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    I had to be dragged kicking and screaming, but I like it. I like "seeing" my friends every day. Most people don't have time to write/return emails. This way at least there's some regular contact, plus pictures and updates on life events, etc. I have mine pared way down as to who can see it and I relentlessly hide content I don't want and ignore overtures from people I don't know, so I feel it's easily manageable.

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    For me Facebook is just fine.


    - it helps me to remember all people's birthdays (not only those of my close friends and family, which are very few), and making me look like a human being who cares about people.

    - the Mall World game. It is great fun to play with dolls with your buddies as an adult.

    - it makes much easier to know information about concerts, and activities of your favourite places to hang out.


    - I wish that the process for blocking users was as easy as the one for blocking apps. I hate it when my awful highschool classmates send me requests. Can't they understand that a Facebook profile won't turn them into intelligent people? Or into people? Once I write someone off, it's forever.

    - seeing my work colleagues drunk, or doing in the home page. They should learn about privacy settings, or how not to be complete idiots.

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    In general, I think Facebook sucks.

    BUT - it is a really easy way to find people and to gratuitously keep in touch with folks that you would be happy to talk with IRL, but don't have the time to maintain virtual friendships with, unlike the cool people here at TypC, whom I do take the time to keep up with.
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    I caved a few weeks ago and signed up. I'm still indifferent to it, I don't use any of the applications or whatnot stuff they have there, it has brought out an even more intense privacy freak in me, and overall, it's like I'm not even there as I only log on to FB when I get a notification on my e-mail that something is happening, so nothing much has changed for me. But, since I disappeared off the face of the earth a while ago, it has enabled to make myself available for people to contact me easily again, and I also have the possibility to get in touch with people if needed (not that I'd need to all that much, but I like the option anyway ). Facebook is convenient, but for me it's also too sterile to get overly attached to.

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    I use it for stalking.

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    I'm inclined to agree with the OP, I have an account and need it now, was a time that I didnt use any sort of social networking site at all but then I needed it to keep in touch with one or two people and that was the particular hook for me. Then some of the mini games which I find pretty addictive too, at another time it was the like features and discussion groups (though I never really used them).

    I totally agree though, it has lead to trend in self-disclosure to a broad audience, including, inadvertently, strangers a lot of the time. Especially given the rate at which privacy functions seem to change.
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    I like facebook, for the mostpart. The ability to observe can be useful. Certain people's ways become more clear to me and I can more readily choose to keep my distance or bridge the gap. Common interests are easily shared and everyone is fairly easy to access.

    I'm also a pretty open and public person. I enjoy being able to find other people's information and enjoy having mine on display. "Sharing is caring" and all of that nonsense. Of course, I have a lot of people who I prefer as acquaintances. If people find it more preferrable to maintain closeness, I could see the issue.

    Also, many events for my gym or school are posted directly to it. It's a fantastic networking site. It's helped me know of at least 5 events in the past two months that would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Etc.
    For me, the benefits outweigh negative traits. If other people are being riddled with facebook-drama-llamas, then it likely wouldn't outweigh it.
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    Long story short, it's a useful tool if you can use it to your advantage.

    I get around having to constantly check the site by having events that I get invited to as well as any posts on my wall also sent to me via email. I've got Facebook chat integrated with my IM client and my Facebook events on my Google calendar, so the "important" stuff gets delivered to me.

    I also separate "all of the people I've pretty much ever met" from "those I actually care about" via a list. The people I care about include those who are close to me, those who "get" me, and those who are interesting. Those are the only people who see my status updates and the nitty-gritty of my profile, and those are the only people whose status updates I actually see.

    That said, I don't trust Facebook with my employer information and other tidbits anymore, even if they have relented and allowed us to make all of that private. What were they thinking

    Facebook is a good way to keep people at a psychological distance between "not talking to them ever" and "being comfortable contacting them directly."

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    It's handy for the socially lazy, like me.

    Edit: But it is . . . well, it makes it hard to keep your social circles separate. The vast majority of my family of origin, friends from high school, and friends from college are Religious Right social and political conservatives, while my immediate family and other friends are generally religiously diverse and politically liberal. IRL, you can steer away from touchy subjects a bit better than facebook where your mother-in-law can see that your daughters support gay rights and stuff.

    Also, you get bigger circles of drama faster. My college age brother (Religious Right Bible college freshman) had some goofy gay-looking pictures with his best friend he was tagged in and one of my 30-something brother's pastor friends commented negatively about it, and everybody had to get into that whole dog pile. I still need to get things sorted out with the 30-something brother and s-i-l about that and somehow it seems too much like work.
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    its facebook not god and not the devil it's just facebook I use it. It's nice to share links with people on and also to be like I miss you!!! to people from your past.

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