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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkadelic View Post
    i decided to go to finland. I was on the airplane and then I didn't feel so much like going anymore, so I jumped out and pulled my parachute. I went for a swim.
    I read your post and for a while felt like answering. Now I go make coffee.

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    Posted about it before, and I'll do it again because no one laughed at me or comforted me yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    I really hate myself right now because I waited and waited for my college application form. I started panicking a week ago when I discovered all the other first year psychology students at psychology camp had gotten one. Now I discovered mine in a special mailbox the university made for me. I was supposed to send it on the first of August. I got so angry I started to clean my room. Then I found a letter from early May when I was still in high school that the form could be found in the mailbox. I'll still send the form, but I'm afraid that I can't go to college anymore this way and I already got my scholarship two months ago and my books are already on there way! But I also got letters about introduction weeks after the first of August, so now I'm really in doubt. Anyways, I really hate myself right now and please kill me, anyone!

    This is actually the second time this week a disaster occured because I read a letter wrong: this Tuesday I couldn't do my driving theory exam because I didn't have all the stuff with me that was acquired. Not to mention that the same morning my dad told me a story about a boy who couldn't go to college because he forgot to put a stamp on his application forms.


    Or maybe a great opportunity to do something else this year?
    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    I just really feel like crying right now, but as I find it really hard to cry over things, I don't.

    In May I got a letter from my university that I can send my real application form from June to August 1. In the mean time that form has been everywhere and nowhere, as I wasn't graduated from high school yet. Once I Was graduated, I Wondered when my application form would finally arrive. I forgot about the due date. I still kept recieving mail from the university, so I thought everything was right.

    Until I found the old letter today, while searching for another letter. It said that my application form can be found in my university mailbox. I opened it and indeed, there it was: my form. DAAAAAAAMN!!! I'll still send my application form, even though it's too late, with a letter about, well, how sorry I am. Stupid, stupid me. However, I didn't recieve a message about now you can't sign in anymore or something and I still got mail after the first of August. And I already got my scholarship?! Jeeeze.

    So, errr, please kill me right now, okay? Urggh, this is the second time this week. Just don't send me stuff I have to keep long term!
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    I wont kill you but I recommend you either call the uni ASAP or eat some chocolate while you wait for their reply...
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    I went to Home Depot. That's always a stupid thing to do.
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