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Thread: Sept. 11, 2001

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    These planned quran burnings were all over the news. I've heard that, in retaliation, some churches decided to read the quran instead. Has that happened? It's a pity the news was all about the burnings and none about the readings. Those churches should get a medal for open-mindedness.
    Same thing about the mosque. What's the problem? I've also heard about someone wanting to build a gay pub next to it. I would love to see that happening. I'm in favour of both. Freedom is a two-edged sword.

    I think in both cases the problem is about labeling. Those terrorists were muslims. Attack the muslims. The religion is just a label, we're not angry about them praying to Mecca instead of eastwards or about them building their temple with an onion-shaped tower instead of a steeple. We're angry because of those deaths.
    And there's something wrong. The label is simply wrong. The terrorists are responsible for those deaths, not the muslims.

    In Belgium it's all over the news: bishops and priests being prosecuted for sexual abuse. Why didn't we burn bibles? Why don't we oppose when there's a church being built?
    If you're offended by this suggestion, you should be offended by the quran burning and the protests against the mosque too.
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    It was evening here and I was channel flicking when I saw the first plane fly into the trade centre, one by one each channel interrupted their programming to show what was going on, like everyone it just looked like a horrible accident to me until the second plane crashed, at that point I just sat there stunned watching and listening to the updates. Didn't get to bed that night. The hardest thing to watch was people jumping.

    I lived in a flight zone at the time so for a few months after whenever a plane got too close I'd worry. A year and a month later we lived through it again here with the Bali bombing. I didn't know anyone in NY so as much as I was shaken by what happened I was still quite removed from it, the Bali bombings killed Australians at that point I could no longer feel safe because of our geographical location.

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    I think its sad when people die and I understand the significance of this and what it had on USA. Since it was the first time that america was feeling the effects of its foreign policy on its own soil. And seen in a wider perspective have probably made the average american more aware of the events happening elsewhere. But in all this also remember the other terrorist attacks of the last ten years. The bombings in london, madrid and the two in mumbai, the hostage takings in Dubrovka theater in Moscow and school in Beslan etc..

    As for the OP I understand your thoughts and the implication of such work. It shows great courage and dedication what those firefighters did and events like this must put the implication of such work in perspective for other firefighters in similar events that are willing to risk their life for saving others. This is why I could never be a firefighter Im too selfish

    But to put the events in to perspective I kind of like this gif.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unkindloving View Post
    I look at this specific event in the way of "Yes, it was a tragedy, but what did we do with it?" I see little to no positives. I also look at it in the way of not knowing anyone who died during the event. I'm not going to put forth my emotions every year toward something I have no direct relation to. It sounds abrasive, but it can be applied to a great many things.
    I do feel that a lot of people were invested in what happened emotionally, without having direct connection to the incident. Sometimes I felt like people who had nothing emotionally intense in their lives fixated on 9/11 as some way to bring a sense of meaning and intensity back into their jaded lives. I was hoping that a lot of the compassion and social activism I saw in the week or two after would persist long after 9/11 ended; but of course, it didn't for many. Soon enough, it was politics as usual, as well as people refocusing on their own desires in life.

    But it doesn't mean that lots of people did not feel something legitimate. Also, some people have a hard time identifying with other people who are not directly related or connected in some way; others can resonate with the plight of all of humanity, no matter where problems are occurring. For people who are typically empathic or are used to trying to connect with others by viewing things through their eyes, it was pretty devastating even if they knew no one personally who died or lost someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idec Sdawkminn View Post
    It's sad when innocent people die. However, I view the general American victimized shock and outrage of the event akin to a rich, sheltered boy getting a nasty cut for the first time making a huge stink about it to the coal miners around him. Certainly not to say that Americans are rich or sheltered or have never worked, but the metaphor pertains to our history of being attacked in our homeland.
    Yes. I was moving into a new house on 11 Sep 2001. We put an old B/W television in the garage, and watched events transpire as we unloaded our truck. I ended up with a couple days off from work, during which I had most things unpacked. When I got back to the office, I had an email from a schoolmate from Germany, full of condolences for the loss of American life. I remember thinking what several people here have already mentioned: yes, its a tragic loss of innocent life, but no more than what many other nations have already sustained, many times over. We've just belatedly joined the club. I was also worried that the government would use this as an excuse to overreact, to take on more intrusive and controlling powers, not to mention the expressed prejudice toward all Muslims/Arabs. I was right on both counts, unfortunately.

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    I can't remember what I was doing at all; I didn't even hear about it till the next day, when someone mentioned it to me.

    So far as I remember my initial reaction then was somewhere between shock, bemusement, and feelings of horror and disgust. The latter were not so much at what actually happened, as plenty of dreadful things happen throughout the world all the time, and this was just another to add to the collection. It was not more dreadful taken in isloation than many others merely because it involved mostly well-paid white people with whom others of a similar ilk could identify, and was bound to evoke a quite disproportionate amount of media coverage in consequence, compared to other human tragedies of a similar magnitude that regularly take place throughout the world.

    My feelings at the time stemmed more from an apprehension of far worse to come, the predictable tit-for tat chain reaction of destructive vengeance and negativity that was bound to ensue in consequence and have repercussions far into the future. I have not the slightest satisfaction in seeing that apprehension proved correct in the years that followed, and up until the present moment.
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