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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    How does one pay bills and such without a bank account?

    (honestly curious)
    As someone who has screwed more than one checking account completely up and has lived in more than one trailer this is something I definitely know how to do. You take your cash down to the post office, buy a money order and mail it.

    Or most utilities have local pay centers where you can pay cash for a small fee (usually under $2) and have it almost immediately credited to your account. Usually you have to go to a grocery store office, a bank, or -- around here -- a convenience store/gas station.

    There are more rip-offy ways to do it, like using Western Union. Thankfully I've had very little experience with that.

    And the pre-paid cards of course, but my experience with them has been more of the rip-offy variety. I may just not know how to do it right, though.

    Not a criminal and we've not had any garnishments or anything (hopefully never will) but I'm pretty awful at keeping track of money and when you live paycheck to paycheck you can get in the hole with a bank pretty deep pretty fast.
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    Ah, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    How does one pay bills and such without a bank account?

    (honestly curious)
    I don't know about in Canada, but in the UK almost every residential area has a post office, there are very few people who don't live within a 3 mile radius of one, and you can pay pretty much all your bills there by cash. Those you can't, you can get postal orders to send in the mail. Before the electronic age, this was how most people paid their bills in the UK, and a lot of older people still do, having seen no reason to change the way they do things.

    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    With all of that said.. if someone can't trust themselves with their money enough to not have it in a bank account, I don't know if they can be anymore trustworthy with cash.
    With cash, the worst they can do is run out. With the bank, you can end up in an endless cycle of debts because it's far, far easier to borrow, often unintentionally, large sums of money when you've run out of actual money.

    A lot of people who are either disorganised, innumerate or just not great at the old Te, find that when they have bills paid by direct debit from a bank account, particularly people whose pay days are irregular, they can often cross over badly with when the money's in there to cover it, resulting in constant charges.

    So yeah, I'll second what cafe said.
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