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    Default Health and depression

    Have you ever had a health related problem that made you depressed?

    I recently found out I might have a chronic disease and it has left me completely and utterly depressed. The feeling of being a healthy and intelligent and powerful young person that can do anything he gone and it puts me in a state very unlike myself. The idea that I have to "manage" or can't do physical activities or that in my supposed prime (23) I'm already feeling old is one of the most painful things I've had to face in my whole life. It's also tied to idealism too. That I'd always have a vibrant and colorful life (I dunno why I keep thinking so positive considering my life thus far but whatever :P).

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    Ugh. I found out I had a chronic ulcer when I was 19. I felt like a flat tire after that phone call. I'm 23 now, and I've eh, learned to live with it. The sooner you accept the fact the better. The news are hard to swallow, I know. There's this instinctual need to not be flawed, mechanically. But the battle is already lost, and the sooner you accept that the easier it is to live with it.

    I don't know exactly what it is you've got, maybe it's more than having to take pills every day and do regular check-ups for the rest of your life. The worst part was, for me, that these kinds of uclers have a history of turning into cancer.

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    I did a while ago.
    I had severe childhood eczema along with me growing into severe mandibular prognathism, and I was depressed most of my childhood because of it. I didn't have many friends as a child because of the eczema, it was on the back of my legs, and since we had to sit down all day, and since it was winter all the time (caused me to wear pants), I never got to air out the skin in order for it to heal, so it would just bleed constantly (mostly plasma, but still gross nonetheless) and I would have stains on my pants and sometimes on the chair. I also got sick a lot because my immune system had way too much to deal with in the first place. The doctor kept telling me that it would go away eventually once I got older, but then my 15th birthday came, then my 16th, then 17th, and I still had it. It went completely away once senior year of high school came though.
    That was a social killer.
    Then as I got older my underbite kept getting worse and worse until I got to the point where my teeth didn't even touch and I couldn't chew food. It made me look ugly to everyone, and I didn't really become 'pretty' until just recently after my surgery.
    I'd say I was very depressed my middle and high school years, although the depression did get a lot better when the eczema went away. I just felt like a leper all the time, and it's probably why I grew up to be more of an iNtuitive, I didn't want to sense my reality and what was around me, because it sucked!

    I hope things go alright for you two though and doesn't get any worse.

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    I was diagnosed with a Serious Cronic Mood Disorder when I was 15. Going on from that point (maybe this might be of help to you) I suffered many nasty side effects from the treatment I was given. (I'm sorry going from a size 8 to a 16 in 2 years time when you are a teenage girl is devistating). Along the way I was diagnosed with other health problems stemming from the weight gain caused by the medication I was put on. I was severly depressed while being medicated for depression.
    But I learned that in all those years, my life was my choice.
    If I wanted to like it, I could. No matter what this was going to be a part of it, but you deal with it and make the absolute best with what you have.
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