calls. You enter and walk through the dark, echoing, metal hallway until you reach your workstation.


    Start working (8)

    7) When you arrive for work it is 3:26 PM. One minute early. You use this extra time to deliver the jelly crystals to your boss, Mr McVean. When you get to his office you knock on the door.
    "Come in." he says. You walk in and hand him the crystals. He must be very busy if he doesn't have enough time to buy his own jelly. He smiles, tells you he is pleased, and then sends you back to your office.


    Start working (8)

    Ask for a pay rise (10)

    8) You sit down at your desk, waiting for the phone to ring. You know your job is important because the money you charge people for calls is more than the company earns from the milk that it sells. You find the clock at work very annoying, mostly because it ticks almost every single second. No point in complaining about it though. You scratch your teeth in boredom. They are very mouldy but are all still there, thanks to your frequent dentist visits. You wait another hour. The phone doesn't ring. You go to check why, and realize that the phone cord is unplugged. What will you do now?


    Ask for a pay rise (24)

    Wander (9)

    Go home (16)

    9)You begin to wander around the factory. Your sweaty leather sandals clunk against the iron floor in the hall as you explore. You eventually come across the milk bottle preparation room. You look at the strange machines around you. There are gears, cogs and string everywhere. In one of the machines, a spoon appears to be caught between two gears. What a noisy place to have lunch. In fear of an explosion, you attempt to yank the spoon out. You succeed, but as a bothersome side effect, your leg gets caught between the two gears and is snapped in to 4 obvious pieces. You eventually pull out your leg and limp towards the back exit. You open the door and crawl out into the scrubland behind the factory. Just as you begin to faint, a green light appears above your head and you began to float slowly skywards...

    You wake up in your home, leg still broken. Your cat is meowing hungrily and an unidentified liquid is dripping from the ceiling. A few cockroaches run around on the ground. You pick up a newspaper off the table. The headline reads 'Man dies in milk factory machinery mishap; body never found.' So this is the afterlife? Not exactly what you had hoped for, not that you had hoped for much...

    The end

    10) As you wander around, you decide that it would be nice to get a pay-rise. You walk up to your boss’ office. The door is open, so you walk right in.
    "Hello again," Mr McVean says as you come in. "You probably want a promotion. Well, don't worry; I've already sorted it out. You're out of the complaints division and into the over-viewing of carton production!"

    You have the rest of the day off, so you head for home. You arrive at your rusty tin house and open what's left of a door and come inside. Your malnourished tortoiseshell cat, Marvolo, is meowing incredibly loudly. You note that his singing is utterly terrible. Your wallet is heavy, your boss is happy and you are no longer working in the complaints division. Things have been better.

    The end

    11) You decide that showing coupons for discounts on milk probably wont help, so you go back outside and head over to your house. It seems the door has rusted shut again. You walk around the house to get in the back way. As you step through the debris scattered about the area, you see something in the grass. It appears to be some sort of legless lizard. Poor thing, being born without legs. Just as you attempt to pick it up, it leaps forward and bites you on the neck. What a nice feeling, you think, as your vision blurs and you collapse in the spinifex and go to sleep.

    The End

    12) Perhaps work isn't that important. You decide that going to the park would be a much nicer way to spend the afternoon. You step out through the side door and walk through the weeds to the local park, scratching your skin on rusty bicycles and other broken machines as you go. After 12 steps, you arrive. You smile as you gaze at the leafless tree full of dead crows. You love crows. You sit down on the rusted tin bench and listen to the wonderful sound of your house creaking in the wind. Soon, you notice that the dentist is open. What fun!


    Go to the dentist (14)

    Wait at the park (13)

    Go for a walk (19)

    13) You decide to stay at the park. The dentist is tempting, but you have more important things to do. You look to your left. There is a grave where the founder of your town is buried. It says 'Her lis Albert Graham, te fonder ov tis town. Hee dyd shortle aftr fondng in 1993'. 3 years seems to have gone so fast. When you turn back around, you see Albert Graham, standing next to you in a wide brimmed hat. That's odd. Wide brimmed hats haven't been popular for years.


