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    I joined my first forum six years ago. At first to learn more about a game (Sims 2) and I got stuck there when I found a place on that forum where you could discuss things from the real world. I particularly needed that, as I felt really lonely and I had things I couldn't discuss with the people I knew. Nowadays I join forums if I want to discuss a certain topic and I stay if I like the atmosphere. It doesn't have anything to do with loneliness anymore.
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    Mostly out of boredom while I'm at work. If you'll noticed I only post between a certain 9 hour period of time.

    Pretty much, all the forums I've been on are that way.

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    I got interested in MBTI and I think it was during a Google search that a reference to this site came up for one of the questions I was asking and from there I got hooked. I like reading what other people have to say and it's a great way to gain information about a topic I'm interested in. The idea got me here, but the people keep me here . As well as the emoticons .

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    The first forum I ever joined was back when I was 16 or 17. It was a community for people in the Seattle electronic music/rave scene. I joined it because I loved techno and house music and didnt know anyone in my town who was in to it. It was a place where people could find car pools to parties, talk about music, post events, post reviews, sell music gear, post mixes, have random discussions, etc. I dont post there anymore but Im still friends with a lot of people I met there (in real life). Seattle's music scene is awesome!
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    I'm a nerd. plus i communicate better via typed word than spoken. I R Rtard irlz

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    Basically to learn and to talk about topics of interest with intelligent people.
    The frequency of the latter is a fair amount higher than in real life, even if I have recently had a lucky stroke with that as well.

    Also, I joined here to vent my frustrations (bitch) about our germanic SJ-structured society.

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    I come to every forum because I am interested in the topic discussed there or I had a specific question. On few I become though so involved that I will post there even more just for the people there (here for example although I am not long here yet). I guess the fact that I "cannot socialize with real people" plays a role too, eh. But even if I could, I don't know if I could discuss all the topics I can discuss in internets as if it would be the most normal thing.

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    Actually....this is the only forum I am a part of.

    I kept finding that this forum was coming up under google searches as I researched personality type, and was like, what the hell. Let's interact with some wacked out N's, and maybe the chit chat on here will be cool and help me understand type even better.
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    if you'll only take the time to hear it."
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    That's kinda funny.

    My first forum was on a game forum (VU forums) for Sierra's Arcanum, I made two posts to ask something and didn't even read the answers because I forgot I posted it on the forum.

    Almost a year later, now having played and finished the game multiple times and being into 'cracking' and changing game files, I started to look for something to do in my summer vacation. Went to the games forum and started posting if they'd be interested in someone fixing the games bugs, since Troika got busted and the game wasn't going to receive updates anymore.

    This marked the beginning of my forum going nature.

    It started all so very serious, but before I knew it I was an avid fluff poster all over the VU forums, which included forums for many games I played in the past and all were still quite active. Mainly Quest for Glory forums, Gabriel Knight forums and Arcanum forums. People enjoyed my immature but fun and witty presence and I ended up posting there nearly every day for like 2 years, I got to know almost every poster there quite well. Right until the Vu forums were destroyed and 'remade' into much crappier forums. Because after that so many people left, it just wasn't the same anymore.

    I've had a period where I was a regular poster on the WoW forums, which was quite fun, at first the OT forum, but later when they added it the realm forums. Pretty much all realm forums were always riddened with trolls and people were hesitant to post, but I just kept posting and fighting off trolls and my realm forum turned around in a very nice forum! (Ofcourse I had a lot of help from other people also starting to post much like I did.)

    After I quit WoW I browsed the internet being bored and stumbled on this place.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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