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    if its a party at a friends house, usually beer since that is all that's there. If there's whiskey I'll drink that and if there's rum I'll steal it and horde it and become rum fueled and awesome.

    If we're bar hopping my friend and I do a shot of whiskey and a beer a half dozen times or so before switching to just plain beer. Usually I start off the night with a couple rum and cokes.

    I'm pretty good at gauging my tolerance. I've never gotten to black-out drunk but I've been on the verge of throwing up a couple times.

    I'm with Donna, five shots of whiskey isn't that bad.
    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” -Nietzsche

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    I've never been trashed, much to my dismay. Even when I'm a fifth of rum deep, I just bumble about a little and giggle. I drink more, pee it out, drink more, pee it out, sober up, go home.

    I always seem to have reserves about drinking, I guess. Even when I'm shoveling them back, I still have control. It's frustrating at times.

    Vodka is my friend, but I tend to get sick if I drink it fast. Rum is delicious, but I get a massive hangover the next day. So it's a bit of a draw between the two.

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    Recently I've been drinking mostly home made beer. Cheaper and I like the fact that I can experiment with it when brewing, like spice it up with condiments... I might drink wine if it's a special occasion, but usually not to get drunk. It gives me too bad hangovers. So, beer and some booze. When I bottle the brew, I'll probably have a bottle a day until it's gone. If I am really drinking, I drink till I get sleepy. If I am home or at some friend's place, I'll pass out, but when I am at a bar or some unfamiliar place, I never fall asleep. But usually I am really hard to keep awake. Oh, and my memory often has problems recollecting what went on. I'm not too worried about that since I've never done anything horrible. Sure, I might be a little annoying if you don't like it loud, but most of the people I know are used to it...

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    Purple, I can see enjoying the sensation of being drunk, but if it's habitual to drink until you throw up or pass out, that doesn't sound like just being out for a fun time. Alcohol has affected a few people I love pretty seriously. Is there some reason why you are drinking that much on a regular basis? (I'm not trying to get on your case, just wondering if you've thought about it).

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    If i have no limitations, i'll mix just about any liquor and will drink far too much variety.
    Earlier tonight there were limitations. I had triple sec and 7-up, green apple smirnoff, two rum and cokes, and triple sec midori and coke.

    It's rare that i have an order in which i drink things. It's just whatever i feel like drinking when i feel like drinking it. I never throw up or get hangovers, unless a medication or excessive hot tub time is involved.

    This also isn't to say i don't get drunk . I definitely do and easily. I just don't get sloppy or compromised.
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    liquor I most often only drink for the taste, like the good ol Glenfiddich bottle I've laieing around her ever since.

    At parties its only beer and if I drink too much, I drink the occasional Jägermeister and make everybody around me drink one too .

    But since I am past my phase when I smoked pot daily for 2 years and am past the phase which followed when I drank at least 2-4 bottles of beer per evening for a year, I am pretty good how I do it now. Nowadays its like 1 party per month and I am usually heavily drunk after the second beer

    It happens pretty fast that you get caught in alcohol abuse and especially the repeatedly happening parties at university, you join and always end in a wake coma cause you're so drunk have dangerous potential of getting in your way.

    It needs a strong will to get out of both habits, like pot abuse and alcohol abuse and when you are immediantly doing it, you will see no need to get out of it cause life sucks anyways...

    the good thing is, if you ever manage to get out of this downward spiral, getting drunk or smoking joints afterwards is really much fun and you can enjoy it as its supposed to be handled. Especially your conscience will feel way better, if you can look at yourself in the mirror in the mornings and like what you see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfisher View Post

    you stop at the fifth drink, or after a fifth of whiskey?
    My fifth whiskey is my fifth drink, since I only drink that.

    "An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise."
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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Purple, I can see enjoying the sensation of being drunk, but if it's habitual to drink until you throw up or pass out, that doesn't sound like just being out for a fun time. Alcohol has affected a few people I love pretty seriously. Is there some reason why you are drinking that much on a regular basis? (I'm not trying to get on your case, just wondering if you've thought about it).
    oh that's easy I hate people less, It numbs me from everything, I'm less likely to punch a nun.

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    I like to try out new things, but no more vodka for me. (I exhausted that a few years back.)

    I've been using alchohol at parties for about 5 years now, what strikes me as odd is I still don't know what a good stopping point is. If I go to a party with the intention to stay sober I just sit quietly and observe the other people.

    When drinking I enjoy becomming slightly more extroverted and I'm able to talk to new people and at least try to make them understand what I'm talking about.

    But when I do that the night usally ends with me passed out somewhere.

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    I always tell myself that I shouldn't be drinking because it makes me stupid and paranoid, but then I still drink everything that's available. I usually stop when I feel like the government is trying to control my thoughts and inserted spies in my brain so they can brainwash me easier. Or when I get other strange paranoid thoughts. But by then I just don't even have the power to drink more because my thoughts are running too wild. Most of the time I just try to make sure I'm home as quickly as possible when I go crazy after a few drinks. You can already notice the effects with me after one drink. This is a memo I once wrote on my cell phone at a party (I had only two drinks):
    OMG I'm a Mongol. They are Mongols. You are a Mongol. I think we're in Mongolia. Memories are evil and they kill your future. DS red shadow. My life is gone I have no future the memories are haunting me. It's not fair why was I picked out?
    Still don't know what the "DS red shadow" part means.
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