    Talk to Albert (15)

    Go to the dentist (14)

    Go home (16)

    14) You head off to go and see the dentist. As you arrive, you notice the flickering neon light above the door. With all your strength you manage to push open the door, and you walk inside. You sit down on the last remaining chair and wait for the dentist. Water is leaking from several pipes in the asbestos roof, falling into buckets, most of which have holes themselves. It creates an interesting water feature, and makes the carpet feel nice and damp. The only magazines on the table are about the milk factory and the importance of cassette recorders in our society, whatever those are. Despite how interesting you find the latter, you think that reading might make your eyes hurt. After half an hour, you realise that the dentist has not arrived.


    Investigate (17)

    Go home (16)

    15) You are about to ask Albert how he is going, and where he lived after they demolished his house, when he speaks himself.
    "Come with me," He requests with a grin. He then starts laughing loudly and in a strange way. You don't quite get the joke, but you say nothing, as you don't want to upset him. As you follow him, you notice that he is slightly translucent. Perhaps he is sick. He leads you to a horse carcass, about 20 metres from your house. Next to it, you see a jar full of what appears to be rotten strawberries in vinegar. It looks delicious.
    "Eat!" He says, before laughing again at his unusually simple humour. You gladly oblige and gulp the whole thing down. You immediately feel sick and collapse. You realise that Albert has tricked you. What a shame. He seemed so nice...

    The End

    16) All the pressures in the world are just too much. Sometimes life is so confusing that you feel like your head will explode. You don't want that to happen. You wouldn't be able to see. So, you go home. You lie down on the tattered, hole-filled couch and think about your day. It was quite dull, really. Marvolo, your favourite cat, comes and lies down next to you. Listening to your creaking shack and abnormally ticking clock puts you to sleep in no time, and you doze off, waiting for tomorrow.

    The End

    17) You go into Dr Spence's operating room to find that the back doors wide open. You take a look outside and discover strange patterns and lines imprinted in the grass. You never did like abstract art. Still confused, you go inside and have a look at your dentist's tools. The drill looks the nicest. You lie down on the chair while holding the drill. You turn it on and move the rusty device closer to your mouth. Suddenly, a strange zap-like noise is heard and Dr Spence runs up from behind you.
    "What are you doing?" he shouts. You ignore him. If he can't be bothered to perform dentistry on you then you will. You move the drill towards your tooth. You miss.

    The End

    18) There's no rush to do anything, so you have a look around the room. The refreshing smell of rotting meat fills the air as you examine the meat carcasses. You walk over to a freezer covered in dry blood and maggots and attempt to open the lid. After a few seconds, the lid cracks open and you peer inside. In the freezer you see a few chunks of meat covering a frozen carcass. You're not sure, but it looks slightly human. You feel a sharp pain in your back. You turn around to see Genine looking at you, or maybe not, holding a blood-soaked knife in her left hand. You never knew Genine was left handed. Slowly, you fall to the floor. It's a shame though, as you really thought your friendship was blossoming.

    The end

    19) You decide to go for a pleasant walk. You head off in a Westerly direction, out of town. Walking can be so much fun, especially the burning feeling on the back of your neck. You continue along the side of the road, stopping to look at the occasional dead animal. Eventually, you come to a bend in the road. What a strange thing to do, not keeping the road straight.


    Keep walking straight (20)

    Follow the road (23)

    20) It makes a lot more sense to keep moving the direction you were before, so you walk off into the desert. After a while, you come across a small rusty tin shack with a pile of assorted junk to one side and a water tank to the other. Such a lovely building! The only problem you can find with it is that it is painted green. You knock on the door. Nobody’s home. You wedge open the door and walk inside. Inside, there is a wooden table, a calendar with the wrong year and a strange looking machine. On the table are 3 books; 'Our planetary neighbours', 'Quantum physics and you' and 'Professional dentistry: A compelling read'. There are also a few mouldy pieces of bread, which you put in your pocket for later. The large machine seems to be covered in clocks, ticking at an annoying rate. You also spy a lever, set to 'backwards' on the machine, as well as a red button next to it. You love pressing red buttons.


    Push the button (21)

    Push the lever first (22)

    Go home (16)

    21) You press the red button. Nothing happens. You are a little disappointed, but that was fun. Maybe one more time? You are about to press it again when the machine starts to rumble. What a wonderful invention! Content with the result, you turn around to head back home. The machine starts making nice loud noises and a bolt flies across the room. The things this machine can do are simply amazing! You begin to open the door when you feel a sharp pain in the back of your head. You fall to the ground and see no more.

