In public, I tend to be even more well-mannered. I think in private, I tend to feel a bit more like myself though, cos I can let my hair down and be a bit more quirky. In public, I feel a little self-conscious whenever I'm doing things, even whenever I'm at a restaurant... don't want to eat like a slob, or seem weird if I'm looking at someone when I'm taking in the atmosphere of a place. There's some things I'll talk about in public, and others in private. If there are kids around, I avoid cursing, because I think it is inconsiderate towards children, and might as well keep them innocent while we still can.

In private, I feel much more at ease, so I tend to let out my quirky science geek more, I feel much more myself. I don't have to put on a mask or anything. I can be as awkward as I want to be, and as emotional as I want to. In public, I tend to be less outwardly emotional, but in private, I let loose.