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    just like everyone esle said, IF you are bored then change something about it. Thats what I did and I have never looked back.
    "I put the fires out."
    "you made them worse."
    "worse...or better?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudblue View Post
    My day in a nutshell:

    School Day:
    I wake up at usally 5:00-600AM, turn the alarm off go to bed wake up 20 mins later...
    Go into the bathroom, take a shower for 30mins, get out, brush teeth for 5mins, then brush hair 10-15mins(7mins if its cut). Put on clothes leave at usally 7:10AM get to school at 8:10, 5 mins late almost everyday....

    At school
    Go to normal classes, say hi to lunch...classes again

    Outside school
    Go home mostly by myself, go to grandmother´s house, go homework, sleep...

    NON-School Day:
    Wake up at 9:00-10:00AM
    stay home (my grandmother would go out and invite me, but i usally decine, leaving the apartment to myself), watch tv or go on the computer all day. Take out garbage, make up sheets
    do homework if I have it, sleep...

    Same as NON-School Day, sometimes i do go out, but only sometimes...

    Other notes:
    Only- child, no father, grandfather died, mother goes to work on weekends, monday and tuesday, not fond of church service(agnostic), distant family sides: grandmother´s side in another country( who only vists her vaction home when my grandmother has something for them, except for younger members), father´s side: i dont know(not sure i wanna know...)

    Thank You...
    Needs more emotional content.

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    Smile Ecstasy Haunts My Quotidian Days

    I am an unusual person in that I have a high response to stimulae.

    So just stepping outside my front door is exciting.

    So my problem is not boredom but over-excitability (OE).

    I have found I can modulate my excitability by practising deep muscle relaxation which I learnt in the book, "Relief Without Drugs", by Ainslie Mears.

    And modulating my excitability is like fine tuning a flute. And when tuned, I can play a little tune.

    And I am not only excited by the surface of things, but each surface is a doorway into an inner world. And a surface is quite like your face - a doorway to your inner world. And is there anything more beautiful than the human face?

    Sometimes I become a little intoxicated as I pass all these doorways beckoning me to delight. But somehow I manage to get to the Bank, the Supermarket, the library and the coffee shop even though ecstasy haunts my quotidian days.

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    If you believe it is boring - then it is.
    If not - then it isn't.
    It sounds fine to me if you're happy with it, but i would personally need more social interaction or i'd wither up and die. A lot of people could be far more fulfilled to themselves and others though. Even when i find my days absolutely satisfying, i'm sure a lot of people will see them as bland and lacking substance.
    Hang on traveling woman - Don't sacrifice your plan
    Cause it will come back to you - Before you lose it on the man

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    There is this thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked - It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance

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    Yeah, your life is pretty damn boring.

    However, that can be changed.
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    Your life sounds pretty damn ideal to me... If boredom is your only concern, then consider yourself lucky..

    At least you don't have a list of worries.. your life seems pretty carefree.. you don't gotta worry about how you're gonna pay rent, where your next meal is coming from, or if you're gonna get shot down in the street.. Focus on this and hopefully you'll start to feel a little thankful.

    But like everyone else said, you can change your perception.

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    Kind of.. yeah. Mine's worse though

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    Smile Boredom and Anger

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudblue View Post
    Thank You...
    Boredom is repressed anger.

    And you are possibly repressing your anger in the interests of your psychological survival.

    So it is probably in your best psychological interests to remain bored.

    However for the future you might like to keep in mind that anger is a form of reaching out. It is not the best means of reaching out for it is reaching out with a clenched fist. But nonetheless anger is a way of reaching out to other people.

    The only consolation I can offer is that all feelings pass, even boredom. But each feeling has its own purpose. And often our feelings are wiser than we are. And that in future your feelings may lead you in a different direction.

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    I dont think its boring, think about it some one some place thinks you've got the life of riley, that life is their utopia of easy going times of plenty, I shit you not.

    To me it sounds kind of idylic, I mean you're not under threat or intimidation from a neighbourhood gang or bully, no casual violence to contend with, or even the temperamentality, meanness or cruelty of someone you cant avoid or who has some kind or shape of authority over you. Neither are you caught depending on anyone who's emotionally unavailable, drunk, depressed or just plain lousy for friendship, getting work done etc.

    Its a little like the saying about "old soldiers like to talk about the war, they didnt like living it", do you think you're life should be more exciting or adventurous? Would it be more satisfying if it where and what qualifies as either? I've thought about that quite a bit, I think I mentioned my agonising about how I spend my time elsewhere on the forum, in a stoic fashion I've come around to thinking that one life is about as good as another.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

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    I feel my life is boring. But it's just how it feels. I work a lot, but quite frankly, there is a lot of flexibility in my work.

    Last month I spent 5 days in southern france, 3 days in belgium, brugge, twice 3 days in germany (once in frankfurt and once in München.) And I had several day trips within the Netherlands as well.

    When I think about it like that, I just thwack myself on the head and say "how is that boring!".

    But just to give you an example, the five days in Southern France, I spent in a plastic hut on some campsite, no tv, no internet, small old town, nothing much to do, with an entire group of people I don't know. It suddenly gets a bit boring.

    But I shouldn't complain. :P

    It just feels boring. Probably because I feel tied down to it in some regard and it is work related. :/

    But as far as going out for myself, I don't. When I am free and don't have to work, I spend it lazying at home, always. :p

    I think we're spoiled by action movies and such though. Life isn't always one big party. And if you make it one big party, you will fail your responsibilities. So be happy you're doing your homework and carving a future for yourself, and not wasting your time with not being boring only to screw up your chances later.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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