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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Eh, there's nothing much to support that other than self-reporting and anecdotes. It also depends on how you define "introvert", as there are several ways of doing so. Most ENxPs seem clearly extroverted from my perspective. Maybe they don't perceive themselves that way though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    Some extreme ones self-promote, inject their opinions anywhere, and feed off of social influence to the point that it drowns out others who may make more sense with some given subject or decision (the majority of extroverts are "normal" and know when to defer to others.. but "really extroverted people" need to influence, and don't seem to even know their own weaknesses..or even what they're talking about sometimes. It's kind embarassing actually. I feel sorry for them).
    I find this to be true as well. "really extroverted people" are seemingly afraid of thinking inside their own heads, so they keep talking. It seems like they are trying to escape themselves. I dunno. I know 3 ESFJs that are all like this, they just keep talking, interrupt everyone, etc. And worse, when they are interrupted, they get really emotional and start whining. The ESTJs I know are calmer, they still bulldoze but I think they realize it more and they whine less.

    I know one ENFP, and he is sort of xNFP ish, not like the ESxJs.

    ETA: Ime, ESFJs are a bit histrionic compared to other E-types, or even other ExFx types. They are just over the top.
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