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Thread: Accents

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    I'm Irish.

    I won't deny its gotten me places. I doubt I need to elaborate.


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    When I speaqk Dutch I have a standard Dutch accent, with some elements from the Rotterdamish accent and the Tilburgish one (the Rotterdamish "o" and the Southern Dutch "g", my dad lived in Rotterdam for years and I live in Tilburg). When I speak English, I try really hard not to have an accent. When I was in London last month, I just put on my most Britishish accent, so no one would notice I was a tourist. Some people fell for it.
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    Standard American television accent.

    Or, in the states, no accent since my accent is considered the "normal" way to talk in the states :p

    I can do a pretty shitty fake British accent and a Charles Dickens-esque Cockney accent. In fact most of the European accents I can do are your run of the mill steretypical accents.
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