    The end

    22) You pull the lever down to 'Forwards' and slam your finger against the button. You feel a sense of pride unlike anything before. Almost instantly, the machine starts making noise and a bright light appears and blinds you. It is pleasantly reminiscent of staring at the sun. Suddenly, you find yourself lying on the floor of the shack. You notice that the machine has suddenly gained a lot of cobwebs. It's good that it's providing a nice home for spiders. According to your watch, it's 9:13 AM, Marvolo's breakfast time.

    After arriving back at the town you decide you need more Cinnamon, so you go to the general store. When you walk in, you find to your horror that the lovely checkout lady Genine has been replaced by an annoying looking brown haired woman. Although, you are pleased to see the lights flickering a lot. There’s no way you're buying cinnamon from her, so you cross the road to your home. Your cat Marvolo runs up to you, meowing loudly. He looks strangely older, and now only has 3 legs. Oh well. Also, you see a dust coated letter on the table explaining that you have been fired from the milk factory. Life couldn't be worse, but there's no point living in the past, so you lie down on your damp, muddy couch and have a nap.

    The end

    23) Being the sensible person you are, you decide to continue following the road. Before long you find a large shiny yellow rock. It is truly disgusting, so you throw it away. After you have walked for a few more hours, you begin to feel very tired. You lie down in the hot sand and relax. The sand burns your arms and neck, but it's very relaxing. You notice that a friendly spider has crawled onto your face. Maybe you should introduce it to Marvolo. You move your arm to grab it, but it bites you on the lip and runs away. You really should follow it to ask why it ran off, but you're just too tired. Instead, you think you'll just rest for now.

    The end

    24)You head up to Mr McVean's office and walk in. You are about to ask him for a payrise, but he speaks first.
    "Can you come back later?" he asks as you walk through the door. "I'm in the middle of something important." You see him shove something into a drawer.
    "You know what?" he continues. "You should go see your dentist, your teeth are terrible." You are quite offended by your bosses rude comments, but you don't want to get fired, so calmly, you agree and begin the long walk to Dr Spence's office.


    Go to the dentist (14)
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    Almost the end op my big fat project.
    When I arrived home, I found Jos inside, with her coat on. I threw my bag in a corner.
    "Hey mum, what's up?" she asked me.
    "You can't believe what happened today," I said. "Dorus got arrested."
    "What, why?"
    "Well, he got in a fight with a cop, then some freak thought he was Jesus and appearantly that gave the cops a good reason to arrest him."
    "Why would the police arrest Jesus?"
    "Because of all the suspects the police had, Jesus Christ was the person most likely to kill your father."
    "Jesus Christ didn't kill dad."
    "Yeah, I know."
    "Well, I got a ticket today because the lights of my bicycle weren't turned on."
    "That sucks."
    "But that doesn't matter, I have worked out something with that police officer."
    "What have you worked out with him?"
    "Well, remember how there is one and a half million on Evi's head?"
    "Evil Evi? Hell yeah. Why?"
    "Well, that officer's mother recently got cancer and they don't have the money to treat it. So I promised him that if he forgets about how my lights broke down, I'll hand him over Evi and his mother's life can be saved."
    "Hand over Evi? But wasn't Connie supposed to her?"
    "Are you mad? Haven't you noticed how big Evi is? No, she kept the body in a fridge in the basement. However, she wasn't exactly happy when I came by and asked her if I could have Evi's head. She just wanted to make a stew out of it. But when I explained the situation, she was willing to give me it."
    "Where is the head now?"
    "Right here in this bag." Jos lifted up a potatoe bag she put on the kitchen table. I retched.
    "Jos! Why did you put Evi's dead head on the kitchen table? That's gross!"
    "Oh, come on, mom, Connie already removed all the blood out of it."
    "It's just aweful! Put that thing away!"
    "Err... Oh, what the hell, Olga will clean up the table in an hour or two anyway. What are you going to do with the head?"
    "The officer and I were supposed to meet down by the bridge by West station."
    "Well, go ahead, but bring a gun! You never know if he wants to arrest you."
    "Duhh, I'm not stupid!"
    "I'm going to the police station too, you know, to visit Dorus. If you don't make it, I'll probably meet you there."
    "Okay. See you later!"
    "Good luck!"

