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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    you can drink now, just make friends with older people or get a fake I drank in highschool well before I was 21. never was into gambling though
    I'm not either...and I used to go out to parties, but god they're all so trashy and I never have fun no matter how drunk I try to get myself because the friends I had were assholes and now I almost don't even want to bother making new friends at this college because I have it in my head now that everyone in this godforsaken town sucks...I just need to start school and meet new people to get over this unhealthy cynicism.

    I tend to win things whilst gambling (not slots though).
    I sort of learned how to count cards though.

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    Yes, I love gaining more knowledge and experience.

    No, I miss the certainty of my twenties.

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    Not particularly.

    I seem to be physically ageing decently enough, but, even at the tender age of 28 year young, I feel like my mind is already slipping away from me. My thoughts are foggier, my feelings more confused, my direction more curved and wonky than they've ever been.

    Clarity is a feeling that, as time progresses, seems much harder for me to achieve. And the only thing I can attribute this to is age.


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    Quote Originally Posted by paradigm-shift View Post
    I'd like to be 25 and permanently stay there.

    The thought of getting older depresses the hell out of me. I'm in my early thirties so according to life expectancy, I have a significant part of my life yet ahead. Yet, I look at what I've done so far, and don't feel like I've done all that much. There's so much I want to do and learn and accomplish and the reality is, there just isn't going to be time for it all.

    Maybe I'm just going through an existential depression right now because I compare myself to peers close to my age and they seem like they've experienced and accomplished far more than I have.

    The only thing I look forward to about getting older is more wisdom and life experience to draw upon. But it seems like everything else progressively declines. Physically, you start getting more ailments. You're not as physically fit as you once were. You get around slower and with more difficulty. Get old enough, and its likely your hearing and vision will start to go. Mentally, you start having more trouble remembering things and you don't think quite as quickly. Your reaction time goes down. The one advantage though, is having a greater knowledge base to draw upon. And appearance wise, it goes downhill. You start getting wrinkles, your hair starts going gray, you start losing hair, etc.

    That's why I see 25 as the optimal age in several ways. Its kind of when physical fitness, mental agility, and looks are at their peak. Actually the 18-25 age range sounds good to me but I prefer 25 to 18 because I think at 25, you have a stronger sense of self-identity. You know yourself better, what kind of people you want to have relationships with, what your ideal career is, etc. At 18, you're kind of figuring it all out.
    There are studies that show older people are generally happier, especially past age 50, stress starts to decrease from about age 22 onward. 25 is indeed the physical peak of most people, also around age 23-25 the brain is finally fully mature, but an 18 year old's brain is still in development and this effects their decision making ability. Teenagers are known to be implusive and short-sighted even though they can match adults in intelligence. So getting older is not all bad after all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robopop View Post
    There are studies that show older people are generally happier, especially past age 50, stress starts to decrease from about age 22 onward.
    Really? What study is that?

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    According to a couple psych courses I took in university, older people aren't any more or less happy, but their moods do tend to be more even. There are less intense highs and less intense lows.

    I just wanted to use that.

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    I don't mind getting older. It's inevitable and I like old things. They ferment and have flavour. I vote neutral.

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    i think 27 is a good place to least until you're done having irresponsible style fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    i think 27 is a good place to least until you're done having irresponsible style fun.
    You are never too old to be irresponsible. Responsibly irresponsible of course.

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    I'm still generally assumed to be younger than I am because of appearance and personality, but dammit, I start to doze off much earlier in the evening, and my knee injury always tends to kick in and make me feel like an old lady whenever I decide to do anything fun

    the learning more thing is fun, the more responsibilities thing isn't all that delightful... I could do without filling out tax forms and dealing with holes in the roof

    It's nice to not stay out too late though... I like the bed
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