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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfisher View Post
    i have a subscription to National Geographic, and National Geographic Traveler. i was bummed when they stopped printing NG Adventure. did you ever read that one? it was cool.
    I've randomly read just about every National Geographic publication at one point or another... I LIKE to read about other places!
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I've randomly read just about every National Geographic publication at one point or another... I LIKE to read about other places!
    Iv'e always loved it too. Never subscribed to anything though, but i do believe in recycling books and magazines. I bought a huge box of old second hand national gepgraphic magazines at the book stall in portobello for 2 pounds-great deal. I also like the idea that they have been read befor. They will be passed on to other hands too.
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    Well I don't actually subscribe to any magazines...But if I did then let's see... I would probably go with:
    Psychology Today - because it seems like it would interest me.
    Maxim - For the articles of course.
    and maybe ummm... a Cosmo or something - to educate my feminine side.

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    Nothing atm. A long time ago I subscribed to Rolling Stone and later on Powerlifting USA. That is it.

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    I don't subscribe to anything. If I had a static address, I would subscribe to the Economist, though, which I occasionally buy and frequently browse online.
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    I used to buy Commodore Format so regularly I might as well have subscribed, I had subscribed to the UK reprints of The Punisher before it went bust or stopped printing, the last magazine I subscribed to was, oddly enough, a horrible histories series but the newsagent was lousy and sold my copies every once in a while so I stopped going by there.

    I've thought about subscribing to a sci fi magazine, its good not just for movies but dvds, books and paraphernalia too so I buy it when I need to read something on the train or travelling.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

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    Computer and science mags in the past

    Right now I am off magazines for life, after being in an industry where i was literally swamped and throwing out magazines by the bin full weekly, we are talking big bin. With every kind of magazine imaginable I developed allergies to touching the chemicals of the prints.

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    Halla's Magazine Subscriptions / Why?

    (1) Playboy / For the articles. (Just kidding, there is no smut in my house.)

    FOR RLZ:

    (2) Scientific American Mind / Great articles on all aspects of cognitive function.

    (3) TIME / Because I have no cable TV, and do not read the newspaper regularly, so I like periodicals to keep current.

    (4) Newsweek / See (3) above...

    (5) Florida Design / For inspiration as to how to build the ultimate Hacienda when I have the $$$.

    (6) GQ / For fashion trends, insane gadgets, cool advertisements, and free cologne samples.
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    I like New Scientist and Scientific American. Scientific American Mind is also a good. I tend to buy them depending on the issue. I also like to buy the odd Lit Journal, again depending on the issue.

    The only magazine I buy every issue without fail is Art & Australia.

    My sister is going into Magazine Journalism and PR - specifically Fashion/Culture. She has subscriptions to almost everything. I usually nab her Vogue and Oyster.

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