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    Whoops, I guess I killed this thread? Let's try to bring it back to life.

    Ice Ice Baby
    My husband always liked keeping his finances perfectly in order, but because he had a very busy job he didn't have enough time left to make sure his money was taken care of. So ages ago, far before we got married, he decided to hire an accountant. This accountant came to our house every month to discuss our finances with my husband. Now that my husband is no more, the accountant is still visiting us to talk about money. I thought he understood that there was no one left in our household who was interested in money when I sent him the funeral card, but apparently he didn't. Today was the third time since Adi died that our accountant came by to look at our bank accounts. I found our accountant to be very annoying. His first name was Ysbrandt, I believe, and his last name was something very long and hard to remember, something like "Of Upperland and Underland to Sideways to Here to There and Backagain". To keep things simple, I call him Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice doesn't like being associated to a white rapper and wants me to call him by his real name. He's no fun at all, for a bald man with funny glasses and a monkey costume. When Vanilla Ice came in, he had the same severe look on his face as he always has. He shook my hand and sat down by the dinner table while I gave him my bank statements. I went to the kitchen and made him his coffee - black, no sugar- and Vanilla Ice took a look at the paperwork in front of him. When I came back from the kitchen I saw him make some calculation.
    "So, what's up, Ice?" I asked while putting Vanilla Ice's coffee - black, no sugar.
    "I'm calculating when you'll be broke," Vanilla Ice said.
    "You will be broke by the sixteenth of February in 2013."
    "Wow, that's pretty soon."
    "I don't know what's going on in your little head, but when your husband was still alive you kept getting richer and richer. He never gave out too much money and when he did, he compensated for it the month after."
    "I'm spending too much money?"
    "If you haven't noticed yet, yes you do. This is the third time I see your bank account shrink."
    "Yeah, duh, I make less money on my own than I made together with Adi."
    "Well -" And then Vanilla Ice started explaining all kinds of things, like things that have to do with mortgages and taxes and bla bla bla. While trying to listen to all the gaga Vanilla Ice had to tell me, I got distracted by some noise inside my head. It went "doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, ping ping, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, ping ping". I couldn't get the sound out of my head. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, ping ping, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, ping ping. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, Ice Ice Baby.
    "You know," I said, interrupting Vanilla Ice's monologue about all sorts of financial abracadabra, "I really like David Bowie. I also like Queen, absolutely, not as much as I like Bowie, but I like 'em. You know what I'm saying? So I really like their cooperation in Under Pressure. It sounds amazing. At first the more silent, but still cheeky intro, and then all of the sudden 'PRESSURE! Pushing down on me!', you know, like BOOM! You know what I mean? All of the sudden you experience all of this power blasting out of the radio all at once. Amazing! But later on, I just realize how fucking poor the lyrics are. 'It's the terror of knowing what this world is about, watching some good friends screaming 'Let me out'', I mean, come on now, shut the fucking emo crap! Jesus Motherfucking Christ! You get it? But Vanilla Ice - no, not you - sampled the song. Without the power blast, okay, but without all the faggy 'Oh the world is cruel and oh boohoohoo I can't take it'-lyrics. The motherfucker is just rapping about himself! It's so much better!"
    Vanilla Ice looked at me with the grumpiest and most surprised face I've ever seen.
    "Oh, okay, okay, you win, the Queen and David Bowie version is much better."
    "We're talking about your financial state, mrs. de Kraaijert."
    "It's miss Grendel."
    "Shut your mouth and get back to business. I'm trying to figure out how you can make sure you don't go broke. This is important."
    "It's boring."
    "It won't be boring by the sixteenth of February 2013. Then you wished you payed attention and listened to me!"
    "You sound like my old teachers."
    "Well, if that's the way I can reach you, then I'll keep sounding like this. Now, tell, me, what have you been spending more money on lately?"
    "I've bought a new car! Have you seen it?"
    "Oh, oh yes. What was in your mind? Why do you need a Ferrari?"
    "The Mercedes didn't suit my new hair color."
    "Your Mercedes didn't suit your new hair color?!"
    "Yeah, that's why I gave it away to my butler."
    "You gave the Mercedes away to your butler?!"
    "Well, he's exactly the right type of person for an oldtimer."
    "Have you gone mad, miss Grendel?"
    "I don't think so. Should I have it checked? The neighbor said she has the best psychiatrist in town. Maybe I can try getting an appointment there!"
    "No, no, NO! You need to know how to manage your money. If you need to get rid of a car, SELL IT. Don't just ive it away. And if you want a new one, buy a Fiat, or a Mini Cooper. Or for God's sake a Hummer. That's a LADIES car."
    "Hummers are sĂł 2007. And by the way, all sexes are equal, so I can drive a men's car if I want to."
    "Er, okay. No more new cars for you!"
    "But what if - "
    "NO! Now, let's see, what have you spent more money on than you do normally?"
    "Designer clothes."
    "Buy cheaper brands."
    "Be more careful with gasoline."
    "Redecorating. Speeding tickets."
    "Drive slower."
    "Driving lessons, because I lost my driver's license and I need a new one. Stuff for the butler and his son."
    "Try to finish those driving lessons quickly and don't be to generous."
    "You remind me of my wife."
    "We're busy getting my cat his own playroom."
    "Attila is getting his own playroom. He needs to know that he's being loved."
    "How much is that room?"
    "Sixty thousand euros."
    "That's what you make in three years!"
    "Okay, now I'm going to give you a choice. Apparently, the three things that cost you the most money are your car, your butler and your cat. I ask you to choose at least one of these things and get it out of your life. It won't solve all problems, but it's something. I know these things are probably all very dear to you, but you need to see that this can't go on this way any longer. The most essential thing you'll need to learn is how to adjust your lifestyle to this new situation. You can't afford all this luxury. So sell your car, fire your butler or send your cat to a kennel. I'll be back next month and then I expect some changes. Bye." Vanilla Ice seemed pretty pissed and he ran off. He didn't even take a sip of his coffee, the bastard. I hate people who are that negative. But I soon realized making my neighbors pay for mud baths and pretending I'm a prophet would maybe be not enough to make up for the luxurious life I expected I could live. Okay, I have the sympathy of the Thesselinks, but that won't mean they'll support my lifestyle when I'll need it. So I started thinking. Attila the cat had to stay. I like that little monster. Attila's always there for a hug, he's soft, he's furry, he can be used as a pillow and I like waking up next to him. The Ferrari seemed like a very good investment to me. I may not have the driving license anymore that I need if I want to drive it, but at least I can show it off. So that's worth it. And Dorus, our butler, well, he'll be fine. Sure, our friendship will be ruined by it. It already is ruined, because he has a crush on me. So if our friendship is ruined anyways, I can kick him out if I want to, right? But what if he won't be alright? What then?
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
    - George W. Bush -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Kat View Post
    Let's try to bring it back to life.
    Thank you. It's my only subscription, so I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with the notifications.
    “Naked to unknown forces, fortune evades mere understanding. The trial of effort.
    The dream of change. Such a place might Hell be to thought and action.”

