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Thread: Bedbugs

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    bedbugs epidemic!

    i thought i had bedbugs a year ago when i woke up with many, many bites ... i did research on the internet and people's personal stories scared the shit out of me ... everyone was frantic and going broke... so i made a whole plan to get rid of them ... also, i found THEM on my mattress foam that i had shipped ... and it was right after i had gone back from the airport/in the city so ... GAH

    so i called the terminator and the guy was full of bullshit - he didn't even bother looking for the bugs and kept pushing me to agree - i was like, hell, no, you are NOT a good salesman at all...

    i kept reading about how even if two is in the room, they will re-populate and grow and GROW

    anyway, i waited a few more nights and i stopped getting bitten ... so i forgot about it ... and i still am bedbug free

    but this doesn't explain the fact that i did find several of them ... and they somehow didn't re-populate ... or maybe they are hiding ...

    this is a great fear of mine - BED BUGS. i went to bed for about two weeks thinking at night the bugs will come out and be all over me. imagine the horror.

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    Is it weird that after I read this whole thread, I had the desire to cuddle up next to someone??
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    I was just listening to a radio show talking about the increasing rise of bedbugs all over N.America in hotels, movie theatres and taxi cabs. They are apparently extremely resilient too and hard to get rid of. It used to be at universities that on moving day everyone just put the furniture they no longer needed or wanted out on the curb and whoever needed/wanted it could take it away. Now, I don't think I would do that.

    Do you have any experiences with them? What do you think about reintroducing the use of DEET? Do places like Europe and Australia have this problem too? I don't remember hearing anything about bedbugs until about 3 years ago when a Winnipeg hotel that I had stayed at was said in the newspaper to have had a big outbreak.
    Bedbugs are a serious matter. Here legislation has been passed to make it the responsibility of landlords to get rid of bed bugs.

    They are hard to get rid of and it may take repeated spraying by a pest exterminator.

    And bed bugs are truly, truly awful and impossible to live with. The itching is terrible and they start to play on your mind and drive you a little mad.

    If only Noah had thrown them off the ark when he had the chance.

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