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    Our tax dollars at work, great. :rolli:

    How about the "white collar criminal drop off box?"

    That bitch would be full in no time at all!
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    This is ridiculous and looks to be absolutely pointless for a number of reasons. Why would a drug dealer/user go through the trouble of buying/obtaining drugs if they're just going to end up dropping them off in a mailbox looking container, wasting their money? If someone "finds" drugs (how often does this really happen?) and wants to dispose of them, how hard is it to just flush them or turn them into a station?

    Reminds of the "amnesty boxes" we have at the shooting range, while being in the military. If you have a saved round and you keep it off of the range and are caught, you could get into trouble; so they put these boxes around for you to get rid of a round if you do happen to come up with one, sparing you any embarrassment and/or hassle of returning the round. Makes plenty of sense on the range... Inner city and with drugs though... HAH!

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