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Thread: Stupid IxTJs

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    Default Stupid IxTJs

    I've met a couple people recently who seem IxTJ to me, but who are really not smart. I feel like these types (INTJ in particular) tend to be identified with intelligence, and I wonder if anyone can tell me what stupid IxTJs look like.

    So how about it? What sorts of things do you see from an INTJ or ISTJ who is really dumb?

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    they insist that they're right and they're smart but they pick really dumb arguments and can't actually prove their point, so they just repeat their argument over and over... my sister has dated some stupid IxTJs in the past, so I've gotten the joy of knowing them

    I keep a smart ISTJ at home, so I can tell the difference
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    Less T and more J than the smart ones haha. They form half-baked arguments that they haven't thought through, and then badger you with them until you (pretend to) agree because they can't admit they are wrong.

    ETA: This is based on 2 ISTJs I know, doesn't apply to all ITJs obviously
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