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Certain people have their favourite areas of the forum to hang out in though. You start noticing patterns and recognize who's who.
Actually Typology Central is like a spider's web and the topics and threads are the sticky strands to catch the literate fly.

But interestingly, pull on any one stand and the whole net vibrates.

And so we all listen to the vibe.

No more are we reading the words, we are listening to the vibe of the whole web - the web vibrates like a cello. There are high notes and low notes. There are creative riffs and boring passages. And sometimes a thread can morph into a symphony or a concerto. And sometimes a thread sounds a single lonely note.

But we all listen together and we all hear the same music at the same time.

So we all feel together at the same time.

This can cause visceral clutch in the literate individual, but is honey to the ears of those who are tuned in.

So turn on, tune in to the web, and drop out of literate individualism.