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    DREAM:"Why are you giving it to me?" I hissed without looking in his direction, truth be told I was more concerned with the footsteps lurking just on the other side of the basement door though it was kind of exciting to be alone with him. "I do not want it" I added because I could feel him grope for me in the darkness. "Oh, you do" he said and found my neck. He was right; if I had it I had a memory and second this was an excuse for him seeing him again, when he came to collect it back. His hands felt warm against my neck however it sent a thrill down my body and suddenly I was glad he could not see me.
    "When I go out there…"
    "What?" I interrupted, "you are not going out there"
    "Why?" he asked dimly
    "What if something bad happens to you?"
    "Awwwh" he storke my chin, "you came to care for me?" he joked and locked the necklace. He put his hands on my shoulders.
    "You wish…" I mumbled so low I did not think he heard me.
    "You stay here, and I will come get you afterwards…" he said seriously. "If I believe you deserve it. I mean you are the reason why we are here..."
    I closed my eyes and bit my lip. That was true.

    Random notes:

    I had grown used to the pale naked walls and they did not frighten me as much as the first months. Now I found my way around without even looking up: I knew the routes; where to go, where to hide and where to escape if that ever became necessary. Everything was familiar now however this place was not my home. The living room here tried too hard; there were paintings on the walls which pretended to be painted of someone here, however the price tag was still on the backside. We all knew it because it was a brilliant hiding place for lets say sleeping pills?

