See... that's the problem with people in general. They get a look at you and assume everything about you based on their first impression--what they see with their eyes. We judge based on social norms and stereotypes. We all do it subconsciously, but whether or not we decide to learn more about the person is up to us. Whoever wants to learn deeper is a better person, IMO.

Sometimes I am guilty of just avoiding people based on how I assume they are from how they look. Most of the time, I get to know the people better that I have judged... and their look just... changes. I find it amazing because then I "see" who the person really is... their personality. When I look at them, I see what they are like inside.

But the problem with this is that you really have to get to know people before you judge them... which we all know is difficult to do. Some people choose to always be ignorant and never look at things differently. I find it quite sad, but it's just the world we have to live in.

idk if that made any sense whatsoever. :/