[YOUTUBE="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJrK2uLtiNI"]3rd Quarter Demo Reel[/YOUTUBE]

After many long nights and hundreds of hours of effort, the compilation's complete =3

It's a bit more dry than the previous one, not as flashy, presentation suffered a bit since I was so badly swamped with other homework, but the content is far in excess of previous editions <3

So yays for bragging rights XD

I want to say I'm so glad the car's done... but I know it's not. It has no seats, no dashboard, no internals, the hood doesn't open, the textures are just generic bland boring shaders, just blinns actually, not even Mia Material X's yet.

Soon though, it shall look teh epic <3

For now though, it looks pretty good already ^^

Anyways, after 3 months of effort, wanted to show it off =3