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    Default Random yet awesome gift ideas

    Saw another thread related to INTJ gifts and it just gave me a great idea for a gift... based on the concept of a 'gift certificate', loosely XD

    But it's not appropriate for that thread. Then I realized, there must be lots of people here who have given or received really strange but neat gifts, and those that NEED a gift at some point in the future to give to someone else and can't think of anything.

    So why don't we just consolidate all our weird yet awesome gift experience together so that others can pull from it? ^^

    So post one (or more) gift that yeu've either received, given, or thought of, that was awesome for the sake of being awesome, and yeu would appreciate and think others would enjoy receiving.

    For an opening idea:

    A pair of socks! Specifically, a pair of socks filled with pennies. Yeu can get pennies from the bank in rolls easily enough, just get someone like $20 worth in pennies and put $10 in each sock and hand it to them XD

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    A big sheet of paper with dashes on it. These dashes stood for letters and indicated the length of words. Periods and commas were included too. I could win letters by winning board games. A little number indicated in which sentence the letter belonged. Then I had to puzzle the message together. Need I say I absolutely love board games?

    Money in an envelope on which was written: "to be spent on art materials ONLY"

    A set of 12 (black) pencils. Valentine gift.
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