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    Because everyone here will treat me like shit when they find out I'm a sensor.
    I list it. But it is not my true type though. Why don't I list my true type? Because I have noticed by experience that others judge the tone of my posts by the type I have listed.
    Maybe it is coincidence, maybe not but when my 4 letters are posted, there is not much interaction but when i remove them, more people are willing to talk to me.
    I was an INFP for a few hours last night. The one person who actually did think I was an INFP acted a little nicer to me - or I imagined they did. The experiment quickly left me feeling guilty and dishonest though so I changed it back.

    Every time somebody doesn't put their type down, it feels a little "corrosive" to the community to me because it is a Typology forum. Maybe this is a tertiary Fi related assertion (not my strength) and I'm not being entirely rational about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    We're humans. We don't have the cognitive bandwidth to construct accurate models of understanding for everyone we come in contact with. As a result, we stereotype. For the most part, it works well enough.

    The problem is when it works too well, or when the stereotype is based on inaccurate data. Racism's the prime example of the latter. The problems with typology are examples of the former. It's much easier for the brain to understand a framework based on a MBTI stereotype and apply it to that person than it is to develop a personal framework based on the information that person supplies. Likewise, it's much easier to assume that a person of the same type will be of like mind than to engage in respectful dialogue with others who may disagree with you. The problem is that this ends up in "team formation" that assumes certain parties will stick together against others, because humans naturally tend toward the formation of an ingroup-outgroup dialectic.

    Typology is especially pernicious in this process, because it's just close enough to reality to provide a strong focal point for ingroup formation, a strong point of dispute with an outgroup, especially on disputes where no one is in essential disagreement.
    This would appear to be the essential point. This problem of stereotyping, or the "illusion of knowledge" based on somebody's type. We find explanations where we focus our attentions - in this case a person's type. We perceive relationships where they don't exist, detect patterns when they are not there, and see things that aren't really there.

    I'm conflicted on all of this but, in balance, accept the shortcuts and the imperfections of the system because it seems useful.

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    This is a personality theory forum, not some random socialization forum. I enjoy getting to know people based on their types and observing confirmed traits and new, controversial traits. We discuss personality theories. I honestly wouldn't go to a non-type forum just to chat. My interest isn't in 'socialization with a variety of different people', it's in typology.

    Once someone said something like 'I don't want to further hurt your already damaged feelings by saying this but I will just be blunt instead...' to a discussion where I was just tossing around ideas. I appreciate his/her perspective and my feelings were nowhere near hurt before or after his/her post.

    I wouldn't take down my type, unless I am unsure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillySapienne View Post
    And, if you don't identify with a type, are you doing here?
    But those who are type-less, seriously, what are you doing here?
    Looks like some people don't know the intent of this site.
    I will repost Ivy's past comments about TypeC and my response to her.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    As I usually say when this comes up, we try to be a site where typology can be investigated and critiqued, not just swallowed wholesale. Which is why we don't delete posts that are critical of MBTI. We welcome skeptics; I am one myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    The next time an obnoxious person asks me why I am here,
    I think I will just use your post to shut them up.

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    Arthur Baldwin- "I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually."

    I think this same sentiment could be applied to anything, including typology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    8) ESTJs all seem to share a huge enthusiasm for food and getting the ones they care about to try new things. They are great at acquiring skills as well and are generally very competent and reliable. While they can be blunt, EJCC has proved that you can still be true to type and yet develop other functions that temper it.
    Thanks, fidelia! That's very nice of you. And it cracks me up how ESTJs seem to love new/unusual food... I guess it's compensation for our law-abiding cautiousness in everything else we do

    I know this isn't exactly on topic, but if I didn't disclose my type the way I do, I don't think I would enjoy this site at all. I want people to think of me as an ESTJ here, because by putting myself in that type box, I'll help other people break out of their ESTJ thought boxes... if that makes any sense. You'd think it would be paradoxical, but it seems to work just fine, because I break so many stereotypes (and I do so blatantly and unapologetically).
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    I like knowing the types of others. This helps me identify with what makes up but not necessarily pins down a certain type. EJCC is doing a favor, since there are not very many ESTJs here. However, I have a lot of data to choose from as far as INTPs goes. There are like 1,000 here.

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    People not listing their type doesn't bother me, quite the opposite, I enjoy trying to figure people out, which includes trying to see where they fit into MBTI etc.

    I seriously wonder why people get so bent up on what type someone is, like there isn't a proper picture of who someone is unless they disclose 4 letters. Yeah it takes some of the effort of understanding them out of it, but it has the side effect of assumptions that are often ungrounded. Esp when so many people change their claimed type.

    If MBTI is about understanding the patterns in your relationships with other people than what impression would you get from me if I listed ENTP vs me listing ENFP or ESTP? I've gone through times where I was mistyped how did me presenting as an INTJ or INTP help anyone understand typology better?

    Quote Originally Posted by Curzon View Post
    So you see, listing myself as one particular type would only lead people to have a picture of me in their heads about me which is not entirely true. It would lead people to ignore what I am really trying to say and interpret what I am saying through prejudiced glasses.
    Indeed. I don't usually have a type listed although I have settled on ENTP and will often comment about it so it's not about non-disclosure. The reactions that I get from people depending on what I have in my type field on MBTI forums is interesting to watch, the stereotypes and judgement based on 4 letters and a clear lack of understanding are astounding, I enjoy watching that. If someone is going to use type against me then I like them to decide what type I am so I can understand their perception of me, it really is fun to watch.

    I usually get ISTJ (when telling someone something they disagree with) or INFJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by nebbykoo View Post
    in real life, no one wears a sign that says 'INTP'.
    Plus that, which is why it's good to figure out people without them claiming a type. That type field influences so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    well yeeeeah of course...everyone does...wtbh the esfj women i know are all kinds of know i recently had to take a personality type test for a job...and i did my best to come out esfj because i knew that would be ideal for that job haha how screwed up is that!!?? imagine having to pretend to be another type to get a job!!
    Awww. I am slightly confused as to why you'd want to behave like an esfj in the workplace .. Running endlessly around, helping others even though your caseload is overflowing .. Stay as you are, i say, lol.

    I notice peoples strengths at work and try to utilise them even if it is to my advantage

    Don't bother pretending.
    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
    If MBTI is about understanding the patterns in your relationships with other people
    But is it really? Wasn't it really supposed to be just about understanding ourselves? The way we try and guess everyone elses type, I don't think the system was ever designed for that.
    Act your age not your enneagram number.

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    if the site administrators had chosen not to add a four character 'type' field in the profile box would people be as annoyed with those who choose not to reveal their type? the fact that there is a field for it legitimises MBTI. i think the design/architecture of the site is having an influence on the forum community here. if there was no field for it would people be demanding it be in everyone's signature? not likely.

    MBTI is not perfect, but i find it interesting and fun and it can prompt a person to reflect on their strengths/weaknesses, which has value.

    i think gender/ethnicity/socio-economic status influence behaviour, but i'm not going to demand people reveal these.

    seeing the 'is there a type you cannot stand' thread or whatever it's called makes me understand more why some people can't be bothered listing their type - some seem intent on making sweeping judgments.

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