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Thread: Taking risks

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    Default Taking risks

    I got this from Salt n' Pepper in the "ask the next poster anything" thread

    What risks have you taken in your life? Be it physically or emotionally, what have you done?
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    Hah, too many too name, physically, many a person would say I've gambled with life itself.

    But what would be most unexpected. Is that to me, the biggest risk I took, is my descision to fit into society and work fulltime.

    Speeding at 230 kilometers an hour isn't much of a big deal to me. Snorkling 300 meters from the coast of arube between the sharks and barracuda's was just beautiful. Catching vipers in a small fishing net is just a good way to kill some time. But merging with society, that was seriously scary.
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    None that I can speak of!
    I guess I've had opportunities to really flip my life on its edge, but nothing really shot me in the heart deep enough to actually get me off my butt. I've made a pretty comfy ass print on my chair. And I don't like to be pushed into doing something someone else thinks is "good for me". So I ended up not doing it.

    Still thinking about going to New Zealand or Australia in the spring, though. Those were the physical ones.

    Emotionally, I don't take risks. Unless it's right up in my face. I always think; "what good can come from it". But lately, I've been thinking maybe I should. We'll see after this weekend.

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    I dont know that I've taken that many risks, I've been caving and potholing a couple of times, I've met people who I first became acquainted with online once or twice, I've been on some random dates with people who I decided where crazy afterwards but nothing really thrilling I wouldnt say.
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    I just put hair colour in my hair without doing the test! that's a risk?
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    I've done many things, physically, that others might consider risks, but all things considered I find them no more risky (actually far less risky) than driving a car or walking around a U.S. city.

    -Rock-climbing / rapelling
    -Traveled solo to Greece for 3 weeks, to NZ for 3 weeks, a few other shorter trips to various places in the states by myself
    -Traveled to Cusco, Peru solo and stayed with a local family there for 3 weeks, not knowing the language
    -Hike 10+ miles by myself on a regular basis in the mountains (this is probably the riskiest of all of the above, in my opinion, and I do get nervous on occasion due to chance of coming across a bear or mountain lion, not to mention the possibility of twisting an ankle or injuring myself. But, typically the trails have at least 5 other people on them throughout the day)

    Emotionally: Various romantic relationships, not really any different than most peoples' experiences, probably

    Life Changes/Events:
    -Heading out to a volunteer job in Utah, right out of college, not knowing whether I would like it and knowing it would be out of my comfort zone and a solid 4.5 month commitment. My first big, multi-day driving trip by myself to a place I had never been to.
    -Quitting my job at the end of 2008, moving to Colorado without a job or any idea where I was going to live, and embracing the unknown. HUGE risk on Lynn's-scale-of-taking-risks scale. lol. (and a long time coming. Had backed out of doing it 3 years prior)
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    Wow! .. Every day, every move, every interaction, every decision involves emotional and/or physical risk.
    Nothing really gets done with out taking chances.

    Roll them bones..

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    My natural risk-preference seems to basically consider only physical ones as real "risks", so I'd say I feel like I risked my life twice:

    - once while hiking up a mountain I know quite well through an "alternative" path. Turns out maintenance hadn't been performed yet (it's performed once a year), so I had to hike through something like this:

    with no equipment (going back the way I came could have been even more risky, since the path was quite steep). What's truly funny is that I only realized later how dangerous it was - I suppose due / thanks to adrenaline.
    - twice, during a cycling competition, I was 2nd place after an ascent. I tried to catch first place during the descent, almost fell (I hit a small rock on the road) while riding down at 80 km/h - don't know how I managed not to. Ended up being scared shitless, I actually lost 3 position during the descent's remaining portion.
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    I take risks every day. I don't understand why people are afraid of taking risks. Generally speaking there is more to lose by not taking them. Everyone dies eventually.

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    i suddenly changed majors my 3rd year :eek:

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