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    yeah... I never liked any prescription meds and decided that not taking them is worth the lack of zombification... therefore I would fill the profitable prescriptions only!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    The whole point of NLP is to promote excellence, and instead of making up new ways of tackling problems they just look at the people who did it. Even with mental illnesses he doesn't look at the reasons why a person is like that per se, nor does the healing start with the process understanding his/her own's all about bruteforcing a solution into the brain. If you are afraid of one thing...just start associating that thing with this this and this good thing...and you'll subconsciously start feeling better and eliminating your fear.
    This I think is where I find NLP very dubious. I think I'm particularly wary of any program that encourages other people to walk around mis-describing things. That screws with my ability to function. Like:

    Ann: So, Bob, lets put spiders in our pants!
    Bob: Okay, Ann. I'm not afraid of spiders at all, they're just like furry happy pets. It's really okay to put spiders in my pants!
    Ann: Right on, Bob! I knew I could count on you!
    Bob: Thanks, babe. You're the best too!
    Ann: Here's your spider!

    So if I had a pants spider business and Bob was on the team, he'd be screwing with my company's ability to function.
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    Scientology just hates psychiatry because scientology is of the belief that there *IS* no imbalance in hormones, or in physical issues, or mental disorders, or anything relating to the mind or body in general that can affect how yeu think. They are of the belief that the ONLY thing that can cause problems is a spiritual imbalance, and therefore, they consider psychologists to be con artists.

    As we have more than enough evidence showing that there really are such things as physical and mental difficulties, and that there isn't necessarily a need for spiritual failure to explain such, one would have to simply assume they're being stupid about it.

    That being said, however, psychology is not incompatible with spirituality at all... one can have a lack of faith, which can LEAD to mental and physical problems which may further manifest as mental illness, but the root cause MAY be spiritual in nature. Someone who's lost faith in god recently, is more likely to experience loss of appetite, apathy, and so on. Doesn't matter which god they worship, the root cause can in fact be spiritual. Psychology as a whole tries to break down where the problem originated from, and how the base can be treated, as well as how the symptoms can be lessened until the core problem is corrected.

    The only correlation between psychology and scientology, is that psychology sees things from several perspectives, and believes that there are multiple reasons for why things can go wrong in the mind, and tries to understand the mind better in order to facilitate correction to such issues. Scientology, believes that there is only ONE reason EVER for why there would be any mental problem, and that is a spiritual imbalance. Specifically, they believe the thetans attached to yeur soul (essentially the dead souls of other people clinging to yeurs) are experiencing traumatic experience and yeu need to... oddly enough, go through a session which largely resembles psychological therapy with these clinging on dead souls, and resolve their issues, rather than yeur own.

    Which... obviously leads to the question, how come THEY are able to experience mental disorders, but we can't? And why do we need to know psychology to cure these spiritual souls, when the problem may be a little bit far more obvious, like post traumatic syndrome?

    Honestly, it doesn't make alot of sense, but that's whot yeu get from things that only assume a single possible answer, regardless of how much evidence there is to the contrary.

    Anyways, if yeu want to help people, I'd say psychology's probably more accurate, since it tries to understand the possible causes, and sometimes that does include spirituality, sometimes it doesn't. Scientology is rather stuck on its' one-track mindset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by disregard View Post
    Fuck them both.

    They both want your money and could care less about your peace of mind.
    Of course any industry wants its customers' money, but one of these two is selling products that it can prove do work, doesn't lie about the percentage of people they work for, and gives fair warning abut the possible drawbacks, the other is guilty of grossly false advertising, unjustied claims and competition smearing.

    This is because they have fundamentally different business models. Drug companies try to get people to buy their products by developing ones that they can prove work and that as many people/health services as possible will be satisfied with, recommend and buy again. Scientology tries to get people to buy its products by lying about their success rate and the range of benefits delivered, preventing former customers from complaining about the service they've received by threatening them into silence, and getting its systematically brainwashed customers to write rave reviews about the benefits they've had so far that even they know are largely fictional. Then by the time someone's invested a great deal financially and personally into it, and been told that they'll eventually commit suicide, never speak to their remaining friends and family again etc. if they stop now, their own denial is enough to keep them at it for some time.

    Drug companies have done some shady things, including trying to extend their influence in worrying ways and in some parts of the world setting very unfair prices, which are things the CoS has made an art of, but they're not in the same category overall.

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    Give you pills that sometimes actually work


    Take your money and attempt to get you to suicide if you disparage their beliefs or their operation

    I, hmm, well, I'm gonna choose one of these

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