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    Default Careers

    A basic discussion of what you do for a living, how you came into it, and whether it satisfies you. If you don't have an establish career, discuss your current job and what you are working towards.

    1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . Discuss!
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    I'm an Information Booth guy! I tell people where to go and where to park on my college campus. It's a fun job and if I'm feeling really mean I can go write tickets or have cars towed.

    I'm working toward a social work degree. I couldn't find a major that suited me so I put my faith in the universe and God, listened to the signs, and found myself here. It's scary how passionate about it I am before I have even began studying it. I could possibly have been born to be a social worker.

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    Currently: United States Marine, working in the Supply field (it sucks basically)

    Aspiration: City cop

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    Currently: Unemployed slacker

    Aspiration: Employed slacker

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    I got my start as a tech writer, but now it appears I'm making a career of lurking and posting on MBTICentral.

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    Ah, careers. One of my favorite subjects. I envy a few of my friends who have always known what they wanted to 'Be' since childhood, because I've never wanted to 'Be' anything.

    I am currently a Systems Analyst.

    How I came into this job:

    1. Degree in Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution (after starting out in electrical engineering -- HA!)
    2. 5 months volunteering at Arches National Park
    3. crappy job at a rental car place that I quit after 3 months (couldn't quit on day 2 when I wanted to, because I then would have had to pay a headhunting-type agency 2K; by plodding through it for 3 months and then quitting, my employer then paid the 2K fee and I was off the hook - this was clearly one of my very naieve clueless mistakes early on. And hello, why in the world did I even take it??!!?? Answer - I was desperate to get any sort of work experience, because I needed to start somewhere)
    4. Temp work while pondering going to grad school. Being accepted into a program, and taking a summer school class at the U.
    5. Realizing I didn't want to go back to school, that it was a desperate attempt to escape the real world and I was grabbing at straws.
    6. 6 month internship doing environmental education type work at a county government
    7. More temping
    8. 5 month temporary position (funded by a grant) coordinating an environmental education program for a local watershed district
    9. More temping
    10. Tired of temping and tired of applying for scarce jobs that 100 other people would apply for. Becoming a bit frazzled. Sold out and started working at a corporation opening mail.
    11. Quickly 'moved up' after passing an exam and became a service associate (woo hoo)
    12. Service associate for close to 3 years before landing this job --> Systems Analyst.

    I actually like my current job a lot, and it utilizes a lot of my skills and provides an element of challenge. It's a breath of fresh air after tolerating a job I loathed for 3 yrs (which I did only because I had no other ideas as to what I wanted to do, and I also felt I just needed to put in some time or else I'd NEVER get a really good job). But I'm starting to think I tend to only enjoy what I do for about 2 years or so (and I'm fast approaching 2 yrs) and then I start getting a bit bored and start wondering why I'm doing what I'm doing and start 'panicking' that I'll be doing the same thing for the rest of my life, which seems so meaningless.

    So ultimately I haven't found my 'dream job' or something that's truly fulfilling (and as an aside, I'm not entirely sure there's a dream job out there for me). Where I'm at is pretty darn good for now, all things considering, but not for forever. No doubt there are many career changes in my future, because I'm not sure I could have it otherwise!! It'll be interesting to see what I end up doing in the longterm...I'm often pondering these things, I just haven't figured out my 'next step' yet.
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    aspiring: right now something in film most likely documentaries, screen writing, or editing. Though haven't totally decided, all I know is whatever I end up doing I am determined to love and if I don't I'm looking for another job then quitting as soon as I do. I already do too much of what I don't like my career shouldn't be one of those thing.
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    Current occupation: Senior Web Designer for an online decorative products retailer. (going on my 7th year here, ugh)

    I never had any intention of being involved in the corporate world. I was originally a bass player in a local band here, hopefully headed to one hit wonder-dom (which would have been fine with me) until my bandmates flaked out and wanted to be Phish, so I quit and went to work at a local leather tannery here in NY (if you've seen Dirty Jobs, that was where I worked, yuck) After that, I pretty much swore off doing anything disgusting again, so I went to work for Home Depot where I designed kitchens. Worked there for about three years before I had a mental breakdown and quit. I planned on moving to Colorado to become a hermit, but met my future ex-wife and had a baby. Apparently, babies are expensive, so I had to get another job, so here I am, 6 years later.

    I plan on going back to school to get my teaching certification so I can ultimately teach photography/digital design to high schoolers. I also want to teach English in Nepal at some point, not really sure where that one came from.

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    My current job is a starving student.

    My most likely plan of action at the moment is leading me towards medical research as a MSc rather than a PhD, which I think leads towards something like a research assistant. I'm undecided whether it'll be in industry or government though...both have their perks and downsides. Leaning towards government though, if I can get in.

    I don't have strong preferences as to the type of research I'd be doing, although I'd like to do research on animals.

    I need something that will not be overly stressful (like industry was) or overly unproductive (like government was). I want to accomplish something useful without burning myself out. And I want freedom to do things the way I want as much as possible but I still want a boss for direction. So...we'll see how that works out.

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    A basic discussion of what you do for a living,

    I studied economics (MSc) and I work in a IT firm

    how you came into it,

    Economics: I didn't know what else to study.
    It-industry: Coincidence

    and whether it satisfies you.

    It doesn't. I have a dream of going back to school and study something else that would involve people.

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