    A scent of fresh flowers filled the air in the living room this morning: it must be Saturday. Every Saturday there was a lack of people, so the flowers could stand untouched until five in the afternoon. Life here was pretty simple; you could do whatever you wished for - it had not become boring for me yet. I spent most of my day sitting underneath the old Oak in the garden writing poems or fairytales. This, I thought, was going to be a normal day; the sun was shining brightly and since almost everybody was on a fieldtrip I had everything to myself, so I thought. It was when the bell rang for afternoon tea I saw him. I have had the strange feeling of someone watching me from a distance and there he was; staring from the window. He was familiar, something none of the people in here were, however I could not place him. He just stood there and stared; it made me rather ill at ease. I covered my head with my hair and walked past him in a haste.

    The weird guy was not there at lunch which I was quite fond of. He made my creeps go frizzy. "So what have everybody been doing today?" the nurse said with enthusiasm and looked at everybody with big blue eyes. "I drove the aircraft" some yelled from the other end of the table. "I took my sister for an Ice…." another mumbled. "I was a victim during thief stole things" a third said. "Erin, what did you do?" I looked up and met everyone's glance; some angry because I stole their talking time with attention from everybody else. "Outside… reading" I mumbled and quickly added more food into my mouth to avoid further questions. That was what they did here; asked tons of questions, mostly stupid ones about things you did not want to talk about.

    Yet I have not figured out how I ended here in the first place. These people here was certainly not my family or in any relation to mine what so ever. However these were the people I watched TV with, ate with, exercised with, played music with, basically what ever they ordered us to do we did in fear of getting to the Locked Room.

    "You do not recognise my at all?" he said throwing his arms upwards. This was weird, even for this place. After spending hours outside reading I come in and find this random boy in my bed. I thought this was not allowed here? "I am sorry…?" I heard myself say. Why was I sorry; I did not even know him, and what was he doing in here? "Really, not at all?" he sounded offended. I think I would notice a guy like him; light blond hair, a little bit too pale, a handsomely smile, really dark eyes and a beautiful held posture. I repeated my last reply and he moaned and threw himself onto my bed. "Get off my bed!" I hissed, who the hell did he think he was? "You used to picture me in your bed, now you are old enough you do not want me?" he smiled and turned to lay on his stomach raising himself by the elbows. "What?!" I almost yelled and began to step backwards directly towards the door. "You really do not remember me at all?" he made a fake pout. "Who are you?" my back was against the door now; my hand searching for the doorknob. "Who do you think I am?" he tipped to stand on his feet. "You are crazy breaking in here… nobody ever breaks in" my headache was starting to come back, making dark spots for my eye. I had to sit down or else I would faint. "You have to go now, please" my voice trembled. "Why? You order me away again now?" he was angry and within a second he was sitting right in front of me. He took my hands away from my burning forehand, forcing me to look at him. "You cannot order me away, I am here for you!" He said without breathing. His hands were ice cold but I was burning, so it made sense. "Who are you?" I repeated now feeling extremely giddy. "I will not be ordered away again"

    That night I had a strange dream; I was walking in an old street whit carriages down the streets; people with strange outfits. The houses looked old and dirty and there were few streetlamps. Where was I? I had to find a house
    The first person I noticed immediately was the blond boy in window frame. He did not turn to look at me; he continued to stare through the glass. "This is Miss Erin Young" the servant announced with her meek voice beside me, "she seeks Mr. Turner". "He is not here, she has to do with us" a dark haired boy said coldly to the servant while he rose from the settee. The servant nodded and curtsied to the boy and turned her heels; she gave me a scared glance before leaving the living room. "Who are you?" he asked sitting down again. "I am Erin…" my voice trembled. "I already know you name" he hissed, "who are you and want are you doing here?" I could already tell he was annoyed by my presence. "I-I…" what were I thinking when deciding to go here? I did not know these people. "My family got attacked by a wile creature while walking about in the woods near our house. She sent me to get Mr. Turner" I said looking at the blond boy. He did not move; if it was not for his chest moving because of his breathing, someone might mistaken him for a statue of a troubled angel. "Aha…" said the dark haired boy, "well he is not in at the moment, not quite sure of when he gets back. Thanks for stopping by!" he waved at me. "But…" I was shocked. "We cannot help you" the blond guy said still without looking at me, "bye now". The room started to spin and mist filled the air; like it always did when I was about to wake. "You never help" I yelled, "I come here almost every night in my dreams, and you never help. Why?". The blond guy turned his head and his dark eyes met mine.

