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    Quote Originally Posted by Blossom500 View Post
    Do ISFP's have Se or Si?
    Depends on the theory you follow; in MBTI we have Se as a secondary.

    Something as arbitrary as this has absolutely nothing to do with anything function related though lol. I mean, I can see that an N would be thinking about something and then they'd put down their keys or whatever wherever they were and forget about it. But that doesn't apply to all N's. Plenty of N's that I know put their stuff in the same location (an ENFP I grew up with made a point to put his pocket stuff in a particular spot in his house) so that they don't lose it.

    I do it too; I lose stuff. That's just because I'm thinking about something while I was doing something else; and I lose track. Yeah. Everyone does it.
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    I always have my stuff in the same places. I only wear pants that have lots of pockets.
    It's an injury I got as a militaria freak and in the army...

    Lower Right leg pocket: cellphone + extra room for eventualities. Plus, having little here makes driving more comfortable.
    Lower Left leg pocket: Cigarettes, sometimes a small first aid kit. When i'm out in nature. If i'm partying, it contains two or three packs of smokes instead. Or cigars.

    Right "ordinary" pocket: Keys hanging in lanyard. Car keys. Card case.
    Left "ordinary" pocket: Cash, expensive storm lighter, cheap-ass backup lighter if I run out of gas.

    Ass pockets: empty. Sometimes papers of some sort.

    This way, I grab for things instinctively and don't spend a whole lot of time losing stuff.

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    Key's I rarely lose, wallet goes missing on average once a month, although it's normally in a place that I looked for it initially but somehow didn't see it

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    I put important trinkets in places where I should logically find them, but the places that I used to put them weren't logical so I end losing them even though I should be able to logically find them.

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    I've forgotten where I've parked my car numerous times at the airport - usually when I'm in a hurry. Many times I've misplaced my wallet, keys, and pens. I've forgotten sports jackets and work bag in meeting rooms. I once left a suit in a hotel room only to realize it months later. I've had money disappear when it fell out of my pocket. I often leave the house, realize I've forgotten something and have to dash back home and get it. The last time this happened was last week.

    Just yesterday, there was something that I spent 30 minutes looking for it. It is the third time I have looked around in the past four months since it has been misplaced. I can't find it and it is driving me crazy.

    So, yes I lose things and can be absent minded. And it bothers me a great deal when these things happen. I feel like a complete ditz.

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    I keep locking myself out.
    I have been quite creative in getting back in.. but I am a little fed up and asked the landlord to change my lock to one that WILL NOT LOCK unless I manually lock it.
    He has agreed.. so I hope it's soon.

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    I seem to spend most of my life looking for things I've absent-mindedly put down somewhere. Its rather embarrassing at times because I can tell people are thinking, "Seriously, she's lost them again?!". Keys are pretty bad, but sunglasses are the probably the worst!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    Conditioning helps.

    I never loose my keys because I always put them in the same pocket and never take them out. ALWAYS THE SAME POCKET.

    I lose my mobile much more often because I didn't grow the habit of putting it in the same pocket.
    True. This is the only way I vaguely maintain order. The problem is sticking to this when you're in a hurry or just plain too lazy to stick to it.
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    I don't lose things I use a lot because I use them a lot. Things I use less I have more than likely lost more than I can remember. Or would like to remember.

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    I have developed a system of taking things out of my pockets and putting them in the same place every time. Otherwise I'll put shit down and never see it again.

    I can never remember where I put other things (that I don't use regularly) but it helps to have a relatively small apartment...I search the whole place at least once a week looking for something or another.

    When outside I pat my pockets regularly to check if things have fallen out. Actually, going outside has become kind of stressful for me because I keep obsessively checking myself and my things. I am downright scared of dropping things...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    All of my stuff is usually in the same place. So I basically never lose it lol.
    Same with me. I know better not to place stuff just anywhere. That's a recipe for disaster. And I'm used to double checking all the time, you just have to yank yourself back to reality for a sec, then continue on as usual.

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