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  • I am a Fe-user and a dog person

    13 22.81%
  • I am a Fi-user and a cat person

    12 21.05%
  • I am a Fi-user and a dog person

    10 17.54%
  • I am a Fe-user and a cat person

    10 17.54%
  • I am a Fe-user and love both equally!

    4 7.02%
  • I am a Fi-user and love both equally!

    6 10.53%
  • I am a Fe-user, get those stupid animals away from me!

    0 0%
  • I am a Fi-user, get those stupid animals away from me!

    1 1.75%
  • I am a Fi-user....meh. Who cares?

    1 1.75%
  • I am a Fe-user....meh. Who cares?

    0 0%
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    Its time. Cassandra's Avatar
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    Nov 2008

    Default Are you a cat or dog person?

    State your arguments (and keep it clean!)

    Also, don't forget to vote!

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    Emerging Tallulah's Avatar
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    Feb 2008


    Dog, though I ain't mad at cats.

    I love the friendly, sweet nature of dogs. I love that they're trusting and friendly and will cuddle with you on the couch. They're often hilarious, and they make me feel better and calmer when they're around. When I want to cuddle with my pet, I don't want it do decide it has better things to do, like a cat almost always does. Also, I love that my dog will sleep as long as I do, and never will she pounce on my head at 6 in the morning or bat around her toys in the middle of the night, scaring me half to death.
    Something Witty

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    facettes de la petite mor Words of Ivory's Avatar
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    Jun 2010


    I have a fear of dogs, and I'm allergic to cats.

    Oh woe is me!


    "Life calls out the meaning of pure jubilance,
    if you'll only take the time to hear it."
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    Lungs & Lips Locked Unkindloving's Avatar
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    I enjoy their independent attitudes. They aren't in your face all of the time and may not be consistently cuddly, but it is doubly satisfying when they are. I'm all about sweet and cuddly, but I like laid back animals. I'll feel guilty if I don't pay attention to a dog and they aren't too likely to leave me alone.
    There's far less slobbering with cats, as well. I'm allergic to both, but more allergic to dog saliva than anything else. The licking and drooling is unpleasant in general, but more so when you get itchy from it .
    Not sure why, but I just find them to be more adorable more frequently.

    Dogs are good too and all, just not much of my deal.
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    Cats and dogs are a false dichotomy as they are not mutually exclusive.

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    Senior Member InsatiableCuriosity's Avatar
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    May 2010


    I actually love both but prefer my 65kg Mastiff cross puppy Bear. He is such a hoot - he has to "put me to bed" at night before he will go and settle on his rug on the couch. He has learned that by wrapping both paws around one human leg he can make it VERY difficult for them to go inside.

    Bear makes the funniest sounds when he tries to talk to me and has learned to annoy his dad when he is trying to sleep by going and turning on the touch lamp. My baby Bear's a much better answer to security than an inanimate security shutters and sleeps inside with me when his dad works nights.

    There is an album with his pictures (and those of my gorgeous Rotti/Mastiff cross, Draco, who travelled under the Rainbow Bridge early last year) on my profile
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    And I always thought i only wanted "Real" dogs (big dogs) like a German Shepherd... But my little sheltie has changed my mind. Shes so precious.
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    your resident asshole /DG/'s Avatar
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    Neither, I hate touching/taking care of animals. D:<

    They are wonderful to watch though, especially the puppies/kittens.

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    It all depends on the cat or the dog. If it's a good cat or a good dog, I'll like them. If not, not. Perfect example, I used to live in a house with two dogs. One was an adopted street dog, guarded and distant and one was raised in a house all her life, spoiled and self-serving. I got along with the first dog better. Had a similar situation with cats as well. They're just like people to me - maybe even better than people.

    So it all depends on the animal's personality.

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    I present my case below.

    Exhibit one:

    Exhibit two:


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