    I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. I had had familiar dreams every night since the accident. I always tried to help them but I always failed and nobody would help me. And now the weird guy from earlier had now invaded my dreams. Who was he?

    The following days I had no sight of him and life went by as normal but I could not help but wonder who he was. An handsome guy like him would not go pass my nose unnoticed. But he really seemed to believe we knew each other, he even looked really hurt when I said I could not remember him.

    New boy under Erin's Oak
    The day before the end of August a new boy arrived; he kept staring at the floor and did not say anything. His hair was dark and he was wearing dark clothes. Everyone were curious and excited about a new face; some of the women hoped for some new fresh tasteful meat, if you know what I am saying. They were disappointed that he did not greed back at them and some started to have their fits. The first hours nobody saw him, they kept him in his room. Eventually the fuss calmed down and people forgot and went on with their lives, but not me. Later that day I came out around 5 pm to sit by the Oak the seat was occupied. The new boy was sitting there. I stopped in front of him, closing my fits. He was new; nobody told him that was my seat. It was my seat I had even scratchet my name into the Oak. He did not look up; he sat bend forward looking down on a sketch block. I bit my lip; this was difficult, nobody ever crossed my way. "This is my seat" I mumbled looking away. No reaction so I repeated myself. Still no reaction; what was his problem? "The Oak is mine, move! My name is on it!" my voice hit a high tune. He looked up at my pointing arm. His face were pale, his eyes dark with dark circles under them. It looked like he had not been out in daylight for years. He turned his head and saw my name on the side of The Oak. He closed his eyes and stood up. He nodded and went back in. That afternoon I spent an hour re-scratching my name several places all over The Oak.

    The blond boy returned that night; woke me up in the middle of the night. I enveloped myself in my cover. The moonlight beam shone on him; making deep shadows in his face. "Come to think of me have you?" He said taking one step closer. "No" I said. "Really? Well my name is Ehliot…" he was now next to me, out of the beam. I could not see him however I knew he was right in front of me. "Ehliot" I tasted the name in my mouth, "Ehliot.."
    A flashback hit me. I was at the swing in the school yard - watching the pupils play a few feet away. I remembered how much I wanted them to ask if I wanted to join. "Shall we swing together?" a soft male voice said next to me. A blond boy with bright blue eyes stood holding the swing in his hand. Curious for me to allow him. "Of course" I heard myself say; it was beyond me why he talked to me. He should be playing with the others; he was that sort of handsome. "I'm Ehliot" he said reaching his hand forward. "Erin" I smiled and took his hand. Electricity chock us both and we grinned. "Who can swing the highest?" he laughed. "Ehliot" I mumbled and looked up searching for him in the dark, "Is that you?". "I just told you my name is Ehliot, of course it is me" he was annoyed. "What happened to you? One day you were just gone…" It was true; a girl named xxxx had moved in the house next to and I wanted her to meet him, but he was gone. "I told you that you could not introduced me to others. You tried. You broke our promise" was all he said and jumped on to the bed. I searched for more cover; this was a little weird. "What are you doing here?" I wanted to know. "Visiting an old friend, do you not miss me?" he got behind me so fast. I began to shake, this was beginning to get un pleasant. "Ehl, visitors are allowed during the afternoon, not in the middle of the night…" my voice trembled. "You need me now… Tell me; what did really happen that day on the cliff?" his hands were on my back. "Wh-what?". They found my neck and he started to stroke it. It was weird but nice at the same time. I started to relax and I fall a sleep.

    When I woke up he was gone. I felt used even though nothing had happened. Why did he leave without saying goodbye? How to treat a friend, huh? I was happy and had actually slept through the night without dreams about my family being in mayhem.
    "...Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?"
    Jace said, "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."
    "At least," she said, "you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland"
    "Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting"

    - The City Of Bones

    Here is my blog where I post my thoughts and feelings. Please have a go and comment if you like.

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