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Thread: BATS!

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    Default BATS!

    I've never found you people to fail me yet for useful information on just about any topic. In the last week, two bats have found their way into our home. This is especially distressing, as we are having two batches of company this week and would not like them to unexpectedly encounter one.

    According to the info I've read, usually their appearance inside indicates that they have taken up residence somewhere. The only place we can see that would be possible (they can fit into spaces as small as a dime!) is the fireplace. The internet also suggests that bat repellents, powders, ultrasonic devices, floodlights etc are largely ineffective. You have to find their source and then deal with it from there. Any ideas for how to go about looking? We've already looked for greasy spots where they are squeezing in and out (nothing), stuff along the roofline and so on.

    If any of you have experience with this, it would be most welcome!

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    holy crap yes!!

    During the summer, we had visitors over, and it was pretty late, windows open. The bat flew right into the room, full of people. All of us started freaking out , yelling, running around. After an hour, it hid somewhere.

    Later that night(lights were OFF, and it was quiet), me and my brother were lying down on the floor playing a video game, when the fuxer flew right over my head. I silently screamed! its 2 am. I end up crawling across the floor.

    I turned the lights on, opened a window, ran back to the door of the room, and started clapping, hoping it would "find the void" better.

    The clapping seemed to confuse him more, so I stopped, and let him find his way out on his own.

    I'm not much help, but maybe this( can help you

    Look in small dark places.

    Or put out fruit, they seem to gravitate towards the smell of fruit.
    They need food, and love insects, so look anywhere where a lot of insects might creep( an attic perhaps)? :/

    btw, I wikied most of this xD

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    Bats are awesome.

    Tell them they're your new house-mates!


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    We have always had bats, it's an old house though so a pretty different situation, our house would be almost impossible to bat-proof, too many holes. They live in the basement somewhere - could be anywhere really. We have a fireplace too so I suppose they could be there.

    At least they only show up at night (usually after 10 pm or so). But they're really freaky and I'm paranoid about rabies.

    You should get an attack-cat like me. My cat batted one out of the air once and stunned it, no lie. We also have a butterfly net that works ok to catch them when we see them. Haven't seen one since last year, though, for whatever reason. I've only seen them maybe 5 times in 3 years of living here.
    -end of thread-

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    Make sure you check the backs of curtains and tablecloths. They like to hang from them, especially if it's nice and dark there.

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    I think bats are kind of cute, but I wouldn't want them in my house.... diseases and all.

    I watched an episode of Billy the Exterminator the other day where they got ride of MAJOR bats in someone's attic. If you go to the link above and click on Bat Attack under season 2, you can watch a short video when they explain what they did.

    Basically, they put loose netting over the area where the bats are getting in. When the bats leave to go hunting at night, they can get out but not back in. Voila, no more bats! The only problem is you'd have to locate where they are getting in/out. If you think they're in your fireplace, could they be coming down the chimney?
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