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    I'm naturally not a big fan of talking on the phone. Texting is simple, non invasive (like stated above) and you can initiate/respond whenever you feel.

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    I prefer one to the other depending on the context: if I need an answer immediately, I'd prefer talking otherwise it's texting for me.

    As others have mentioned, the keyboard makes texting much easier. The other advantage is that I still have the text present somewhere so I don't have to remember everything that was said.

    I like both emailing and IM'ing. However, I tend to associate emailing with profs and group projects and IM'ing with friends so I have a slight preference for IM'ing.

    FB is meh.

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    I takes me a long time to get comfortable with someone face to face, but if I do, talking in person is the best thing. You can express and perceive with all the senses. Someone's voice, their facial expression, etc.. And also the sense that you are actually with someone, and have the capacity to do things with them on short notice is nice.

    That being said, there are still ways that I thrive better in other mediums.

    I work with text IM the best. The pace of it allows me to think about what I want to say before I respond. And the fact that I have no tone of voice or facial expression makes me less afraid to say things. Also, for some reason unknown to me, I just seem to think better in text than in speech. It's better than E-mail though becuse I like to react, and take things incrementally. E-mail is awkward for me because I have to say a whole lot of crap without any feedback from the person I'm talking to.

    Texting on a hand-held device kind of sucks just because the process of writing a message is so slow and awkward.

    I nearly have a phobia of phones. They are much worse than any other communication. The sound quality is terrible so I often don't understand what people are saying. It's expected that I talk more rapidly on the phone than anything else. It's like talking to face to face, except that when I don't speak, people don't even know if I'm present anymore. Phones also don't feel very casual to me. When I call someone, I feel awkward about the way it seems like I'm making a really big point to talk to them.

    EDIT: This was my 7000th counted post, for irrelevant posterity.
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    I like talking and texting pretty equally. For different porpoises. Talking's more intimate, texting is nice for when you can't talk or don't feel like talking. Although, If I talk to someone on the phone willingly and on multiple occasions/lengthy convos it means I like them a lot.

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    Don't like phones, appreciate if people send me text messages or emails, especially if I don't have to respond, my preference for conversations is face to face otherwise get to the point, be interesting or go away, kaythnx!

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    I like IM best of all. I can express a complete thought without spraining my thumb or resorting to textspeak, and I don't actually have to talk. I also think that my personality expresses itself best in writing. I enjoy texting for little tidbits or to confirm appointments and such, but I hate carrying on text conversations.

    I just plain hate the phone.
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    I don't have facebook or other social networking sites. email > IM > phone for me, because email allows me to not respond if it is not important. IM I can pretend to be "away" if someone wants to discuss something uninteresting. I get so (unreasonably) angry when I receive a text message that requires a response. :@

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    I use texts nowadays mostly for short answer questions. Talking on the phone is alright, though once people start repeating themselves I get slightly annoyed.

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    I don't like texting, it's easier to call people and get it over with, but I also don't really like talking to people, so texting will have to do occasionally. There are people I prefer to call and there are also people who have been text-zoned. Actually, I rarely initiate anything, so I respond to whatever comes my way.

    Don't have Facebook, I'm not a fan of IM'ing but with the right kind of people I can handle it in small dosages. E-mails would be most preferable because they provide a comfortable zone where I don't have to think on the spot and I can get as lengthy as I wish or don't wish. You can't get awkward silences when the pressure builds with e-mails either.

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    texting, im terrible with verbal communication when its not face to face.
    scratch that.
    im terrible with verbal communication.
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