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    Exxxcelent topic! *Girds loins*

    Right then, I think my team is going to have a military-style tactical structure, broken down into several smaller sections, each with their own leader, who can act independently if necessary. Since I don't know what the nature of the apocalyptic scenario is going to be I want to aim at maximum capability and flexibility within each tactical unit, as well as within the a whole. It makes sense too to base each section on the demographic from which the members are picked - this should increase team bonding and minimise misunderstanding.

    The Greeks:

    Odysseus (Leader)

    The resourceful and clever trickster and man-manager Odysseus is section leader, and has a lot of raw combat firepower at his command with Achilles and Hercules at his disposal. He's also cunning enough to keep the pair of them in line, and get their macho rivalry to work to everyone's advantage. With these two around to weild the blunt and pointy objects, handily backed up by Odysseus himself, we don't really need a fourth fighter. They've already proved themselves by felling everything from the hound at the gates of hell, to the Cyclops, to hundreds of opposing warriors in a fair fight. We can therefore afford to include Medea. She's exceptionally ruthless, highly intelligent, resourceful, and provides valuable extra skills such as witchraft, poison, even seductiveness. In the unlikely event that the boys between them can't figure out a way to deal with the situation, it's likely that she will. I would be a bit worried about her taking off and leaving them in the lurch, but all that hunky heroic male musculature, and the thrill of manipulating those big bold warriors to do her bidding, is probably going to prove an irresistible attraction.

    The Victorians:

    Professor Challenger (Leader)
    Sherlock Holmes
    Sir Henry Curtis

    Challenger provides very forceful leadership, and due to high intelligence and physical robustness should be able to provide a lot of energy and ideas. He can also solve just about any scientific or practical problem going. Sherlock Holmes as his sidekick provides advanced intelligence support so that it's going to be almost impossible to take this group by surprise or fool them in any way, and can also be a handy infiltrator due to his abilites with disguise. He's not likely to be overpowered by Challenger's intimidating personality either, so will be able to act independently and challenge his gung-ho attitude when the need arises. Sir Henry is physically powerful and can fight ferociously with anything from a battleaxe to modern guns (though he seems to prefer the former) and can take a lot of punishment before he goes down; he also has good inspirational leadership skills and people skills and should be able to smooth over any problems in the group caused by Challenger's abrasiveness. Tarzan is resourceful, has the senses of a wild animal, is highly skilled at hand to hand combat, and has wonderful physical agility, strength, and gymnastic ability. He can serve either as a scout or a fighter, depending on need. This group appears to be extremely well balanced to take on any situation.

    The other team sections to follow
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    1. Batman
    2. Yoda
    3. T-800
    4. River Tam
    5. Dean Winchester
    6. Predator
    7. Yossarian

    Okay, maybe not the most powerful team I could assemble, but a lot of fun.

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    Optimus Prime - for transport and being really big.
    James Bond - He seems to be good at just about everything. Does he ever fail?
    The Predator - For killing stuff.
    MacGyver - For on the spot improvisation.
    300 spartans - For holding onto tactical locations.
    Van Helsing - For out witting the supernatural.
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    Valentine - immortal instruments
    Clary - immortal instruments
    Snape - harry potter

    Johnny Depp just to make everything perfect.
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