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    I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, just as I have a love/hate relationship with internet message forums (like this one). It's an easy way to connect and communicate with others. At the same time it's a lower quality version of what I really want and I what I think most people want in general.

    Because Facebook and message forums are convenient, they can demotivate people from seeking out what they really want.
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    I dislike Facebook, but use it like once or twice a month anyway, because I can't not have it, seeing as how I have so many people added there that I wouldn't have in MSN and such, either because they're just acquaintances, or because we haven't yet gotten close enough in order for me to have them in MSN and shit, know what I mean? Plus, I message two of my high school ex-teachers via Facebook, since email is boring, and MSN is too personal (unlike my Facebook, which isn't personal at all, at least for me).
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    I use it pretty often instead of email, because I like the interface better for multi-person conversations, and my social circle tends to use FB messages over email so that's where I get any "emails" about things. So for that I check it multiple times a day like my email. And it's useful for events, seeing who's going and so on.

    I very rarely use the status, mostly just to announce things like "going to play pickup (sport) at (place), all welcome!" Haven't uploaded anything like photos in a while. That got old pretty fast, I guess. And I started to think about privacy a bit more. I try not to post anything on there that I wouldn't want my mom to read, even though she's locked down to the most minimal access I can do.

    Some people take it way overboard though, a la
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    In general, I dislike it. My sister convinced me to join a year or so ago, and I'm pretty underwhelmed. Most of my "friends" are "people I sorta knew and liked okay but didn't talk to 20 years ago" -- and I have no real desire to broadcast my life's doings to them. Of course, I'm a bit older than the target demographic, which also means that fewer of my friends (in the outside-of facebook-sense) use it.

    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    It's handy for the socially lazy, like me.

    Edit: But it is . . . well, it makes it hard to keep your social circles separate.
    I think this is a big part of my dislike for it too. I wouldn't say that I'm secretive, but I *am* private -- and there's no reason to advertise to a wide variety of people when I'm doing stuff with the family, with graduate school friends, or with the handful of forum-ers I'm linked to there. For me, simply copying multiple people on an email is unquestionably superior. I have less than zero desire to broadcast the doings of my life online -- I often think I share too much in *this forum*, where both anonymity and my sense of trust are far higher.

    Speaking of trust, I don't trust Facebook *at all* when it comes to keeping anything I post there private to any extent at all, even when I can "specify" who should and should not see it. I don't trust them to not retroactively change their policies and open up all information to their customers (those who buy data from them). Basically, if I wouldn't put it on a billboard on the interstate, it's not going on Facebook. Which, of course, means that I never post anything .

    I think there's a pretty big generational component too -- the expectation of privacy is so much lower for younger people now than it used to be. If we're talking about a small village, I would call that a fairly okay thing... but not when it comes to being globally accessible on the internet.

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    I feel nothing about Facebook. Doesn't interest me much at all.

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    i think the name is odd kind of.
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    It's necessary in my opinion. Some of the people on there are people I haven't seen in a long while but keep in touch with on there. Some are just acquaintances. Either way, it's a fun waste of time sometimes to randomly comment. Also is convenient for knowing what's going on with people.
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    Another necessary evil.
    Oh, its

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    I hate it...but I love it. I like knowing things about people, so I tend to creep to the extreme. Not in a stalkerish way, but in a way that when I am talking to a friend, I sometimes know their big news beforehand and have to sort of play dumb/act surprised.

    I like it because it allows me to get into contact with people I never would have, makes it so much easier. But I spend too much time on there and not enough time actually being "friends" with people. I hate that it is, I'd rather see the person and talk to them or talk on the phone, rather than a long texting/facebook messaging conversation.

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    Hate it, won't use it. I'm much too private a person to have a public page about my life. It's boring. I don't need to keep in contact with everyone in the world. I do tend to have circles of friends that wouldn't mix well with each other. And yes, if you want to talk to me, it's not that hard to send a text or email.
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