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I'm not familiar with the process, but don't the living generally select a casket? You better watch your back.
Uhhhh perhaps that is customary... but I think I would rather have my ashes scattered to the four winds.

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Why not if this is the way that you lived?

I'm sure there are lot of folks who would love to personalize their funeral, to know they will go out in the style they lived.

Most ancient and even modern funeral rights involve using some of the favorite things of the deceased. A lot of people who are buried in the states even have tokens put in their caskets or otherwise buried with. There is a lot of symbolism involved.

This can be as much for the living and bereaved as the passed. It's custom, it's spectacle (not in the sensational sense, but in the sense it is meant to be seen, you see someone buried or ashes strewn or have a wake and it's their PUBLIC passing), it's a rite.

Much like a wedding.

I'm sure people do things for their weddings that may sound tacky or in bad taste to some other people, but again, that's the personalized nature of public rites. You put your own spin on things.

I don't see it being weird for this to extend more into funerals as well.
Hmmm I guess no matter what way you do it, it'll be seen as a reflection of your life style. You can have a fancy elaborate coffin, a brand name coffin, a biodegradable coffin or even no coffin. You can't run away from not expressing yourself one way or the other. Blah... let people stick to their brand name labelling ways.