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Thread: Sept. 11, 2001

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5231311252 View Post
    It was broadcasted live in my fifth grade class and I remember my classmates and I thinking it was an action flick or something. We actually rooted for the planes to crash into the buildings.

    Haha lol.

    Yeah, they did the same thing by broadcasting it...I wasn't sure if it was some sort of joke or not, because it didn't seem real, but the teacher was crying, so then I just felt awkward and confused just like everyone else in the class...then they made us stand out in the hall afterwards and they just sent us home, so then we were just happy because we got to go home at 11.

    I wasn't too happy about the planes above my house though, or the fact that the Iraq war started on my birthday the next year.

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    I was living in an apartment on the 11th floor of a high rise, and I was in the shower getting ready to go to the office. Something went BOOM and it shook the whole building. For some reason I thought it was a car exploding in the parking lot. I got out of the shower and went to the window to see if I could see what happened, and my mother called me (from 500 miles away) and told me I couldn't go to work. I was like, of course I'm going to work, what are you talking about? and she said turn on the tv, so I did, and saw stuff coming out of the towers and realized it was PEOPLE. Hung up the phone from my mother and one of the guys I work with called and told me not to try to come in. I said something happened, it shook my building. He said yeah, a plane hit the Pentagon. I couldn't grasp it. I said no, it sounded like an explosion, he said yeah, it was the gas tanks of the plane exploding when it hit the Pentagon. (The Pentagon was less than five miles from my building.) He said don't even try to come in, just stay home.

    Then later a bunch of friends made their way to my place and we hung out together for the afternoon.

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    I was on my way to the WTC on the N train when the towers fell. There was a farmers' market there every Tuesday, and I liked to get a little brown bag of rugelach, then walk to the office. I worked for RE developer that had offices 2 blocks North and two blocks South of the WTC. After, I walked 9 miles home back to Astoria, with thousands of other people. It was surreal. I couldn't get back down there for two weeks, but I continued to work there for 6 months after.
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    Sep. 11, 2001

    I was in my 2nd semester of college. I woke up and came into the living room to see the news just a few minutes after the plane hit the Pentagon. I was half-way to school and listening on the radio when the 1st tower fell. We spent the entire class talking about what was going on and trying to verify rumors we'd all been hearing and the teacher had the news on tv. I stayed for that one class and went home for the rest of the day. It was such a shock to everyone, nobody could concentrate. I spent the rest of the day at home watching the news stations. Two months later I got into the delayed entry program. Early March 2002 I shipped off to basic training.
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    I was playing a video game on a desk top PC with a TV on a table next to it, the story came in and all normal programming was disrupted (I think it was diagnosis murder) at first it was an unknown terror incident/emergency broadcast thing and a voice over then the cameras cut to the US, I skipped all the channels and the story was on all of them, I then called my mum and some other friends to tell them what was happening but they where already hearing about it on the radio at their work.

    It was a very strange thing because at first I thought who the hell was doing this? Then I thought "Oh shit!" the US could go insane now and nuke everyone, then if it was a first phase of an attack on the west in general we could be next and also I was wondering about just how many planes had been hijacked since they said that there were still ones in the air. The planes hitting the buildings was one thing but when they fell down it was like a twisted feeling in my guts and I was shocked and thought about the firefighters, all the people who the dust cloud was going to choke and I imagined the building blowing appart and the debris hitting people.

    I didnt think that it was a bunch of suicial muslims to begin with, at first I thought this was some kind of insane putsch by either Russian or Chinese elements, or that it was a proxy attack, that the terrorists where brainwashed puppets of an actual government regime.
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    I was in 10th grade, sitting in my AP European History class, waiting for class to begin. There was an announcement over the intercom and we flipped on the TV.
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    A crapload of stuff split here, lets stick to the tone of the OP.

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    Thank you Kasper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    I sense this is now the battle of who can care less.
    Thank you for saying this. I was thinking it as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beefeater View Post
    I remembered being tortured by my awareness that as the day went on I actually wanted more attacks to happen. My life was boring and fake while this was REAL and exciting if horrific at the same time. I never realized how detached from reality I was until 9/11.
    Not with 9/11, but I imagine tragedies as well sometimes when I am off in no-mans-land of my brain. I think my mind toying with tragedy in a safe place (aka my head) makes it all a lot better. The pain, and suffering, isn't real in a daydream.
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    I was at home with my daughter. It was her 2nd birthday. We had celebrated it already the previous Sunday so we were just having a regular day at home. For some reason I had the news on- I'm not a big news watcher, it makes me nervous to watch a lot of television news. Typically I get my news from online sources. But that day I was watching the news. I remember sitting in the floor playing with her with the news on and my thoughts going from "oh dear, someone accidentally flew a little plane into the WTC" to "oh my God, that wasn't a little plane and it wasn't an accident either, what the fuck is going on?" to "shit, there were two" to "THE BUILDING FELL. IT FUCKING FELL." I tried very hard not to react outwardly but I was on the phone with my husband when the first tower fell and I couldn't not react to that. It was more disbelief than terror at first- did it really fall? Is that what I just saw? Am I hallucinating? but then I started to cry and begged my husband to come home from work.

    That night, some friends came over and we watched the coverage together. Most of our friends then were my husband's friends, who were not yet married at the time, and they wanted to be with people so they came to be with us.

    It took me a few more days to turn off the news and try to gather the shards of my wellbeing.
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